Good Riddance Troy Davis

DWL meet Organized Blackness: A Hilarious Photo Captured at the Troy Davis Execution

Justice: Most Americans love the concept. Good triumphing over evil. Right defeating wrong.

Those who have hitched their meal-ticket to promoting and promulgating what has been deemed Black-Run America (BRA) do not like justice. They believe only in The Standard. By a strange twist of fate a white supremacist was executed in Texas the same night that Troy Davis, a darling of Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) the world over was executed in Georgia. Davis had the luxury of being a Black murderer on death-row, instantly making him a celebrity in the DWL community.

MSNBC and CNN covered the crowds outside the Jackson Courthouse in Georgia, holding vigils and rallies in defense of a convicted cop-killer. That he happened to be Black is the sole reason that Organized Blackness, DWLs and the ambiguously gay Anderson Cooper (what are you staring at?) spent so much time whining over the horrifying notion of justice being served and Davis being executed.

On NBC’s Today Show, Star Jones (a member of Organized Blackness), decided that O.J. Simpson getting away with murder by paying millions to top lawyers never transpired:

During the weekly “Today’s Professionals” panel discussion in the 9 a.m. ET hour of Thursday’s NBC “Today,” while on the subject of the execution of Troy Davis, attorney Star Jones used the opportunity to proclaim: “You’re never going to see a rich, white man being put to death in the United States of America. That’s not going to happen right now.”

Advertising executive Donnie Deutsch called out Jones for her statement: “Would you see a rich, white man that brutally premeditatedly killing a police officer? Is it that rich, white guys are much less prone to do violent crimes than poor African-Americans?…you’ve got to be careful of the race thing here.”

Jones tried to explain her remarks: “I was very clear in what I said and I meant that. A rich, white man in the United States of America is going to hire the proper attorneys. And the proper jury consultants that they will not face the same situation as a poor minority.” She then admitted: “It’s less about race and more about access to resources.”

Thank God O.J. had those resources or else we would have seen a repeat of the 1992 LA riots all across America (or at least in cities with a prominent Black population). 
How many rich white guys kill cops? For that matter, why doesn’t someone remind “Star” Jones that 51 percent of the murderers in 2010 were Black people (when you consider that more than 1 million Black males are in jail already, that number is extra-astounding). Aren’t Black people roughly 13 percent of the population?

Ann Coulter wrote an important column discussing the hysteria that DWLs and Organized Blackness made over Troy Davis. Let it be known that last night, when Anderson Cooper relayed the news that Davis had been executed, three friends and I popped open a bottle of champagne.

Watching the crowd gathered in Jackson cry and whine over a cop killer being executed had never tasted so good, knowing that somewhere, the family that Davis deprived of a father, husband, and son found closure. Officer Mark MacPhail never got to watch his son grow, never had the opportunity to kiss his wife again, nor make positive contributions to society all because he tried to break up a fight at Burger King in 1989.

That Davis languished in prison for 22 years after being convicted of killing MacPhail is a whole, hell’uva lot longer than he would have lasted outside of jail considering the high rates of fratricide within the Black community.

There’s a reason that heroes like Wyatt Earp, Elliot Ness, and other lawmen resonate with one segment of America, and there’s a reason why fictional heroes like the right-wing vigilantes The Punisher, Batman, Daredevil, and the aristocratic Zorro continue to endure in popularity: the state believes it must monopolize the use of legitimate violence, whereas most Americans tend to agree with the primary message in The Boondock Saints, that the only real evil is the indifference of good men.

The entire story of Bruce Wayne deciding to don a cap and cowl and fight crime is due to his – correct – belief that the state monopoly over the legitimate use of violence must be challenged. The world that Christoper Nolan has created in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises is perhaps the most poignant expression of a right-wing hero ever captured, and his quest to challenge authority in a world dominated by DWLs… is the right choice.

As stated in a previous entry, that The Dark Knight is one of the biggest movies ever made (in terms of box office receipts) shows how healthy our society actually is and why cause for despair needs to be abandoned. The Batman story resonates with normal people because he dares challenge a decadent state and its monopoly on violence.

The United States of America is dominated – at every level of government, academia, media, militarily, and corporate – by DWLs and infected with a DWL mentality. These true believers (many are just sociopaths clinging desperately to whatever philosophy or ideas will bring them positions of power) stand against the wills of white America and are doing everything in their power to elect a new people.

Troy Davis got what he deserved; it is my hope that the MacPhail family found closure in his execution. That it took 22 years for justice to occur is a testament to the deep rot that DWLsMacPhail families loss 22 years ago in a Burger King parking lot indicts tells us all we need to know about the proponents of Organized Blackness and DWLs.

Good riddance Troy Davis. Justice has been done.

Here’s a CNN story on the Troy Davis story. It should be noted that this entire incident happened in Savannah, a city overwhelmed with Black crime and violence.



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