#66. Faded "In Memoriam" T-Shirts

The news that Troy Davis will be executed tomorrow brings a smile to us at SBPDL. Black murderers on death row always become a cause célèbre for Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) who are convinced that high-rates of Black males in prison is proof of a racist justice system. All that high rates of Black imprisonment prove is that Black people engage in criminal activity at rates that are disproportionate to their actual percentage of the population.

Take for instance the 2010 FBI UCR  statistics, which show that at least 53.1 percent of the murders in the United States were committed by Black people. Considering the high rates of Black incarceration – more than 1 million Black males are in jail right now – this astounding figure is even glaring when you consider Black people are only 13 percent of the United States population. 

The whitest states in the Union – Wyoming and Vermont – have the best gun laws in the country, yet the lowest rates of gun crime. Family Guy is right: guns don’t kill people, only dangerous minorities do.

Just as in Star Wars Episode III when the Emperor orders the execution of Order 66, we at SBPDL endorse the immediate execution of everyone currently on death row in the United States. This would jump start certain sectors of the economy, for anyone who has ever lived in a majority Black city is aware that one of the favorite accouterments of the Black community – outside of Mein Obama gear and Family Reunion t-shirts – is the “In Memoriam” shirt, complete with the a picture of a deceased Black person on it. 
More than likely, the picture of the deceased Black person is due to pervasive Black-on-Black violence. In the case of the executing Order 66 within death row in the United States, the In Memoriam t-shirts could be pumped out with such celebrities as the convicted cop-killer Troy Davis face upon them. Or Mumia Abu-Jamal, one of the darling Black killers constantly promoted by DWLs the world over. Imagine how many “In Memoriam” t-shirts could be sold with his face upon them? 
Black people love the “In Memoriam” t-shirt, wearing it as a badge of honor. Having them made and then purchasing them from kiosks in the mall or from local t-shirt companies, the quality of the “In Memoriam” t-shirt is always in question. Multiple wearings and excessive washing can jeopardize the look of the shirt and overall quality of the In Memoriam t-shirt, sullying the memory of those being remembered.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes faded “In Memoriam” t-shirts, for after the Mein Obama inaugural t-shirt and the requisitse family reunion swag, this is the most commonly worn accoutrement for a Black person. One should remember that the entire reason these shirts are so tragically popular in the Black community is because of the pervasive violence found within that community.

Once the image on the t-shirt fades away, the memory of that Black individual will fade too. But with the practical application of executing Order 66 on death-row inmates , just imagine the demand for “In Memoriam” T-shirts for the Black murderers, rapists, sadists, and other assorted criminals. Want to stimulate the economy? Execute Order 66 upon death-row inmates, starting tomorrow with Troy Davis.

Inevitably, a In Memory of t-shirt will be made canonizing this cop killer. 



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