Final Thoughts on Brittney Watts and Nkosi Thandiwe

A view of Midtown Atlanta

 In putting the finishing touches on Captain America and Whiteness (coming out this Friday), I added a chapter I’m sure I’ll regret: Why Frank Castle is Right. It is my hope that I’ll never experience what Brian Watts did on Friday, receiving the news that his beloved wife Brittney died at the hands of what the Atlanta Journal Constitution had the audacity to call “an unlikely killer” as if attempting to humanize him:

Just as she was an unlikely victim — a bubbly 26- year-old delighted with her life and only recently returned to her hometown — the suspect was an unlikely killer: not only a security guard but the church-going son of a high-achieving family, including a mother who is an attorney versed in death-penalty law…

“It is the randomness of it,” said Dick Reed, a media analyst in Berkeley, Calif. After the initial shock, he said, it’s the mystery, the unknowns, that hold people’s interest. 

“That helps sustain it … People keep watching to see if more information is released.” 

It wasn’t just that the life of a bright and accomplished young woman was taken, media and criminology experts said, but that it happened at a  time and place not generally associated with deadly violence. During daylight hours, the area around Midtown’s phalanx of skyscrapers is bustling with young up-and-comers clad in stylish suits and carefully-crafted ensembles. 

“This is upscale living, young and upwardly mobile people, high-end shopping,” said Volkan Topalli, an associate professor of criminal justice at Georgia State University’s Andrew Young School. “It’s a shocker.”

What little is known about Thandiwe only makes the crime more shocking. One of four siblings, he is the son of an engineer and an Atlanta attorney educated at elite West Coast universities. 

In the late 1990s, the family was the subject of a brief item in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that noted their shared love of running. Thandiwe’s parents both are stalwarts in South Fulton Running Partners, which regularly contributes to charities. 

Family members are also longtime members of Cascade United Methodist Church in southwest Atlanta. A church spokesman confirmed Monday that Nkosi Thandiwe was “rededicated” at the church in January. 

He was hired a little less than a year ago, AlliedBarton Security Services confirmed Friday. The company said he passed a background screening conducted under the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s security personnel clearance requirements.

Thandiwe is a killer. That a Perfidious White Journalist (PWJ) attempts to humanize this monster while Brittney’s family and friends pay their last respects to her make me realize that the words of Frank Castle in a recent issue of Punisher: Max ring incredibly true:

“Some people would tell you that I’m crazy. They would be wrong. It’s not crazy when the state of the world makes you want to kill everyone responsible.It’s crazy when it doesn’t.”

 Those young up-and-comers are the white individuals leading the gentrification of Atlanta and the displacement of Atlanta’s incompetent Black elite, who desperately cling to power and the mayoral office – so that an independent audit of the city’s books can’t find out the truth of wholesale Black incompetence – before the city becomes majority white (just like Washington D.C.).

The color of crime in Atlanta is almost monochromatic. As OD reported – answering the question of just who are Neal Boortz’s thugs? – Atlanta is 54 percent Black and 38 percent white, yet according to Atlanta Police Department Uniform Crime Reports for January 2011 to March 2011, Black people account for 100 percent of the homicides; 88 percent of the rapes; 91.6 percent of the robberies; 92.8 percent of aggravated assaults; and 93 percent of burglaries.

This is what any white person (or non-Black settler) attempting to colonize Atlanta must prepare to encounter; crime that is committed almost exclusively by Black people; a police force run by Black people; a legal system run by Black people; and a Black establishment that put out a memo prior to the 2009 mayoral election discussing how they had to rally around a Black candidate to keep power. Oh, and the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) system which is run by corrupt Black education bureaucrats who cheat to close the racial gap in learning, threatening to cost white tax payers millions.

MARTA – a jobs program for unemployable Black people – is hemorrhaging money but must be kept afloat because it is a, well, a jobs program for Black people.

