The Crazies are Everywhere: It’s Not Just the Big Cities

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He’s not from Delaware. Mahogany Mobs are everywhere

Via Moonbattery, we learn of yet another city in the United States where a Facebook influenced ‘firework fight’ event – to overwhelm the police – became a full-scale Mahogany Mob that endangered the lives of police officers (who are now under investigation for their conduct in trying to stop the riot):

A man and two teenage girls were arrested in connection with what police dispatch described as a “riot” involving hundreds of people just after midnight on Tuesday.

Cherokee County sheriff’s deputies, South Carolina Highway Patrol troopers and Blacksburg City Police Department officers were dispatched to assist the Gaffney police with a crowd estimated to be as many as 500 people causing a disturbance in the area of Hetty Hill Street and Granite Drive.The chief of Gaffney police said his officers were originally called to the area in reference to complaints about a fireworks war. 

He said a Facebook post invited people to that neighborhood to overwhelm police.A release from the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office said that when deputies arrived at that location, people in the crowd shot roman candles and bottle rockets at the officers as they attempted to clear the street.Officers said they used pepper spray to help disperse the crowd, but a few dozen people in the crowd were gathered around a fight that was in progress and they refused to leave.Deputies said they used a Taser to break up the fight between two teenage girls who were rolling around on the ground fighting.
The girls who were fighting, Aleshia Good, 18, and a 15-year-old, both from Gaffney, were arrested for public disorderly conduct, police said.During the time officers were trying to control the situation, someone threw a cement block through the back window of one of the patrol cars.

According to the police report, Stacy Wilson, 21, was also arrested for disorderly conduct after deputies asked him to leave and he “got loud and caused a disturbance.”Laneka Rice, who lives on Granite Drive, told News4’s Mike McCormick that officers and that patrol car became targets because people were outraged over the speed of an officer.”Next thing I know, I see the police car race down here really fast, and at first we thought he hit one of the kids,” Rice said. “He was cursing, talking about get your “D” kids out of the road. All of the parents were mad and enraged about that. So, they just started surrounding him, fussing and he called for backup. I figured they were just mad and you know the kids, they were just going to try to get back that kind of way.”

Police Chief Rick Turner said the officer admitted to go too fast, but not above the speed limit. Turner said he is looking into the officer’s actions and he’s reviewing dash cam video from the scene. Turner said he is also looking into whether the city fireworks law can be changed to prevent the fireworks wars, which happen every year.

Wait. Parents were attending the firework fight with their young Black children and teenagers? So now Greenville, South Carolina is added to the growing list of cities that have experienced a massive Mahogany Mob, this one directly related to a Facebook post that was designed to overwhelm the police. 
Five hundred plus youths, gangs of teens Black people and ostensibly their parents, who surrounded the officer for trying to stop the growing Mahogany Mob, and in the eyes of Police Chief Rick Turner it might be one of his men’s fault?
Of course, Black people having poor credit is in no way, shape or form the problem or fault of Black people and Eric “My People” Holder is doing everything possible to force banks to loosen the requirements for garnering a loan:
In what could be a repeat of the easy-lending cycle that led to the housing crisis, the Justice Department has asked several banks to relax their mortgage underwriting standards and approve loans for minorities with poor credit as part of a new crackdown on alleged discrimination, according to court documents reviewed by IBD.

Prosecutions have already generated more than $20 million in loan set-asides and other subsidies from banks that have settled out of court rather than battle the federal government and risk being branded racist. An additional 60 banks are under investigation, a DOJ spokeswoman says.

No Job, No Problem

Settlements include setting aside prime-rate mortgages for low-income blacks and Hispanics with blemished credit and even counting “public assistance” as valid income in mortgage applications.

In several cases, the government has ordered bank defendants to post in all their branches and marketing materials a notice informing minority customers that they cannot be turned down for credit because they receive public aid, such as unemployment benefits, welfare payments or food stamps.
Among other remedies: favorable interest rates and down-payment assistance for minority borrowers with weak credit.
You’re probably asking yourself, “but Paul, aren’t these stories unrelated?” Yes and no. A Mahogany Mob has little to do with being denied access to credit or bank loans, it just has to do with the simple fact that Black people know that they will not be punished for their actions. Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) will always excuse away poor Black behavior as a byproduct of white racism. Same with lending practices and bad credit that plagues the Black community – white racism. 
Black people in America – or, in Black-Run America (BRA) – have been taught that their actions will never go punished, nor will a failure to pay back money borrowed ever reflect negatively on their credit report. For Black people, there are no consequences for their actions – even if we go through another Minority Mortgage Meltdown and Diversity Recession II in the process, banks must unload cash to unqualified Black borrowers because “My People” Holder demanded such. 
Another story of July 4th Mahogany Mayhem comes to us courtesy of Delaware, and even though distinct patterns are emerging of Blacks Behaving Badly (BBB) across the nation, pointing out such connections will never happen under the current DWL-elite because such a move would dismantle the entire ‘White people oppress Black people’ paradigm:

Crime in this summer beach resort is nothing new. There are thefts, robberies and burglaries every year as thousands upon thousands of visitors pour into the packed streets.

