Employing Black People < Employing Illegal Immigrants

Organized Blackness strikes again, blaming everything but the two primary culprits for chronic Black unemployment (Black people themselves and illegal immigration, the latter making Black labor obsolete).

That is one hell of Ruby Red Hat!

Here is Rep.Frederica Wilson on the problem:

“When you look at African American males, 40% of them are unemployed, those under 30 years of age. I understand exactly the entire nation must be involved in this recovery but the black community is experiencing a great recession. That’s what we’re experiencing,” Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) told MSNBC.

“And all of the growth in the past 30 years, we see it slipping away. From home ownership, the middle class; it’s slipping away from our hands. And it has a lot to do with many issues. Racism, shipping jobs overseas, access — no access to technology. You know, the digital divide is there and many of the new jobs that’s what it requires. So, we have a problem.”

As she spoke these words, Rep. Wilson’s head was adorned with a hilarious ruby red cowboy hat. You’ve heard of the Man in the Yellow Hat (Curious George); Wilson is the Black Woman in the Ruby Red — garishly cheap ruby red mind you. 

Home ownership slipping away? The majority of Black people should never have been given mortgage loans as they were unqualified for them based on income and credit scores.

Racism? The EEOC has made it impossible for racism to continue being an excuse for Black unemployment, considering that an executive order has been issued that bars white people from Federal employment.

Conversely, because the EEOC makes it impossible for racism to exist (which means private employers and corporations can’t discriminate and will be sued if the slightest pungent aroma of racism is scented) many corporations are sending jobs overseas for both tax breaks and to ensure that their lawyers retainer fees aren’t too high because of continued racial discrimination suits from disgruntled Black employees.

No access to technology? There is no digital divide, Black Lady in the Ruby Red Hat. Nice try.

Sadly, a vicious combination of nature and nurture have made the majority of Black people less competitive in the marketplace, even when compared to illegal immigrants who can’t speak English. Despite measures to artificially bolster Black employment, unemployment in the Black community has always been high.

Illegal immigration only makes things much worse. Employers would rather hire illegal immigrants then employ Black people; unless, of course, that employer is the Federal government.

Not one person in the Mainstream Media (MSM) has pointed out the correlation between high rates of unemployed Black people – consequently, ensuring that already disproportionate amounts of Black people receiving TANF/Welfare and EBT/Food stamps remain increasingly… disproportionate – and illegal immigration.

 The Lady in the Ruby Red Hat only cares about finding ways to blame whitey for the continued unemployment rates of Black people. Here’s some advice from SBPDL: We could employ Mahogany Mobs to round up illegal immigrants. Instead of stalking up on fatty foods from convenience stores and attacking white people, these Flash Mobs Mahogany Mobs could be employed to go after illegal immigrants and the companies that employ them!



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