Did you want Fries with that? 365Black Behavior at McDonald’s Continues with Shooting in Broad Daylight

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Life under the Golden Arches of 365Black America

Writing about McDonald’s invariably means writing about Black people. It is one of the first Fortune 100 companies to go 365Black, following the patterns established by the media, universities and colleges, and the government (at all levels).

Going 365Black in advertising has been a boon to McDonald’s, knowing that their pricing model for food caters to a certain population segment that has only five dollars in net worth. And to an overall population segment that has lost roughly 87 percent of its wealth since 2007.

Recently bringing back it’s popular Monopoly game, incentivizing packages of Big Mac’s and extra large Coke’s with the chance to win prizes and cash, a McDonald’s in Brooklyn was the stage for the latest example of 365Black behavior. Rumors that the Black guy shot in broad daylight (all of this was captured by the beauty of video-recording devices) had just found a Park Place and Boardwalk on his Big Mac packaging have, thus far, gone uncorroborated.

Rumors that this McDonald’s location stopped accepting EBT/SNAP cards have remained unconfirmed too. 

So what happened?

A gunman opened fire near Brooklyn College Tuesday afternoon, leaving one man in critical condition and sending panicked pedestrians running for their lives.

In surveillance footage released by police Wednesday, the victim, 18-year-old Tyquan Sewell, can be seen walking along a crowded sidewalk in front of a McDonalds at 2154 Nostrand Ave in a white tank top. According to police, the victim had just had an argument with a man who was already inside of the restaurant.

As Sewell tries to open the door, the suspect, dressed in a red jacket and light colored pants, can be seen bursting out of the McDonalds firing multiple shots with a .32 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver.

One bullet grazes the young man’s head and he can be seen falling to the ground as both of his shoes fly off. The gunman continues firing as he advances on Sewell, who is left rolling into the street after being hit in the groin, leg and torso. The bustling sidewalk clears quickly and an NYPD van can be seen pulling up seconds after the shooting.

After the shooting, the suspect, along with two accomplices who passed him the gun, ran back into the McDonalds and may have exited through doors on the other side of the restaurant onto Flatbush Ave.

Sewell was taken to Kings County Hospital in critical but stable condition, according to EMS officials.

Police are now looking for the three suspects, all black males. The shooter was dressed in a red jacket and light colored pants, the second suspect in all black and the third in a white shirt and dark jeans.

There’s not much else you can add to this story. All you can do is watch the video and be glad you were nowhere near this McDonald’s location. Or, for that matter, any McDonald’s location.




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