Herman "Munster" Cain? The Truth About Black People and Free Markets

Herman “Munster” Cain. The Frankenstein Monster of IHAD people

Growing up, I used to love watching The Munsters on Nick at Nite. Though the show was in black and white, hearing Herman Munster – played by the hilarious Fred Gwynne – laugh helped the viewer forget that the gag of him being “green” was lost because it wasn’t in color.

One has to ponder if presidential candidate Herman Cain isn’t the Frankenstein monster of the Republican Party’s “IHAD” (I Had A Dream… those who actually believe that “judging by character” is going to happen despite Disingenuous White Liberals attacking the concept of whiteness at every opportunity) wing, a Black guy promoted to show how ‘post-racial’ and ‘anti-racist’ conservatives really are in the face of the daunting task of unseating an incredibly unpopular incumbent president who also happens to be Black.

An article at Real Clear Politics danced around the question on everyone’s mind: what happens if Barack Obama loses to a white dude in November of 2012? How will Organized Blackness react when white Americans vote for the Republican candidate for president at levels never before seen in elections? Remember, in 2010 white Americans helped usher in the repudiation of Mein Obama, and in November of 2012 it will be white Americans in North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Michigan, Virginia, and other states that give the electoral college votes to the Republican candidate (whoever that will be).

How will Organized Blackness react in cities such as Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Washington D.C., Cleveland, St. Louis, etc., when Barack Obama is defeated? Is it wrong to say the reaction could be reminiscent of what we witnessed in Los Angeles in 1992? Perhaps a reversal of the cheers for the exoneration of O.J. Simpson in 1995 and the collected sigh of relief let out by Organized Blackness?

In 2008, white people swept up in a wave of euphoria at the thought of being able to say, “I voted for a Black president,” along with saying “I have Black friend,” when accused of racism, helped elect the Affirmative Action candidate to the highest office in the land.

Those days are gone.

With the Republican candidate field for the presidential nomination being horribly weak, Herman “Munster” Cain has crawled his way to the top of the heap by promising to be the “Black man” who can beat the “Black man” in the White House.

Saying things like “Black people have been brainwashed into not being open-minded” when it comes to voting in monolithic racial patterns for Democratic candidates, Herman “Munster” Cain’s stock immediately went up in the eyes of IHAD people within the Republican Party. That no one ever stops to think how Black people would fare in a country without affirmative action, racial quotas, mandated diversity and lowering of standards to accommodate Black people and ensure their acceptance into schools (undergraduate, law, and medical), police training, the military, firefighting careers, etc., or how Black people would fare without Black-Run America (BRA) protecting their interests is a reason Herman” Munster” Cain exists.

Look, it makes sense for Black people to vote Democrat. The Democrats want bigger government and bigger taxes, to pay for more welfare, section 8 housing, EBT/SNAP cards, and programs that disproportionately go to helping the Black community. Also, by expanding the government and creating new federal agencies, the opportunity for the Black middle-class to grow through their reliance on government jobs is increased.

Let’s face it: the overwhelming majority of Black people can’t compete in the free market. Adam Smith didn’t factor in the Black Undertow when he wrote The Wealth of Nations. Thus, voting for a party that promises them free health care, housing, EBT/SNAP cards, welfare, and potential career paths through the ever increasing federal, state, and local government seems like a pretty good deal for Black people.

If the invisible hand of the free market won’t help, then the visible handouts from Democrats sure will! I agree with Black people who call other Black people “Uncle Tom’s” for voting Republican. If a true color-blind society ever existed in America (where affirmative action, the concept of BRA, and the EEOC were all gone) how would Black people actually fare and compete?


Considering how bad Black unemployment (and graduation rates) is in a country where affirmative action, BRA and the EEOC do exist – and freely discriminate against white people – that should be all you need to know when considering how Black people will fare if free markets – and freedom of association – were actually tolerated.

No, the only reason Herman “Munster” Cain is even talked about as a serious candidate for president is because he is Black. And if IHAD people have their way, it will be two Black guys squaring off for the presidency of the United States of America.

Because Republicans actually believe that Black people would fare better voting Republican – they wouldn’t – we have been forced to see the Frankenstein monster of that party unleashed upon the country: Herman “Munster” Cain.

The next 13 months are going to be incredibly interesting. White people have abandoned Mein Obama in record numbers; Mein Obama is rallying the ethnic minorities to his side; and Herman “Munster” Cain is being touted as a legitimate candidate to be the next POTUS.

We get it Tea Party folks; you will stop at nothing to have people believe you aren’t racist. Even if this means electing another Black guy to POTUS to remove the eternal sin of being white (automatically making you a racist in the eyes of BRA).

Herman “Munster” Cain, the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, yet another attempt for white people to show that they aren’t racist. We went to the moon once because we invested billions into moving forward. Now, we can’t go to Mars because we must always apologize for the past.

Here’s to the next 13 months!



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