"Captain America and Whiteness :The Dilemma of The Superhero" Available Now

It took longer then expected to get the book ready, but Captain America and Whiteness is available.

Available now in book form at Amazon

Just in time for the release of half-Black/half-Hispanic Spider-Man too!

Pick up a copy over at Amazon.com (for Kindle as well) or make a donation to me via Paypal for $50 or more and I’ll send you a signed copy. $75 or more gets you all three books signed.

Most of the book is original essays (though a small portion of one was published at Vdare.com the day Captain America came out). Basically the thesis is comic book movies and graphic novels are one of the last cultural outposts where whiteness is synonymous with heroism. The bulk of the most popular characters (Captain America, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wolverine, Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, etc.) are all united in their whiteness, creations from a time when mantras like ‘treason to whiteness is treason to humanity’ would have had you thrown in jail. They were created in a time period when America was unapologetically white.

Hollywood in Blackface showed that an all out effort is being made to dismantle the concept of the white hero in movies replaced with a 100 percent effort to manufacture positive examples of Black people that reality can’t replicate; comic book movies counter-act those attempts, to the chagrin of many.

National Public Radio (NPR) published an article bemoaning that comic book movies offer the few roles for white actors to star as the hero, with the author hoping for a future movie where Superman is played by – who else? – Will Smith:

The big budget disappointment Green Lantern was about a superhero whose powers were only limited by his imagination. But I kind of get the feeling that Hollywood’s earning powers are being limited by its lack of imagination.

Consider the box office potential if movie producers had been as bold as Marvel’s Ultimate Comics Spider-Man series when it introduced Miles Morales — a part black, part Hispanic teen — as the new Spider-man.

It wouldn’t have been much of a stretch for producers to reimagine Green Lantern as a person of color. In the comic book world, there’s already a black Green Lantern named John Stewart who’s probably got more name recognition going for him than his white counterpart, Hal Jordan.

So if Hollywood can crank out fantasy pictures with blue Smurfs, why is it so reticent to do the same with African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians? If second stringers like Thor can get the big-screen treatment, don’t comic book legends of color like Luke Cage and Black Panther deserve the same?

Every hero needs a villain, and I can tell you from experience that supposedly “liberal” Hollywood loves to make the audience the bad guy. There’s a self-fulfilling delusion at work in the studio system that white audiences won’t pay to see black actors cast outside a narrow type of role.

The Christian Science Monitor had the audacity to call superheroes and superhero films white male fantasy films; when you read Hollywood in Blackface, as Brett Stevens pointed out in an excellent review, you get to see how Hollywood creates positive fantasy of Black Fictional Images. I’ve come to the conclusion that the United States of America was once a white male fantasy come true, only to be replaced by Black-Run America (BRA) where the toleration of the debasement of white guys continues unabated because of the – legitimate – fear of loss of status (both societal and in job prospects) that accompany being publicly counted among Those Who Can See.

This will change. This is changing. I wouldn’t change a thing that has happened in my life; the good or the bad. Regardless of what happened to me professional, life goes on. It always does. It always will.

When I started this blog, it was only as a joke. It’s grown, because people like you reading SBPDL find value in it and that motivates me to work harder, regardless of the consequences. Finishing Captain America and Whiteness motivated me to do something… different.

The cast for 2012 The Avenger’s: Notice the overwhelmingly whiteness

Because attempts are being made to change the racial complexion of the white superheroes (Captain America was a Black guy first in Marvel continuity and Spider-Man is now a half-Hispanic/half-Black hero) to a BRA palatable ebony hue, perhaps it’s time to invent a new hero.

I’ve been working on again and off again on a story tentatively titled The Next Man in Hell. I’ve decided to go in a much different direction with the story. Imagine if a young white person with millionaire parents saw them brutally murdered before his eyes by a Black person (considering that 89 percent of the murders in New York City between 2003 and 2009 were committed by a Black or Hispanic, this is probably going to be the case); imagine if that young white person decided to dedicate his life to fighting crime and taking vengeance into his own hands by making a vow at his parents grave to always fight evil. 

Now, twenty years later this white person – fully trained and ready to exact justice – takes to the streets and begins fighting gangs, 90 percent of these gang members or more being non-white. What would the press say? How would the government react?

This young white person would only be trying to make the streets safe, without performing these acts for “racist” reasons. Only because of that vow to avenge his parents. 

Who would the real villain be?

There are no colorful rogue galleries in this story, only low-level thugs, drug dealers, pimps, murderers, pedophiles, gang-bangers, and thieves. Just like in our world, the bulk of those committing the crimes are non-white.

Having a white guy fighting back against the hordes of Black and Brown criminals – even with the best of intentions to rid the world of murderers, rapists, and other scum to make it a better place – would automatically make this shadowy character the villain in the eyes of the Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) establishment, police, academia, media, etc. Not a hero; a villain. A fascist, a racist. No matter how safe the city became, the “hero” would still only target criminal racial minorities who made the city unsafe to begin with.

This is the story that will debut on November 11, 2011: “When being a hero is outlawed, a villain will have to do.” The Next Man in Hell.

Anyways, Captain America and Whiteness is a book that I needed to write. It might not be for everyone who reads SBPDL, but it is incredibly timely. Plus, you’ll get to learn about Marvel’s attempt to create an African fantastical nation called Wakanda, where the most advanced technological civilization on earth is courtesy of Black people. You’ll also get to read an essay on why Frank Castle/ The Punisher represents the true Captain America for the 21st century (relax, I mean in the context of a comic book superhero); an essay on why The Dark Returns, Watchmen, and Marvel’s Civil War (three of the most important and influential stories in comics history) all extol the virtues of fighting back against tyrannical government; and much more.

So that is Captain America and Whiteness. Pick up a copy at Amazon. You won’t be sorry. If anyone in the media reading this or a person running a Web site would like a review copy, send me an e-mail with your address and I’ll get you a review copy. I’ll send out a press release tomorrow to a number of media, including newsone.com, racialicious.com, and theroot.com.



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