Two Black Guys in Tulsa Allegedly Execute White Couple Ethan Nichols and Carissa Horton (But Did They Stop at Chicken Hut?)

An image of Darren Price from his ABC interview, AFTER he had executed two whites

Black people always point to the legacy of the Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a sense of nostalgia, fondness, and melancholy. That it was basically a glorified strip mall (which, consequently, non-existent Black purchasing power in 2011 prohibits from being erected in majority Black communities) notwithstanding, the descendants of those who built the Black Wall Street in Tulsa have regressed to the mean.

Meaning, when a Black person is shot at the popular Chicken Hut restaurant, Black people will act like nothing is wrong and step over the dying body in pursuit of said chicken. That happened in March of 2010, and only two months later more gun shots rang out at that exact same Chicken Hut location. Black people, Tulsa, and Chicken Hut… what a combination!

The Black crime rate in Tulsa is so bad that even Black residents of the city refer to it as Thug Town:

Worse, Tulsa – with a Black population of 15 percent – is commonly denoted as ‘Thug Town’ by its BLACK POPULATION. White people are reminded not to call Black people thugs, but Black people openly call their city Thug Town.

One entrepreneur and businessman started the magazine Urban Tulsa Weekly, which publishes the special “Tulsa Crime Monthly” to showcase rampant criminality in the city once described as the home of Black Wall Street (it’s on Facebook here).

The Black Wall Street has become Thug Town. The state of Black America in a nutshell can be found in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Now comes a story that will be promoted by only the local news channels in Tulsa and the usual suspects on the Internet. CNN, MSNBC, FOX News and other national media won’t fly to Tulsa to film tearful stories on the murder-execution of the young white couple Ethan Nichols and Carissa Horton. They were murdered by two Black guys, one who even returned to the scene of the crime and gave an interview with a reporter on the horrifying murder at a park he brings his kids to!:

Police say the two men arrested on murder charges showed no remorse for their alleged crimes.

Darren Price, 19, and Jerard “Jirao” Davis are accused of ambushing, robbing and shooting a young couple at Hicks Park in east Tulsa on Sunday night.

The bodies of Ethan Nichols, 21, and Carissa Horton, 18, were found on the jogging trail the next day by a couple walking their dog.

Tulsa Police patrol, homicide detectives and the Northern Oklahoma Violent Crimes Task Force tracked down Darren Price just hours after the bodies were found, he was in Ethan’s car.

Police arrested Davis not long after Price’s arrest and found the suspected murder weapon inside his apartment, not far from Hicks Park.

In an exclusive interview the parents of Ethan and Carissa share their children’s story and their dedication to Christ.

Ethan worked at Blue Bell Creamery and had his Associates degree and wanted to be a graphic designer. His family says he loved Frisbee golf and was an active guy. 

Police say the suspects, Darren Price and Jerard Davis, showed no remorse.

“They are right where they need to be in this society. We need to warehouse them and that’s where they need to be for the rest of their life. If there is any case for a death penalty case this would be one of them,” says Tulsa Police Homicide Sergeant Dave Walker.

Ethan’s father is fighting to forgive the men who took away his youngest child.
“I know I have to forgive to be forgiven but I can’t find it in my heart for them to,” says Scott Nichols. Ethan’s mother believes he will find forgiveness.

“I can’t say I want them condemned to hell because that wouldn’t be any better. If they have a chance to know Christ, and really truly know Christ then they will know and realize and feel the anguish they have they have caused by killing absolutely two loving and innocent, wonderful kids,” says Mrs. Nichols. “It is so important for us to know, we cannot, I will allow none of my family to see revenge or seek hatred in their hearts because that is Satan. We wouldn’t be any better for them.”

Carissa’s mother believes all the anger in the world will still not bring her daughter and her boyfriend back.

“Tulsa needs to know that these were two innocent children. Not doing anything wrong. Their lives were taken in a horrifying way,” says Mrs. Nichols.

They warn others that this can happen to any innocent person. “Continue to remind their kids not to put themselves in a vulnerable position,” says Mr. Nichols.

