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“I don’t know a single black entrepreneur": How Does the Internet Work then…

Michael Arrington never met this guy. Unlike movies that feature prominent Black scientists and computer programmers, Silicon Valley has about as many Black people working there as National Parks have Black visitors. As we wrote here back in February: That … Continue reading

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Haunted Houses vs. Ghetto Tours USA, LLC: A Modest Proposal

Across the country, elaborate haunted houses have been created and huge lines of eager people will wait for the opportunity to be frightened by the manufactured and artificial horrors that await them inside. The scariest Halloween Haunted House in America, … Continue reading

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At Least They Aren’t 3/5 of a Person: 25 Percent of Black People Don’t Have Valid Photo ID for Voting

3/5’s or 3/4’s: How can you not have a government issued ID? Would you rather be 3/5’s a person or 3/4’s a person? Quick math question: which percentage is closer to a whole person? Politico is upset that numerous states … Continue reading

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White in America: Peoria Racial Attacks Weren’t Exaggerated — Massive Mahogany Mob Strikes Again

An Actual Twitter (public) conversation with Soledad O’Brien If you follow this blog, we implore you to start using social media (Facebook, Twitter, DIGG, and Reddit). The power to interact with people you will never have the opportunity to in … Continue reading

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Mahogany Robs: The Wall Street Journal and Flash Robs

Paul Kersey had a big story at today. Tim Tebow: Bucking the NFL’s Anti-White Bias allowed me to express a number of things, and I think those who saw Tebow lead the Broncos to an 18-15 overtime victory saw … Continue reading

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Oh You Crazy White People… Occupy White Street Lacks Black People

I guess they had no Black people as friends on Facebook Any company, any school, any sports team, any vocation, any city, any avocation, any cause, any… anything that is too white is automatically illegitimate in the eyes of Disingenuous … Continue reading

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Some Days You Just Can’t Get Rid of a Bomb

A Black high school football team (Hancock County) attacks the opposing teams head coach (Dave Daniels) in Georgia after he coaches his team to victory. Daniels is white; his attackers were all-Black. Jim Shea, an 84-year-old former Temple administrator, is … Continue reading

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