So Much To Do… and So Little Time To Do It

Some days you just get too busy to make much of an impact. Today was one of those days. Anyways, finally got Captain America and Whiteness off to the printer. It will be available for Kindle tomorrow and in deadwood form by Thursday (Friday at the latest).

I’m a pretty normal guy who has one eccentricity… a desire to bring the world the knowledge of Stuff Black People Don’t Like. You’re allowed one eccentricity in life, right?

So I’ve been working on editing down SBPDL Year Two: 365Black Days of Judging by Content of Character, because you never, ever know when the plug could be pulled on any Web site that deviates from the approved public discourse. Compiling a record of what was accomplished here from May 2010 – May 2011 is a goal I have set (for publication) by August 28 of 2011.

It’s fun to know that there are a few people left who remain unafraid of broaching taboo subjects in Black-Run America (BRA) – where, despite every advantage possible for advancement,  one the biggest wealth gaps EVER in American history exists between Whites and blacks – and I’m beginning to realize those numbers are growing.

Tomorrow, expect a couple of posts. One asks a question about Nancy Grace and her strange reaction to the Casey Anthony verdict; the other, well, it’s a numbered post.

To borrow a quote from The Daily Show… how about a moment of Zen?



Stuff Black People Don't Like (formerly has moved to!
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