"You’re not being stereotypical there, are you sure they were black, they weren’t all black, i’m sure some of them were white"

A lot of people wonder what I mean when I use the term Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL). Some wonder what Perfidious White Journalist (PWJ) means. This video, courtesy of a blog that attacks the Islamization of Europe, illustrates all that is wrong with Europe, Canada, and America in a nutshell.

This video needs to be seen to be believed. The transcript of this “interview” can be found below, though calling it an “interview” might be a disservice to that term. The DWL, PWJ female basically tries to insert the correct racial narrative into the story. Just like the Mahogany Mobs that are terrorizing major cities in America, the mainstream media (MSM) must constantly refrain from calling them all-Black mobs (read this AP story on curfew violations in Philly, where it is stated “many” of the Flash Mob participants are Black there… it needs to read ALL the participants are Black, but because the MSM is constantly on a social justice campaign, actually reporting objectively remains an impossibility).

Here is what was said in England, after a white store owner tried to tell a white reporter that his store was the target of a Mahogany Mob:

Interviewing a shop owner who got a text telling him his shop was in danger – he got to the shop and:

Victim: “there was at least 100, 200 black youths with hoodies and stuff, just rampaging, every shop”

Kay (interrupts): “you’re not being stereotypical there, are you sure they were black, they weren’t all black, i’m sure some of them were white”

Victim: “ok let me just say they weren’t all black, i was the white guy there”

Kay (interrupts): “well there were probably other white guys there but we get your point”

I feel sorry for the journalist in this piece. Her entire life is a lie. Everything she believes is predicated upon a lie. The shop owner is hilarious and keeps his cool in the “interview,” completely showing how this PWJ is nothing more than a social justice crusader, out to squelch any negative stories about Black people. Even in England, Black-Run America (BRA) holds sway.

Truth… justice? These concepts have no meaning to PWJs or DWLs. The American Way?  A racist anachronism that has no place in our more enlightened era.

PWJs have tried to control the narrative of Flash Mobs in America, but it’s too late. More and more news continues to pour out of Milwaukee. The narrative of the Mahogany Mob at Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee – where Black people pulled whites from their cars and beat them – can’t be changed.

Enjoy this video. It says more then you can imagine about how PWJs try and dictate the narrative; the hilarious and dismissive manner in which the white shop owner asserts the Blackness of the rampaging looters is beautiful.

Can imagine the videos that PWJs will produce when Philadelphia, Chicago, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Birmingham, Detroit, or Washington D.C. have an England-style riot?  

I’ll go ahead and tell you ahead of time, PWJs: Yes, all the participants will be Black. All the looters, muggers, arsonists and reprobates will be Black.That is what a Flash Mob is; a Mahogany Mob is not cute or a sight you want to watch for long. Run if you see one coming, PWJ. Run.

I’m not being stereotypical there. They will be Black. They will all be Black.



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