"It’s no Big Deal" — Marie Joseph in Pool for Two Days

That’s no Baby Ruth!

With Independence Day 2011 but five days away, let’s take a break from the pre-firework stories. It’s going to be a crazy Fourth of July across the nation, so how about a story that qualifies as “no big deal.”

In honor of Caddyshack and a seriously misplaced Baby Ruth candy bar, we bring you this story:

A woman’s body was found floating in a public swimming pool in Fall River Tuesday night after a few days in the water, according to police.

Marie Joseph was last seen by the Veteran’s Memorial swimming pool in Fall River on Sunday. Investigators said the 36-year-old Joseph went down a slide with a 9-year-old boy.

“Marie unexpectedly slid down the slide, landing on top of (the boy). He further stated he believed Marie went under the water and did not surface,” said Chief Daniel Racine of the Fall River Police Department.

“We’re not certain about anything other than the fact that we have a death and that this person was at the pool, and what took place with respect to the slide. Everything beyond that is absolutely under investigation,” said Samuel Sutter, the Bristol District Attorney.

On Sunday night, an employee discovered clothing, a cell phone and a license near the Lafayette Park Pool on Eastern Avenue. The employee then called police, who went to the address to find nobody home.

The pool was open to the public Monday and Tuesday with lifeguards, but no one saw the body under 12 feet of water.

In response to the discovery of the body, the Department of Conservation closed all 30 of the DCR’s deepwater pools while officials conduct a “full review of each facility’s safety and operation procedures over the next 24 to 48 hours.”

Officials also placed the entire staff at the Fall River pool on administrative leave.
Recreation Commissioner Edward M. Lambert, Jr. released a statement about Joseph’s death:

“On behalf of the Department of Conservation and Recreation, we express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Marie Joseph… We will continue to cooperate fully with local and state law enforcement during their ongoing investigation.”

Police said that Joseph was not reported missing and they are investigating how her body went unnoticed in the pool for so long. They do not believe the cause of her death is suspicious.

How did no one see a human body at the bottom of a pool? Did no one go into the deep end?

How did no one see the body under 12 feet of water? We already know that Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes water, but this story makes us wonder if all of those Black people who swam at the Lafayette Park Pool thought that Joseph’s body at the bottom of the pool was nothing more than a giant Baby Ruth candy bar.



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