But this summer, police have encountered a new type of crime — large-group fights that have broken out on or near the boardwalk, the chief symbol of the family-friendly resort town.

Police Chief Keith Banks said two group fights, both involving male juveniles, have taken place since mid-June. In the most recent brawl, taking place before a large crowd just before the Fourth of July fireworks went off, a teenager was stun-gunned by a police officer before being taken into custody. And a June 18 fight that was broken up and then reformed blocks away has been linked to gangs, he said.

“This is a little more scary, because these are young males fighting on each other, and it seems like there are no patterns,” Banks said.

Some residents say they’re not too concerned, however.

“I’m not out at 1 and 2 o’clock in the morning,” said Marcia Maldeis. “I think Rehoboth is probably safer than anywhere else. … The police take care of things.”

The July 4 fight broke out just before 9 p.m. in front of the popular Funland amusement center. Banks said a plainclothes officer stationed on a nearby roof spotted two groups of young men squaring off to fight and called it in. When an officer couldn’t break up the fight, he used his stun gun. Three juveniles were arrested, two from Philadelphia one from Newark, charged with disorderly conduct and released to a guardian. A 19-year-old man, Devontae L. Murray of Bridgeville, was later arrested and charged with offensive touching for his role in the fight, Banks said.

Chris Darr, whose family operates Funland, said there does seem to be more crime happening in the resort this year, but Monday night’s fight outside the arcade was the first Funland had seen.

“It seems like an isolated incident,” he said. “The police dealt with it swiftly, and it didn’t seem to affect us in any way.”

Banks said the two incidents don’t suggest that the boardwalk is becoming a lawless place. But with so many people walking its boards, some incidents are bound to happen.
“It may be just as simple as that’s where they happened to see each other,” he said of he group fights. “Kids hang out at Funland, the restrooms, the pavilion. That’s where people hang out, and that’s where they run into each other.”

The June 18 fight began around 10:30 p.m., when officers broke up a fight on Wilmington Avenue, which connects with the southern portion of the boardwalk. The fight apparently re-formed about 15 minutes later around First Street Station, involving 10 to 15 young men who identified themselves as Bloods and Crips gang members.

Two of the teens from the Rehoboth area, 17 and 14, were charged with third-degree conspiracy and disorderly conduct. A 17-year-old from the Rehoboth area and a 16-year-old Harrington teen were charged with third-degree conspiracy, third-degree assault and disorderly conduct.

On June 16, two women were attacked and robbed on Rehoboth Avenue Extended, outside the city, while on their way home from work. A 19-year-old from Felton and a 14-year-old from Rehoboth were arrested later that month. And the neighboring unincorporated community of West Rehoboth has seen at least five incidents of attacks since May, with arrests made in several cases.

Banks said plainclothes officers have been threading their way through the crowds to keep an undercover eye on things, and the 24 summertime police officers help keep foot patrols moving across town.

“If you look at most of these things, arrests are made,” he said. “The problem becomes, how do you stop it before it starts?”

Notice how this article – published in a Gannett-owned paper – tries to casually dismiss the youth, gang of teens, Black, gang-banger crime as nothing new. Obviously this town was too idyllic and needed to import some of the Black crime from Newark and Philadelphia to ensure that it was cosmopolitan enough for 2011 and up-to-date with the Mahogany Mobs that are raging in virtually every city in America with any noticeable Black population.

Funland is overwhelmed by Black crime. Violent Black crime. 

It’s not just big-cities that are threatened by The Crazies, it’s any city that has Black people, or Black teens, that can use Facebook, Twitter, etc., to organize and ‘overwhelm the police.’

Remember, in the movie The Crazies, it took a military pathogen to destabilize the white population of a town in Iowa; for Black people, no such pathogen is necessary. Curfews are needed to stop youths, gangs of teens, Black people from behaving Blackly. Only in war or natural disasters are such drastic steps and erosion of freedom necessary, save when Black people act Blackly.

Of course, the fact that our Department of (In) Justice is forcing banks to lower lending requirements to Black people shows that we do not live among The Crazies, but are, in effect, run and lorded over by The Crazies.



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