Help us grow by taking the 2011 SBPDL Readers Survey

Some long awaited improvements are coming to SBPDL. That announcement will be coming soon. I’ve been working on finishing the editing and formatting of SBPDL Year 2: 365Black Days of Judging by Content of Character and am having fun writing The Next Man in Hell, plus the short story Vicarious. I’m even thinking about writing a children’s story.

If you haven’t picked up SBPDL Year One, Hollywood in Blackface, or Captain America and Whiteness yet – and you are new to the site – consider heading over to and doing that now. Or, if you want to pick up any items from, go through any of links supplied here and SBPDL will get a commission of your order!

Also, if you made a donation of $50 or more and haven’t received your books yet, please contact me at I want to make sure everyone gets their signed copies, so please contact me ASAP.

I know a lot of regular readers might find the direction that SBPDL has taken in recent weeks a radical departure from what you’ve come to expect here. Please understand that every fiber in my being is dedicated to exposing what I’ve dubbed Black-Run America (BRA) and the correlation to the integration of sports – primarily collegiate sports in the southern states – and the rise of BRA is a story that must told.

 But that is another story for another time. In constantly trying to improve this Web site, increase readers enjoyment of SBPDL, engage the audience for insightful participation and feedback, and attract new readers, I’d like to conduct a quick survey.

The plans are to eventually roll-out an E-mail marketing campaign strategy, so that readers can get updates each week and have the opportunity to read linked pieces (this will provide me metrics to see which stories get “clicked” on the most and improve the site through the compiling of  data-driven analytics) all in one place. That way, people who don’t come here every day can see what was new from that week and what they may have missed.

So,would you please do me the favor of completing this quick survey? It will help ascertain what you, the consumer, wants here at SBPDL and how I can create a better product. I’m a big believer in the raving fans strategy, where loyal readers help do the marketing for you. Just know that SBPDL is a site that is only tailored to Stuff Black People Don’t Like. Right now I’m on a bit-of-a sports kick – and yes, tomorrow you’ll get the Auburn University article, followed by an article on Syracuse and the hilariously inaccurate movie The Express – but this will change.

I started this Web site as a joke; it became a hobby, something I truly enjoyed doing; I lost a job I had held for a number of years over it, because my employer was fearful of me being exposed and the damage they could have potentially faced; yet, when I wrote the piece on Morgan Freeman being inserted into Dolphin Tale just for the sake of putting a Blackface on the film, I realized that had SBPDL not been started, Hollywood in Blackface would never have come about.

I’m very proud of SBPDL; what is was, what it is now, and what it is evolving into.

So, here are the questions for the SBPDL survey of the readers. Either send the answers privately to me at or put them in the comment section for all to see.

The SBPDL Readers Survey

1. How did you find out about SBPDL?

2. What were your initial reactions to the site?

3. What attracted you to stick with SBPDL and become a regular reader?

4. What was the moment that caused you to join the ranks of Those Who Can See

5. Are you comfortable showing SBPDL to your friends, either in person, via E-mail, or by posting links to here on social networking sites?

6. What are ways that SBPDL can improve? Would you like to see Podcasts or Videos (just know that videos would be done in a way to protect us)?

7. What are the articles that attract you to the site and keep you coming back? The # posts? Articles on crime? Articles on popular culture? Articles on Black-Run America?

8. What are the articles that you don’t read?

9. What are articles that you would like to see here? What are topics that should be addressed?

10. Would you buy SBPDL merchandise (i.e. shirts, cups, stickers, pins, etc.)?

11. Using crowdsourcing, Paul Kersey is working on having a logo for SBPDL created. Based on you reading SBPDL, what should that logo look like and incorporate?

12. Paul Kersey gets on creative kicks. One turned into Hollywood in Blackface. The other, Captain American and Whiteness. Now, a creative kick is turning into a book that will be tentatively titled The Opiate of America: How the Integration of College Football at Predominantly White Institutions enabled Black-Run America. Do these ventures into pop culture or sports turn you off from the site?

13. How can we improve the comments section?

14. How old are you?

15. What is your sex?

16. If you could make one change to the site, what would it be?

17. Would you subscribe to the E-mail (I’ll be using Constant Contact or Mail Chimp)?

18. Finally, any general comments that you would like to make, please do. I’ve always considered this a site where collaboration is vital to the continued growth and improvement of SBPDL. I know many of you have voiced their concerns about the sports articles, but if you actually read them you’ll see they aren’t what you might expect them to be.

Please know that I appreciate each and every reader. I want to keep this site growing, fresh, relevant, edgy, and above all else, entertaining. Thanks in advance for participating in the survey. In the 27 months that this site has existed, we’ve seen outstanding growth and most of that is attributed to you, the loyal reader.

Thanks again.

We’ll be back tomorrow here at SBPDL and will be compiling the data from this survey

Below, are Youtube clips from the new MovieClips channel that I occassionaly watch to get inspired. May they do the same for you! And may you always remember that the future is unwritten. This era, this epoch will pass.



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