Memo to AP: They Aren’t "Flash Mobs"; They are "Mahogany Mobs"

This picture accompanies the AP story on Flash Mobs…

The Associated Press (AP) is a group of primarily white journalists who no longer report on the news dispassionately and in an objective manner, but subjectively insert their crusading ideas for social justice into every article.

This piece on the Mahogany Mobs terrorizing major cities – published by the AP and currently running in papers throughout the country –  across America is the prize story that illustrates why we live in Black-Run America (BRA), even beating CNN’s story from yesterday.

Not once does this AP article mentioning that it is Black people rioting, looting, stealing, and engaging in assaults in Philadelphia, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Chicago, Greenville (South Carolina), Greensboro (North Carolina), Columbia, Cleveland and other cities, as they partake in Mahogany Mobs.

Not once does this AP article mention that hundreds of Black people attacked white people at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee, with many Black people pulling whites from their cars and violently assaulting them. 

Not once.

Instead, they put up pictures of goofy white people dancing with blow-up toys used in water activities in a pathetic attempt to connect the horrible atrocities that Black people are committing.  That is a Flash Mob, an activity that is predetermined to take place to bring joy to peoples lives. White people (and other racial minorities who have assimilated to a strange form of white culture) sing and dance for the enjoyment of others. That the AP would try and connect the actions of Black people in Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee with these peaceful white Flash Mobs is a sign of treason to truth. 

A Mahogany Mob is performed because Black people realize that the establishment (primarily Disingenuous White Liberals) will never, ever say a negative word about Black people  for fear of losing their job and position of influence.

This is what a Mahogany Mob looks like. They are happening all over the country

The AP and other papers (most notably Gannett owned papers) have a steadfast policy of never mentioning race when Black people engage in criminality:

Knowing that Disingenuous White Liberals and [Perfidious White Journalists] PWJ’s are in charge of the editorial policy at The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, and Gannett assets, and openly admit to censoring stories of Black criminality, it’s easy to understand why many newspapers are losing subscribers and the ability to charge huge rates for national ad campaigns.

Every member of the AP should be ashamed right now after the publication of this story. It is BLACK PEOPLE engaging in Mahogany Mobs all across this nation that require more police, curfews, martial law-style surveillance, and, inevitably, the closing of businesses in areas hit hard by our continued refusal to call a spade a spade. Worse, productive citizens will flee these cities hit hard by continued Black violence.

This happened in Detroit, a town that few people care about anymore, save as the punchline of a joke.

They aren’t Flash Mobs; they are Mahogany Mobs.

The AP has declared war on truth.

It is Black people – primarily Black youth – that are attacking white people, looting and pillaging cities throughout the United States of America. And currently, it is Black people burning down London.

Flash Mobs are harmlessly Stuff White People Like (SWPL) white people doing their best impression of Glee. Mahogany Mobs are Black people doing their best impression of Zulu, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Naked Prey.

Here’s a Flash Mob:

Here’s a Mahogany Mob:


Millions upon millions of people will read this AP article and have no idea what is going on in Cleveland, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Chicago, and other cities where Black Mobs are terrorizing law-abiding citizens. That is the power of the AP. By positioning a dishonest picture of white people dancing with this story, they have manipulated people who believe what they read because they trust the AP.

It is our hope that the next victim of a Mahogany Mob sues the AP for their failure to provide an honest assessment of what is transpiring in America.



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