Wigger Please! Frivolous Lawsuits in the land of BRA


Traveling all day and doing a lot of reading. I’ve been thinking more and more about the concept of Black-Run America (BRA) and how it needs to be defined in two parts (your suggestions are appreciated).

1. Everything possible must be done to uplift Black people from their current station in life and the increasing of Black participation in every facet of American life is the number objective – almost an organized religion – of every institution in the US; even at the expense of the overall health of the nation, this objective must always be first and foremost the goal of every public agency, private business, academic institution, military branch, etc.

2. Continued Black failures in every facet of American life – despite nearly every conceivable asset available to aid their advancement – can only be blamed by persistent white racism and white privilege. The negation of these impediments can only be achieved by a greater allocation and concentration of resources for the advancement of Black people, no matter the cost. If standards must be universally lowered to achieve the goals outlined in step 1, so be it.

I need to get some sleep (been a busy past few days of traveling through the world’s most important Civil Rights sites, researching for some big upcoming pieces on College Football, the Tuskegee Airmen, Southern Armageddon, and working on Human Shield), but this story cracked me up.

Wiggers have always fascinated me, as Acting Black doesn’t have the same social benefits for a white person that Acting White has for a Black person. Doors close for wiggers; doors open for the Black person who eschews the predominate Black culture (Florida, Arkansas and city and counties across the country wouldn’t be banning baggy pants if Black criminals didn’t find this form of dressing so fly for a Black guy) and acts white.

It seems one high school is in a whole heap of trouble for having a “Wigger Day” and is being sued. Funny, when Atlanta Public Schools, Washington D.C and Philadelphia’s school system tried to Act White by cheating and falsifying Black students feckless academic work, the entire country cheered… until it become obvious they were all cheating.

Some Black parents in Atlanta tried to defend the cheating, acts that should cost APS its accreditation.

I’ve never understood why anyone would desire replicating the behavior of Black people (whether in personal hygiene, dress, vocalization, mannerisms, proclivity to garner an STD, failure to obey laws, etc.), and Wiggers have always provided a hilarious facsimile of the ebony individuals they are attempting to impersonate. To me, it also comes across as a crushing indictment of Black culture.

Seeing a Wigger is hilarious and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to see an entire school dress up for Wigger Day:

      MINNEAPOLIS (CN) – Red Wing High School let students hold “Wigger Days” for homecoming – the word stands for “white nigger” – during which white students wore clothes and acted in what “from their perspective, mimicked black culture,” a black student says in a federal class action.
     Quera Pruitt claims the school district’s deliberate indifference to the harm she and others suffered from the Wigger Days “was not only immoral … it was illegal.”

     Pruitt says that Red Wing School ISD No. 256 customarily held “Dress Up Days” for homecoming weeks.
     She says upperclass students at predominantly white Red Wing High School called them Wigger Days when Pruitt was enrolled, in 2008 and 2009, and that defendant Principal Beth Borgen, “was aware that the Wednesday of Homecoming Week had historically been referred to among the students as ‘Wednesday Wigger Day.'”

     “Wigger is a pejorative slang term for a white person who emulates the mannerisms, language and fashions associated with African-American culture,” the complaint states.

     “Wigger is a combination of the words White and Nigger. Wigger, within the Red Wing community, may also mean ‘Winger Nigger.’

     “Wangsta is also a pejorative slang term for a white person who emulates the mannerisms, language and fashions associated with African-American culture.

     “Wangsta is a combination of the words White and gangsta.

     “Wangsta, within the Red Wing community, also means ‘Winger Gangsta.’

     “The students who participated in Wigger or Wangsta day wore clothes that, from their perspective, mimicked Black culture. These costumes included oversized sports jerseys, low-slung pants, baseball hats cocked to the side and ‘doo rags’ on their heads. Some of the students displayed gang signs.
     “Principal Borgen was aware that the Wednesday of Homecoming Week had historically been referred to among the students as ‘Wednesday Wigger Day.’

     “Indeed, September 30, 2009, was not the first time the students at Red Wing High School held Wigger or Wangsta Day. School officials acknowledge that ‘Wednesday Wigger Day’ had occurred in at least the ‘last couple of years’ prior to September 30, 2009.”

     Pruitt adds: “The defendants’ deliberate indifference to the harm plaintiff experienced as a result of ‘Wigger Days’ was not only immoral, but as the Tenth Circuit made plain, it was illegal: ‘It does not take an educational psychologist to conclude that being referred to by one’s peers by the most noxious racial epithet in the contemporary American lexicon, being shamed and humiliated on the basis of one’s race, and having school authorities ignore or reject one’s complaints would adversely affect a Black child’s ability to obtain the same benefit from schooling as her white counterparts.’ Bryant v. Indep. Sch. Dist. No. I-38 of Garvin Cnty, Okla., 334 F.3d 928, 932 (10th Cir. 2003).

     Pruitt says she and her mother complained to school officials, including principal Borgen, about “the racist nature of Wigger Day,” but that “Prior to intervention by state and federal government officials, including the Minnesota Department of Human Rights and the United States Department of Education, the defendants did not take school-wide action to address Wigger Day.”
     She points out that the school receives federal funding.

     Pruitt says the school’s deliberate indifference to organized racism caused her to suffer “extreme emotional distress including depression, loss of sleep, stress, crying, humiliation, anxiety, and shame.”
     She adds: “Ms. Pruitt’s depression forced her to discontinue her participation in school activities such as track, cheerleading, and student council.

     “Ms. Pruitt chose to not participate in her school’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration because she felt the celebration was a farce in light of the school district’s failure to prevent or adequately remediate the conduct that took place on Wigger Day.

     “Ms. Pruitt’s depression caused her to consider dropping out of school, and caused her to miss out on her own senior prom.”

     She seeks declaratory judgment and punitive damages for constitutional violations, hostile environment, abetting, racial discrimination and negligence. Red Wing School Superintendent Karsten Anderson is also a defendant.

Perhaps Rule 3 of BRA should read: No matter how ridiculous or embarrassing overall Black character becomes (or how harmful overall elements of Black culture are to all citizens), it can never be judged harshly for one Black persons character judged poorly is an indictment of all Black peoples character, and by extension, a judgment of the color of their skin.

It’s wrong to desire living in simpler times, like the 1950s, because inevitably, those halcyon days still gave birth to this era.

Black culture and the manners and mores of most Black people are embarrassingly funny. It’s why normal white people dress up as Wiggers; to make fun of both Black people, Black culture and the white people who seek to identify with possibly every harmful personality characteristic and trait in America.

One day, frivolous lawsuits like this will be laughed at and social ostracism will be enacted on the individual(s) who filed the lawsuit in the first place. Until that day, all I can say is “Wigger Please!”

Update: I forgot about this article from July 2010 on a Wigger in Florida being beat up by those he dared to impersonate. 



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