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Herman "Munster" Cain? The Truth About Black People and Free Markets

Herman “Munster” Cain. The Frankenstein Monster of IHAD people Growing up, I used to love watching The Munsters on Nick at Nite. Though the show was in black and white, hearing Herman Munster – played by the hilarious Fred Gwynne … Continue reading

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Did you want Fries with that? 365Black Behavior at McDonald’s Continues with Shooting in Broad Daylight

Podcast finally complete. Will be uploading later today. There will be three posts today, so make sure to check the site regularly.  Life under the Golden Arches of 365Black America Writing about McDonald’s invariably means writing about Black people. It … Continue reading

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K – K – Kome On: The Ice Cream Family Corner & Sandwiches Mascot Offends the Perpetually Offended Denizens of Organized Blackness

Quite note: technical difficulties have postponed the first SBPDL Podcast until tomorrow night.  How often do you read about a companies marketing campaign being declared ‘racist’? The slightest racial insensitivity in advertising is deemed the second-coming of the KKK, an … Continue reading

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"It’s not a good way to live": Philadelphia Racial Violence Gets Worse

Liberty is dead in Black-Run Philadelphia The summer of 2011 is over. What did we learn? That the racial violence of Black people targeting white people (and other non-Blacks) through Flash Mobs Mahogany Mobs is a non-story; that the strange … Continue reading

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You’ve Gone a Million Miles, How Far’d You Get?

I’m still going through the SBPDL Reader Survey answers. More than 650 people responded to this survey (and at 18 questions, invested a considerable amount of their time to provide invaluable feedback that will only help me make this site … Continue reading

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Line Unbroken: Southern Methodist University White Running Back Zach Line Succeeds Despite "The Standard"

Zach Line got one scholarship offer: to play linebacker from SMU Never forget what happened in 2009, when Stanford white running back Toby Gerhart won the Doak Walker Award and came in second in the Heisman Trophy vote. Coming out … Continue reading

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There is no Dr. McCarthy in the true Dolphin Tale story

Check out this column by Paul Kersey on the lies of the family film, Dolphin Tale. Remember, there is no ‘Dr. McCarthy’; only two white guys rolled into one character for the Tea-Party hating Morgan Freeman to play. Here’s … Continue reading

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