If a real-life Punisher character existed, his targets – especially if a vigilante operated in New York City – would be overwhelmingly Black and Hispanic. The only people murdering one another in cities like Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Newark (where that first murder month in April back in 2010 has descended into unbelievable violence since), Nashville, Miami, Los Angeles, etc. are primarily Black people.

It is true that the majority of Black murder victims are Black people, but know this:

•  Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.
• When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly 3 times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.  Bear in mind that my comments last week were born of reports of two carjackings by young black males in the Atlanta area in which guns were used.
• If you start to delve even deeper into the statistics you will see that when you deal with the issue of interracial crime between blacks and whites you will find that blacks are the perpetrators 85% of the time while whites are responsible 15% of the time.
• The single best indicator of violent crime in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.

It should be noted here that if you want to read about white crime, you should know this: I’m staunchly pro-death penalty. If you are found guilty of a murder, you should be put to death… quickly. Regardless of race. White criminals should be treated without impunity; as should Hispanic, Asian, and Black criminals.

But what we are discussing here is the tendency for those in the media to inflate any instance of white-on-Black crime and downplay or excuse away Black-on-white crime. Or Black-on-Asian crime. Or Black-on-Hispanic crime.

We live in a world governed by Black-Run America (BRA), where every failure of Black people is blamed upon white people who must suffer – universally – for these imagined sins. That the AJC would dare try and brand the murderous Thandiwe as “a good kid” from a “well educated family” makes me sick. His mother is a staunchly anti-death penalty lawyer and it’s my hope that she gets to file an injunction to try and stay his execution. 

Knowing that a jury trial in Atlanta will consist of potentially 12 Black people, justice for Brittney Watts (and the two other white girls shot) isn’t likely. 

As I write these words, news that a bunch of Black people attacked a white dude on a train in New York City for ‘daring to be white’ is being e-mailed to me; news that cops in San Francisco shot one of the few remaining Black people in city and that a huge crowd of angry Black people gathered to contaminate the crime scene (almost leading to a riot) shows how social media will soon bring about a major riot in a city like Milwaukee or Chicago.

Worse, the Knockout Game in St. Louis – where Black people attack non-Black people and attempt to ‘knock’ them out – is spreading to Ann Arbor, Michigan, one of the most Stuff White People Like (SWPL) white people cities in America.

I didn’t want to write about Brittney Watts again, but in reading the story in the AJC trying to humanize her killer, my apprehension vanished. This Web site gets a lot of hits and visitors each day (nearly 5,000 visitors a day). I do this site because I feel compelled too now; it’s no longer about spoofing Stuff White People Like.

A lot of people who visit here have never encountered these ideas before, due to the fact that society has deemed them outside the realm of acceptable discourse (if you get your comment blocked, don’t feel bad: most people do). 

It’s my opinion that a lot of decent people around this country know something is terribly wrong with this nation and that something, horrific, is right around the corner. We have unleashed something in America over the past 50 years, multiple generations of Black people who feel entitled to…. everything. 

Now not all Black people fall in this category (5 percent probably don’t), but the fact that not one elected official has the gumption to state that the summer of 2011 has showcased – across the nation – that the only way to keep civilians safe from Black crime is to impose veritable martial law through curfews and other police state actions is a sign of how deep the rot of BRA runs. 

Brittney Watts killer sits in a jail in Atlanta, contemplating his fate. She is dead, another victim of interracial crime that – think how quickly white people have been trained to say it wasn’t about race – will be forgotten by all soon. 

As I put the finishing touches on Captain America and Whiteness: The Dilemma of the Superhero and think about crime in the United States once more (here are the stats on crime over the past 49 years) it became obvious that the actions of Marvel’s anti-hero are the only one that make sense.

Vigilante justice does make sense (legal disclaimer: this is not an endorsement of such actions), and for this reason, Frank Castle is the only comic book character that resonates with me.

Though his mother will protest, let’s hope that Nkosi Thandiwe gets the death penalty.



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