The Charles Bronson of Race?

Green Week (maybe we should just call it Green Month) is back tonight. A college football/ Southeastern Conference (SEC) preview begins on Friday. With all that is going on at the University of Miami, Auburn University, University of Ohio State and the University of Oregon in terms of Black athlete-students potentially screwing over all of these schools by receiving improper benefits (actually getting a degree paid for and making connections with rich, powerful boosters who can supply jobs and a steady vocation upon graduation just isn’t enough, probably because these Black athletes have no business in school anyways) this preview is going to be highly relevant. And… radical.

The Charles Bronson of Race? So States

I also plan on going to the Martin Luther King (henceforth Michael King, his real name) Memorial Celebration on August 28th in Washington D.C. Any readers of SBPDL are welcome to join me. More to come on this later in the week.

On Thursday, an essay I’ve given a lot of time and thought into publishing will be unveiled. Let’s just say unlike most people (goofy conservatives and libertarians who wail on and on about double-standards without realization there exists only one The Standard), I agree with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the videos that the organization is putting out with white males and white females depicted as potential terrorists.

What do Black people have to gain from waging war against a system of government (Black-Run America) that is putting a hiring freeze on new white applicants for Federal employment and one whose Department of (in) Justice sues cities that lack enough Black police officers or Black firefighters?

Nothing. Organized Blackness (think Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and elected Black politicians like John Wiley Price in Dallas) is predicated upon BRA’s continued perpetuation. Too bad the sky is falling on this unsustainable proposition.

Expect that essay on Thursday.

Oh, and be sure to check out where Kathy Shaidle (of the hilarious and informative blog just posted an interview with me, Paul Kersey. The Charles Bronson of Race?

I like that.

Also, always check out the Youtube channel for SBPDL. You never know when a new video might surface.

Oh, and if you had plans to go to the Richmond Art Walk it would be wise to find alternative avenues for simultaneous exercise and cultural saturation. Black people acting a fool have forced the cancellation of this event. Thanks Black people!



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