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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Smash and Grab in Atlanta for Weaves, Booze

Black Hair Weave Thieves in Atlanta give new meaning to the term “Hair Lift” You have to love Black people. Smash and Grab robberies across Atlanta at a variety of different retailers and businesses is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon. … Continue reading

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University of Wyoming Football: Forever in the Shadow of the Black 14

Three books that deal with the seemingly innocuous subject of the history of college football inadvertently offer the blueprint for the origins of Black-Run America (BRA), the society we live in right now. Those books are Black 14: The Rise, … Continue reading

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History Always Repeats Itself: Just like the late 1960s, Organized Blackness is going to War with White America

People write me and ask, “Why do you keep writing about college football? No one cares.” Actually, they do. Later today you’ll learn about the unrest that recently recruited Black athlete-students brought to Predominately White Institutions (PWI) in the late … Continue reading

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Louisiana State University (LSU) Football and Black Athlete-Students: 92,000+ Drunk Whites Cheering for ‘Brothers’

Quick Note: Read this article on the University of Miami deserving the death penalty and this article on BYU safety Daniel Sorensen who stated “white boys” are coming down south to beat Ole Miss this coming Saturday.  White running back … Continue reading

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What is it you want us to do?

Soon, “conservatives” won’t be able to win these states Knowing that an executive order has been issued by Mein Obama basically barring the federal government from hiring white people in a bid to increase diversity – in federal agencies already … Continue reading

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White Boys, Armageddon, and College Football: It all comes down to Sports

“White boys” like former Arkansas running back Peyton Hillis aren’t supposed to play in the SEC We all have things that interest us in life. For me, my most poignant memories will always center around football. Whether it involves going … Continue reading

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#68. All-White Sounding Hurricane Names

Why can’t Hurricane Irene have a Black-sounding name? “The Blacks” are an incredibly prideful people, possessing the highest self-esteem of any race on the planet despite professing a complete lack of any historical examples of actual achievement, innovation, or ingenuity … Continue reading

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