“Don’t turn your back on anybody it’s just not right. If Tulsa can step up and take hold of that and at least love each other a little bit maybe we can stop some of this next time,” says Mrs. Nichols. 

Sigh. The family of those two lovers murdered (execution-style) by two remorseless Black thugs have learned nothing. The lives of their children were taken by Black thugs – one who even returned to the scene of the crime to do an interview with the local ABC affiliate!!! – execution-style. Execution-style!

Nick Stix mentioned this here, but let me quote what was written by Phil Price at KTUL-ABC:

In a bold and brazen move that has stunned even Tulsa police homicide detectives, one of the men arrested in connection with the killing of two young adults, actually gave an interview at the scene of the crime with Tulsa’s Channel 8 less than an hour after the bodies were discovered.

The shocking discovery came to light a day after Darren Price was arrested in connection with the execution style killing of Ethan Nichols and Carissa Horton Sunday Night.

Hours before his arrest however, Price returned to the park where he made small talk with a KTUL photojournalist then agreed to speak on camera about what was taking place.

In the interview Price is asked what he thought about the crime scene and had this to say, ” I thinks its real crazy. I bring my kids out here to play. Got to raise the question, is it safe to even walk around this town with people just dying and stuff.”

He goes on to add that, “It don’t make me feel real easy and I stay close by here.”

Chilling when we have just learned some of the details into these senseless killings.

Police say Nichols and Horton arrived at the park shortly before 9:30 p.m. Sunday.

And according to police, Darren Price and Jirao Davis had allegedly agreed to rob the couple after ambushing them.

What? Calling what Darren Price did “bold and brazen” shows how evil these Perfidious White Journalists (PWJs) are; the actions of Darren Price going back to the scene of the crime, where he executed two white people are stupid and evil. The same kind of evil and stupidity on display when hundreds of Black people stepped over the dying body of a Black person at the Chicken Hut in Tulsa back in March of 2010.

One wonders if Darren Price and Jirao Davis were two of those hundreds of Black people who walked over the dying body of a Black person that fateful night at Chicken Hut?

Two fine, sterling representatives of “The Blacks” execute two white kids (a loving couple) in Tulsa, a town renowned for once producing a great Black Wall Street that no majority Black city can replicate in 2011. You can bet that Darren Price and Jirao Davis were regular visitors to the Chicken Hut in Tulsa; you can bet that the children Ethan Nichols and Carissa Horton will never have the opportunity to have and raise would have paid for the EBT/SNAP card that would have enabled Price and Davis’ unwanted progeny to eat. And Section 8 Vouchers.

And the free lunch program at the public school. And TANF welfare.

The day will come when a representative of “The Blacks” guns down the wrong person; the wrong son; the wrong daughter; the wrong husband; the wrong wife; the wrong grandparent. On this day, the response to the media won’t be to turn the other cheek.

Right now, Ron Unz over The American Conservative (Sic) can write about the end of white America and state:

Yet during the two decades that followed, Southern California underwent an enormous immigration-driven demographic transformation, creating a new Los Angeles which was almost 80 percent non-white and a surrounding region in which whites no longer held even a mere plurality.

This sweeping racial shift, involving the movement or displacement of over ten million people, might easily rank as the largest in the peacetime history of the world and is probably matched by just a handful of the greatest population changes brought about by war. The racial transformation in America’s national population may be without precedent in human history.

That great racial transformation is bringing violence to cities that once had low crime rates. Take Denver for instance, where a combination of Black and Mexican (illegal alien) violence is causing the dwindling white population to demand more and more police presence and protection.

Unz, you are a liar. You run a magazine that you have poured millions into bankrolling and keeping afloat (turning it into a non-profit when subscribers left and readership plummeted); you dedicate resources to pay salaries for a full-time staff to actively undermine true American conservatism and congratulate you on writing articles with dubious facts; and you claim raising the median wage will save America.

You fail to mention that white people flee cities that the Black Undertow have taken over and you fail to mention that white people have fled the state of California, which the Brown Undertow from Mexico has made unlivable.

And those white people stuck in cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma, get to enjoy the glories of living near the descendants of the forever gone Black Wall Street.



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