iDon’t Care: Steve Jobs vs. Michael Oher

Blind-Sided by Stupidity: An actual tweet from Michael Oher

A lot of ink and tears have been spilled over the passing of Steve Jobs, whose truly greatest achievement (outside of filing more than 300 patents) was the creation of Pixar, the studio that has gone on to consistently put out the best – and most creative and original – film of the year over the past decade.

I’m not the biggest fan of Apple, though I’m glad iTunes came along and completely devastated the music industry and its ability to charge insane prices for CDs with one or two good songs on them. Any time I venture into an Apple store (I travel a lot to highly SWPL cities, and make a habit to check out these stores), it feels like an extension of a Whole Foods. Different city, same clientele: SWPL whites.

That a spontaneous outpouring of grief from largely SWPL white people at Apple Stores across the nation transpired after Jobs passing was a beautiful reminder of the strange times we live in. Many of the innovations that came from the mind of Jobs have made it possible for millennial and generation x (and y) white people to avoid living (and working) anywhere near the Black Undertow. Indeed, is an Apple Store open in any city that isn’t predominately white (or in a mall or out-door mall that caters to predominately white or Asian customers)?

One of the ultimate signs that gentrification of a formerly ‘bad’ (read majority Black) neighborhood has officially transpired is the building of an Apple Store where crack was once sold, a fitting commentary on the heights of typical Black entrepreneurship and capitalism.  

Switching gears, reading that Steve Jobs was adopted (this saccharine piece from National Review is hard to read) and hearing how so many people have tried to turn this into some kind of political statement against abortion is incredibly disingenuous.

It should be noted that in the National Review piece, the author points out that she pulled a Madonna-Angelina Jolie by adopting an African baby, a much needed accessory to be accepted by the Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) elite that rule America. But I digress.

Think Different?  That’s what we do at SBPDL

I started thinking about another famous adoption, the product a Memphis Black women (who also mothered – irresponsibly – more than 10 other unwanted offspring that the state now cares for) who she cared little for named Michael Oher.

We all know the story that Michael Lewis made famous in The Blind Side: Black kid from incredible dangerous (almost all-Black) Memphis, unwanted by mother with father nowhere to be found is subsequently adopted by a rich white couple – graduates of the University of Mississippi, a school that has thrown away all traditions in a bid to entice Black athletes to help them become a .500 team – and lavished with tutors and academic help to maintain his eligibility at prestigious suburban Memphis private (all-white) school.

This story symbolizes the pinnacle of what an adoption of a Black kid from a Black Undertow city can produce; Oher got an athletic scholarship to Ole Miss and was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens.

 Steve Jobs was adopted and went on to have more than 300 patents. Michael Oher was adopted and helped conservative white people in the south feel good about themselves, ultimately having them ask the introspective question of why they didn’t adopt a Black kid from a Black Undertow city that some Black father left behind to be cared for by the state?

Though he was adopted, Memphis is still the second most dangerous city in America, thanks entirely to people who look like Michael Oher.

A tale of two adoptions: Steve Jobs helped create, innovate and patent technology that made hipster white people feel good about parting with vast sums of money to play the never-ending status game of that SWPLs play. Though these same white people hate corporate greed, every time they purchase an Apple product some Apple stockholder is smiling at the rising stock price.

Hell, from Steve Jobs’ mind flowed more original thought and innovation then from the minds of all (yes, ALL) of “great” inventors from Africa or the African diaspora. I’m throwing in the Super Soaker in that statement, though it’s one of my go-to weapons when I engage in water fights at the beach or at the pool.

Michael Oher? He made the NFL and provided a feel-good story for millions of white people around the country who refuse to live anywhere near the Black Undertow cities (like Memphis) that produced Michael Oher.

The canonizing of these two individuals tell us a lot about the weird time period we live in. The adoption of Michael Oher provided him with the opportunity to play in the NFL, the pinnacle of Black achievement. The adoption of Steve Jobs?

Well, as the history of white people shows, he forged his own path and created new frontiers for innovation and achievement through his patents (not to mention the tens of thousands of people he has employed through his innovative mind and the markets he helped create through his ideas), setting new standards that another white individual will someday work to eclipse.

Jobs was a dedicated DWL, but that doesn’t change the fact that he was a white guy. Michael Oher is a Black dude from a Black Undertow city, who was enabled by his adoption to pursue the primary vocation that keeps the concept of Black-Run America (BRA) alive; athletics.

This is the history of white people no one wants to talk about. This is the history of Black people no one dares point out.



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