Anarcho-Tyranny in Action: Carter Strange’s Parents Have no Insurance, get $88,000 Medical Bill for Actions of 8 Black Attackers

In finishing Captain America and Whiteness: The Dilemma of the Superhero, I decided to include an essay on why the fictional character The Punisher (the alias of Frank Castle) is the only comic book ‘superhero’ whose motivation and actions make any sense.
$88,000 in medical bills due to the actions of 8 Blacks

Watching superhero movies – or reading the comics – it’s as if they all exist in a world where 1950s America never ended, a strange vacuum where 90 percent or more of the nation is still white.

In Spider-Man (2002) during the eponymous wall-crawlers initial crime fighting introduction montage scene, all of the muggers, criminals and thieves he apprehends in Marvel’s 1950s-style New York City are white. The actual reality of crime in the real-world Big Apple is this:

“In short, 95.1 percent of all murder victims and 95.9 percent of all shooting victims in New York City are black or Hispanic. And 90.2 percent of those arrested for murder and 96.7 percent of those arrested for shooting someone are black and Hispanic. I don’t even know where to begin to describe the horror I still feel looking at those numbers. But the word ‘hunted’ comes to mind.”

Mark Millar – the talented comic writer of Wanted, Kick-Ass, Marvel’s Ultimate series and the Civil War saga – was called a ‘racist’ for daring to show white heroes fighting non-white crime in Kick-Ass and for having Wesley Gibson in Wanted (the comic version) have a dead-end job with an affirmative action Black female boss laughing at him constantly. 
It is Millar’s artistic vision that closely resembles the real-world in terms of crime (and how many Black people reach management positions) and for this honesty he is vilified.
In the real world there are no Jokers with an endless supply of henchmen that a Batman must constantly combat; there are no super-powered, costumed villains trying to destroy a city that equally colorfully heroes must defeat; it’s just us and those people who make cities unsafe and force a debate on whether or not a curfew – normally reserved for times of war or natural disasters – would cut the wanton criminality displayed by an out-of-control population that shows no signs of reneging on the violence. 
In Cleveland and Columbia violence has reached a point that curfews are being debated to keep these youths, packs of teens, Black people (who roam unsupervised because their parent doesn’t care where they are) off of the streets and the citizens, like Carter Strange, safe. 
Columbia passed an emergency curfew only after Carter Strange was almost beaten to death by 8 Black people, and Cleveland is considering doing the same though pressure groups like the ACLU and NAACP threaten to sue. Here is the story out of Columbia:

Civil-rights groups are talking about a lawsuit as well as raising questions about enforcement and effectiveness.

Civil libertarians worry that the 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. ban on youths 16 or younger is unfair to the vast majority of teenagers who aren’t otherwise breaking the law. Critics also fear the curfew gives police an excuse to hassle teens.

Some area residents, meanwhile, say that the 60-day curfew is good but doesn’t go far enough — that having more police on the beat is the only thing that will deter crime in Five Points.
Columbia police and the city manager say that the new law is working well and that no one is complaining to them.

“The only comments I’ve had are thank you, thank you, thank you,” city manager Steve Gantt said Friday. “I’ve not had the first complaint.”

Assistant police chief Leslie Wiser said the police department also hasn’t had any complaints about the curfew, triggered by the June 20 pummeling of an 18-year-old by eight teenagers, police say.

Teens 16 and younger must be accompanied by adults or must prove they have a job inside the area or produce a written statement from their parents that they are running an errand that takes them through Five Points.

A backlash

The NAACP and ACLU are studying the curfew and weighing a suit.

“A number of parents have approached us about the legalities of the curfew,” said Lonnie Randolph, president of the state chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
Lawyers here and at the organization’s national headquarters are reviewing the language of the curfew and how it was enacted — in an emergency vote that bypassed the usual requirements of two votes by City Council and a public hearing.

“The only way that’s left to us is the legal arena,” Randolph said, stopping short of saying a suit is inevitable.

City manager Gantt, asked by The State if he expects a suit, answered simply: “Yes.”

The curfew unfairly targets youths when there is insufficient evidence of a youth crime problem, Randolph said. Asked if the curfew is aimed more at blacks, he said it is not. “My concern is the negative impact on young people, period.”

Randolph said the NAACP has backed curfews at Columbia Place and the Village at Sandhill shopping centers as well as at the State Fair because the problems in those places were demonstrated to the organization’s satisfaction. “I saw the videos of kids being dropped off in the morning and leaving them until night,” he said of the Columbia Place mall off Two Notch Road.

Susan Dunn, a Charleston attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, said her group is coordinating with the NAACP.

The ACLU generally opposes curfews as legally suspect and impractical, Dunn said.

