Did CNN Call Black ‘Flash Mob’ Participants "Entrepreneurial"?

One of the worst things about flying into most American airports is that CNN has contracts to air its garbage on the televisions in the terminals and gates. As you walk to baggage claim or to your gate, CNN is always blaring.

I might have been hallucinating the other day, but I’m 100 percent sure that on CNN a Black professor from some Northeastern university (or college) said that Black flash mobs Mahogany Mobs were merely expressing their entrepreneurial zeal.

I’m not making this up. A member of Organized Blackness (representing the academic wing) became an apologist for horrible Black behavior that is forcing curfews to be enacted in Columbia, Philadelphia, Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland and other towns.

Can anyone reading this confirm that a Black academic went on CNN and said that flash mobs Mahogany Mobs are merely Black kids expressing their entrepreneurial zeal? It was – to be blunt – the most hilarious expression of Organized Blackness apologizing for horrible Black behavior.

Only on CNN, a station that refuses to acknowledge the racial element present in all violent Mahogany Mobs rampaging across the country.

If you can find the transcript of this exchange on CNN or the video, please link it below.

Despite Mahogany Mobs attacking white people in more than 15 cities across the country this summer (including pulling white people out of their cars at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee), The New York Times can’t stop reporting on the killing of James Craig Anderson in Jackson, Mississippi. 

Help us find the transcript of CNN broadcasting a story where an academic member of Organized Blackness called the flash mobs Mahogany Mobs phenomenon merely an “entrepreneurial” expression by Black kids.  



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