You’ve Gone a Million Miles, How Far’d You Get?

I’m still going through the SBPDL Reader Survey answers. More than 650 people responded to this survey (and at 18 questions, invested a considerable amount of their time to provide invaluable feedback that will only help me make this site better), which is, undeniably amazing.

Perhaps foolish to compare, but could a magazine like National Review, The Weekly Standard, or The American Conservative (sic) get that many responses? Does the latter even have 650 subscribers?
That so many people responded to the reader survey is a testament to the loyal readers that SBPDL has developed, and to the readers who have E-mailed friends with links to this site, Web sites and Blogs that have linked to us (adding legitimacy in the process), and a growing belief by normal people around this country – and throughout the Western world – that something is seriously wrong.

 I know that this site has evolved; from the early days with the Al Jolson logo and numbered posts to more in-depth pieces after the Omar Thornton Massacre; and finally to discussing the reality of Black criminality, the manufacturing of positive images of Black people through media and film (check out the latest Paul Kersey column on Dolphin Tale over at, a movie that only the tea party hating Morgan Freeman could add Black legitimacy to!), and how sports – primarily college and professional football – provided the ammunition necessary to induce complete integration, because white fans and coaches were conditioned to believe only teams filled with Black athletes would be successful.

The paralells between South Africa capitulating to pressure to end Apartheid (with the desire to once again participate in International Rugby from which they were banned) and the Southeastern Conference (SEC) schools in the south integrating their football teams is one that is so alarmingly similar it needs to be explored. Visit the ruins of Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery, Memphis, Atlanta, Augusta, Clayton County (Georgia), Columbia, and any other southern city with a discernible “ghetto” or “hood” (polite, but universally, accepted way to describe a majority Black city or area) and you could easily be walking in the ruins of Johannesburg or other cities in South Africa with unspeakable levels of Black crime and Black-induced depravity.

I set a goal that by the end of the summer of 2011, that I’d be higher ranked on then Steve Sailer’s blog (which has been around for more than 10 years). It happened.

Now it’s time to set some new goals:

1) Cleaner entries (grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.)
2) Get SBPDL Episode II: 365Black Days of Judging By Content of Character out by Oct. 31
3) Keep the Blogspot site going (as an archive primarily), but slowly move to a new, secure URL. This will be professionally designed and incorporate many of the suggestions from the survey.
4) More YouTube videos by Paul Kersey
5) More collaboration with other bloggers (OneSTDV, GLpiggy, Mangan, Lawrence Auster, OD, Unamusment Park, and others) as a whole new movement is underway in America, one de-centralized and growing. This is largely fueled by the Internet, where discussion of what has been termed Black-Run America (BRA) can transpire freely. Those searching for the truth can find it; and they can be inspired by it.
6) Finish editing Next Man in Hell, a superhero/ fiction story that will be released 11/11/11.
7) Starting Wednesday (yes, this Wednesday) do a weekly podcast.
8) Work harder to make Stuff Black People Don’t Like the premier Web site for learning about The Standard, Black-Run America, Climate Change, Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL), Fictional Black Images (via Hollywood, television shows, and commercials), the Black Undertow Effect, The Opiate of America, and one of the best sites to learning about the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election, where we all learn how far the concept of post-racial America actually got (the illusion is going to come crashing down, hard).
9) Start the Nelson Mandela Count-down clock. His death marks the end of the DWL dream for post-racial South Africa and will provide a moment of great clarity for what a majority non-white America could look like.
10) Start the SBPDL Guide to Major American Cities, providing ample evidence as to why cities like Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis, Atlanta, Birmingham, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, New Orleans, Tulsa, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Baltimore, and many others should be avoided at all costs, especially by young people (like me) looking to start a family and potentially purchase a home as an investment. Buying anywhere near a Black Undertow area where Climate Change could transpire quickly is a horrible investment; we’ll start talking about cities that offer true Sustainability; Sustainability from the Black Undertow.
11) Try and do three # (numbered) posts a week.
12) Come up with a better title for Opiate of America, the book on college football and how the integration of the sport led to any opposition of Black-Run America from materializing because Predominately White Institutions (PWI) alumni, coaches, and fans became convinced that winning meant lowering academic standards (and character standards) and admitting Black athlete-students who grew up in cities they assiduously avoid in real-life.
13) Right now, this site attracts 5,000 readers a day. The goal is double that by Dec 31, 2011.
14) Keep having fun. I’m a normal guy who started a blog, dedicating time and effort into seeing it grow. SBPDL is a reflection of topics that I’m interested in, and it will continue to be such. With this in mind, a move to a new URL (off of Blogspot, but keeping this site as an archive) must be made.

That’s really it, the key to life: keep having fun. No matter how bad things might seem, how bleak and hopeless the current situation might be, if you can maintain a positive outlook and persevere, you’re well on your way to success.

Doing Stuff Black People Don’t Like hasn’t exactly been a boon to my professional career, but life goes on and new opportunities present themselves. They always will for people who never give up.

The time to take SBPDL to another level is now.

We’ll have a new post up tonight, but I just wanted to thank everyone who reads and links to SBPDL.



Stuff Black People Don't Like (formerly has moved to!
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