According to authorities, Strucinski was beat by a gang of more than a dozen men and women while walking home from a Quick Check store on Broadway early Sunday morning.

Police say the gang beating unraveled when Strucinski and two friends saw another friend in a confrontation with more than a dozen people. When they attempted to help, Strucinski got hit in the back of the head, got knocked out, then kicked around. He’s now fighting for his life at Jersey City Medical Center in a coma with severe head injuries.

Police are still looking for the nine men and four women involved in the fight that put the 22-year-old in a coma.

Atlanta, Newark, and Baltimore took precautions and put in place curfews in hopes of curtailing similar actions by youths, packs of teens, Black people. Milwaukee and Philadelphia haven’t been so lucky.
That we live in a world where stories such as Christopher Lemar Johnson’s initial sexual assault on 83-year-old Emma Jean Beasley and subsequent beating death of her doesn’t register on the national news, while stories of some feckless Floridian named Casey Anthony do is all one needs to know that normal, taxpaying, hardworking white Americans have no place anymore in Black-Run America (BRA). 
Only the abnormal can be celebrated or followed, while a kid like Carter Strange is left to pay the bills – $88,000 – for the actions of 8 Black thugs who callously beat him within an inch of his life. A reader sent me the Facebook page Justice for Carter (Opie) Strange and this heartbreaking entry from his parents drove me into a rage only a long run could subdue:
Justice for Carter (Opie) Strange: and I also found out that in the er, and at the ambulance drivers, Carter didn’t want to go to the hospital because he knew we didn’t have insurance and didn’t want to burden us with that cost. My heart aches when I think how bad he was hurt, and all he could think about was me and his dad. It speaks of his character as well. I love my son even more, if that is at all possible.
  And then this:
Justice for Carter (Opie) Strange:We got our first bill from the hospital today. Just for the ER, the ICU and the Critical Care stay, not including any meds or surgeries or scans . . . . . .$88,000.00 Unbelievable, the ripple effects of those 8 thugs decision to do what they did never ends.
 Hospitals all across the country are going bankrupt and closing because illegal aliens and inner-city Black thugs (and increasingly Mexican gangbangers) are treated in trauma centers and ERs, and the actions of 8 Black thugs forces Carter Strange to plead with the the ambulance as he lay dying to take him home so as not to be a financial burden on his parents. 
It is moments like this you realize all that is wrong with this nation. Illegal aliens and gang-banging Blacks bankrupt hospitals in major and minor cities because they don’t pay their bills, while good kids like Carter Strange and David Strucinski are forced to have fundraisers to help them pay their medical bills. All because of the actions of Black thugs that Black people and civil rights and civil liberties groups come to defend.

Sam Francis dubbed this anarcho-tyranny:

“definition of the system of government I have called “anarcho-tyranny”: a combination of anarchy gun ownership and political dissent). (in which legitimate government functions—like spying on the bad guys or punishing real criminals—are not performed) and tyranny (in which government performs illegitimate functions—like spying on the good guys or criminalizing innocent conduct like

America is not the world depicted in superhero movies or the comic books. As Unamusement Park has shown with his fliers on crime in Columbia and Milwaukee, we are a nation where anarcho-tyranny is the law of the land.

I’m going to be donating to the Carter Strange Fund today and I hope you will too. Columbia’s elected officials could have passed a curfew back in March, but they failed to do this because of fear of alienating the Black community and the ACLU.

Many other cities, plagued with uncontrollable youth, packs of teens Black violence are fearful of the same outcome.

It doesn’t matter if you are a liberal who voted for Barack Obama and have a brown boyfriend, these out-of-control Mahogany Mobs are preying on people in small and large cities.

My allegiance is to a country that no longer exists; a people who have no voice, who are hated by Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) and fair game to The Crazies everywhere.

Long ago I read stories like the Wichita Massacre and about the Knoxville Horror and hoped that one day these stories would make a dent on people the same way the Jena Six story enthralled white liberals to give to six Black thugs who beat a white kid (a story that captivated the nation).

Sadly, it will take dramatic examples to shake people from their apathy.

For those who believe this is an evil site, a White Nationalist page, or something sinister, well… I’d suggest you go read what Martin Luther King said about “judging by the content of their character.”

Here at SBPDL, we agree with MLK: you shouldn’t judge by the color of ones skin, only the content of their character. People forget that part of this “dream”: I don’t.

I pledge that 50 percent of all earnings from Captain America and Whiteness will go toward the Justice for Carter (Opie) Strange fund. The character of eight Black thugs and the entire Columbia Black establishment – in worrying about the civil rights of fatherless Black children roaming the streets unsupervised being taking away by a curfew – is on full display for all to see and ultimately judge.



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