Da’ Hood Food Mart: Lotto tickets, chicken, liquor, and cigs all in one place

Gotta catch a flight, but Green Week continues tonight. One quick story that shows innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit isn’t dead in a city overwhelmed by the Black Undertow. Da’ Hood Food Mart in Dallas (not open yet) is your one-stop shop for all the essentials:

Franchise this concept now

Community leaders from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and local businesses in Fort Worth, Texas are unhappy with the name of a local food-mart titled “Da Hood Food Mart.”

“The name is insulting to our African-American heritage and the over-saturation of these types of establishments within the economically disadvantaged communities is simply a continuation of the exploitation of the poor,” the Rev. Kyev Tatum, president of the SCLC, said in a press release.

The business, which boasts that it sells “Krispy Krunchy Chicken, cheap cigs, and lotto tickets, [sic],” is currently seeking a liquor license.

The East Forth Worth Business Association is calling for the community to reject their application, saying it’s not only insensitive, it’s bad for business.

“We need employers to come in here. And employers are not going look to come into East Forth Worth if its ‘Da Hood’,” said the President of the East Forth Worth Business Association.

Is it just me or is this idea worth franchising? Atlanta, St. Louis, Birmingham, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Detroit and plenty of other cities with high rates of Black unemployment could open these stores up as a way to fight back against those ever-increasing unemployment rates. Just make sure that the store can take EBT/Food Stamps. It would be a great way to teach young Black kids – only half of which will finish high school – some important on-the-job training.

Could you imagine the Mahogany Mobs that would rampage through one of these stores?

Outside of Obama Fried Chicken, what other stereotypical restaurants are out there that cater to Black people via hilarious target marketing, like Da’ Hood Food Mart is trying to accomplish?



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