White Football Referee Attacked by Black Coaches and Football Players at Sarasota Area Game

I’ve been traveling and finishing up some research to do posts on Auburn University, the University of Alabama, Boise State University, Brigham Young University, the University of Georgia, and the University of Mississippi football programs and the racial aspects of these colleges history. All will be published within the next three days. One thing I can say is that most of the college football coaches in the south (most notably disciples of former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden) have no problem ignoring the recruitment of white athletes from high schools, because they believe recruiting whites in an age where Black athletic superiority is a “given” could cause rival schools to label them racist.

Plans are set to still do a review of all members of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and other select programs (Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oregon, etc.), because discussing race, the integration of college football, and the pandering to Black athletes – lowering academic standards as well as standards of morality to accommodate their presence at Predominately White Institutions (PWI) campuses – has larger implications for society as a whole.

We’ll get back to your normal, scheduled program of bringing you Stuff Black People Don’t Like (SBPDL) starting full-time next week. How about a taste of that right now, courtesy of a Sarasota brawl on a football field involving Black coaches and Black members of the Sarasota Gators football program (a YMCA program) attacking a white referee:

 The Sheriff’s Office is wrapping up its investigation of the youth football brawl that was captured on videotape last weekend, and expects to announce any charges on Friday.

The investigation has centered on four suspects who took part in the melee; sheriff’s Col. Steve Burns says all four of them have provided statements to law enforcement and are “cooperating.”

The video shows that aggressors in the fight were mainly coaches and players from the Sarasota Gators football team.

The coach of the other team on the field Saturday, Mike Cody of the North Port Husky’s, on Thursday called it a “very disgraceful display of coaching and mentoring to young men and women,” the worst he has seen in 24 years of coaching.

Several Husky’s coaches can be seen trying to break up the fight in the video. Cody can also be seen in the video, calling 911 on his cell phone.

“I feel like our people did the best they could do in the situation they were put in,” Cody said.

The fight that quickly turned into a mob scene was apparently over a disputed call in the game among the two junior teams ages 13 and 14.

A video captured by a parent in the stands shows Gator coaches first throwing water bottles at the referees and then an unidentified parent or coach walking onto the field toward Ream.

According to a Sheriff’s report, Ream says an unnamed suspect threw him to the ground.

The suspect, who said Ream was being unfair to his team, told deputies that Ream pushed him first.

Then a player in full gear, and presumably 13 or 14 years old, is seen in the video rushing through the field and tackling Ream.
 Ream has not responded to multiple calls for comment.


It started with a disputed call, followed by some disgruntled coaches throwing water bottles at the referees.

What happened next, captured on video and now being investigated by authorities, is shocking: more than a dozen youth football coaches and players attacking at least one referee, including a player in full gear except for his helmet flying into a referee and tackling him to the ground.

Felony charges could follow an investigation into what happened Saturday — and who did what — during the game between the age 13-14 junior teams of the Sarasota Gators and North Port Huskies played at Riverview High School.

The investigation will be easier for authorities since the fight was videotaped by someone in the stands and turned over to the Sheriff’s Office.

Debbie Ismail, a “team mom” whose son Adam plays for the Huskies pee wee team, was just feet away from the melee.

Ismail said the fight started minutes before halftime over some disputed calls, and the coaches from the Gators started throwing water bottles at the referees.
“I was shocked,” Ismail said. “I looked at the children to see the expressions on their faces. They were horrified.”

She added: “This is not what football is about.”

The fight gave Ismail an anxiety attack, and for her son Adam, it was “terrifying” to witness.

“I felt really bad for the ref that got beat up,” he said.

Ismail said the referee was taken away in an ambulance.

“The video speaks for itself,” Sarasota County Sheriff’s Col. Steve Burns said. “It was disturbing.”

“I saw adults, entrusted in a mentoring position with the youth of our community, acting and behaving in a manner that is absolutely unacceptable,” Burns said.

At the game, the video shows a coach or parent confronting a referee who was walking out of the end zone.

Punches were thrown between the two men, who started grappling, until a Gator player wearing the number 6 dives in and levels the referee. The boy then celebrates his hit on the official, the video shows.
The referee gets up and scampers away, but the fight continues. The whole scene lasts just over two minutes.
 Shocking? Not really. When Black people behave, well, that is what I consider shocking behavior. This is just another example of Black people engaging in a mass-beating of a white guy.
I have several acquaintances who referee high school football in Georgia, and it is a rule that no referee crew can be all-white or all-Black. Why? For fear that an all-white or all-Black referee crew might play favorites. This was documented in the book on high school football in the state of Texas called Friday Night Lights. An all-Black inner-city high school team from Dallas demanded an all-Black refereeing crew for the championship game against the white high school from Odessa. 
Nothing shocks me anymore about Black people. Nothing. 
Judging by content of character? Let’s start doing that. Judging by the actions of adult Black males coaching the Sarasota Gators YMCA football program and how they all engaged in a group beat-down of white football referee (with one Black coward coach laying in kicks like a WWE wrestler while the white referee lay prone the ground), a whole community is need of being condemned with the harshest of language. 
It’s time to start judging by the content of character. These Black coaches in Sarasota (and their Black players) have none.


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