A Black Scandal for Atlanta Public Schools (APS)

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The Jewel of Black America loses its luster: APS is built on lies.

Michelle Rhee can breath easy. Once America’s favorite education czar until a testing scandal in Washington D.C reduced her to being just the fiancee to Kevin Johnson – the mayor of Sacramento – finally will have the spotlight taken off of her failed attempts to close the racial gap in learning because of the actions of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of principals and teachers in Atlanta Public Schools (APS).

We wrote about this brewing scandal back in March – it should be noted that majority-Black Clayton and DeKalb County are having serious problems as well – and don’t have much to add. All stories of Black achievement in grade school academics must be taken with a grain of salt (sorry Urban Prep) as the dust begins to settle on a decades-long falsification of test results in APS.

The fact that per-pupil expenditures for APS students is $12,090 is irrelevant in this discussion, right? Well, when you realize this is 30 percent more than most other counties in Georgia spend, you understand that no amount of money can ever close the racial gap in achievement. Or cheating.  If we continue Waiting for Superman to save the day, all that will happen is The New York Times will persist in publishing articles that show the proficiency of Black students is lacking (as they did in 2010 and 2002) and Mark Zuckerberg will continue making donations totaling $100 million to try and be that Kal-El.

It should be noted that the pupils being educated in Atlanta Public Schools are overwhelmingly Black (79 percent Black and 12 percent white).

Based on the lies peddled as actual students work by primarily Black administrator and teachers in an overwhelmingly Black school district, all academic miracles of the racial gap closing must be heavily scrutinized.

Thus far all attempts to close the racial gap in academic achievement between Black students and, well, everyone else, have been monumental failures. Now one of the brightest areas of hope that Superman might have come to deliver Black children in the city too busy to hate some academic miracles, it all turns out to be a cleverly manufactured Lex Luthor-style plot that will ultimately cost APS its accreditation and drop property value in areas that have majority white public schools.

Remember that property value correlates to “good schools” – okay, predominately white areas – and even the capital of Black -Run America is no exception to this rule. What are all those good white liberals who live in Buckhead going to do? Flee to Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, and Dunwoody where white flight will one day be declared illegal?

No, there weren’t any Jamal Wallace’s walking the halls of APS schools, only future employees of MARTA and the public offices of the city of  Atlanta. Or Neal Boortz’s dead thugs.

Here is Volume 1, 2 and 3 of the cheating summary courtesy of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The summer of 2011 will continue to show that 60 years of denying nature will only bring tears in the end. It’s high time we end the nonsense and quit pretending massive racial differences don’t exist. We won’t though, because those in power in every sector of American society must pay lip-service to Black-Run America.

There job and lively hood depends on it. We are stuck with merely surviving BRA’s demise. Judging by the quick demise of three major metro Atlanta school districts, that day is coming swiftly.

Waiting for Superman is like Waiting for Godot. Neither is ever going to show. In the mean time, we’ll continue learning about all about the massive fraud necessary to maintain some illusion that the racial gap can close.



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