Tim Tebow Hate = Duke Hate: The Tebow Era Begins in the National Football League

The Tebow-era of the NFL begins Sunday

Oh no. Not another football article. This one is important. Very important. Most people won’t admit it, but the National Football League (NFL) is largely a league consisting of comical – entirely interchangeable – Black athletes, engaging in stereotypical Black male behavior in turn for a salary they will inevitably piss away immediately after retiring from the gridiron. It’s basically a modern-day version of a minstrel show, albeit an athletic version. 

Sure, it’s the most popular professional sport in America, for a few reasons: baseball is boring, and basketball is filled with tattooed thugs that corporate America (and casual fans) find uninviting to invest in. Another reason is that each team only plays 16 games in a regular season, easily making the NFL a simple league to follow and stay interested in with games played primarily on Sunday.

The most important reason though is that the predominately white fan base have white athletes to cheer for and identify with, along with the memory of the many great teams and players that comprise the history of their beloved franchise. Just take a look at the top selling jerseys of 2010, with 15 of the top 25 jerseys for men being white players and 8 of the 10 for women being white guys.

It’s important to note that the NFL is 67 percent and 31 percent Black, numbers that aren’t far off from the National Basketball Assocation’s (NBA) 80 percent Black, 19 percent white league. Just as Black players were once ‘stacked’ at certain positions in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s (when the league was anywhere from 80 to 60 percent white), white players are now stacked at certain positions like center and quarterback.

Only 12 percent of running backs, 15 percent of wide receivers, two percent of corners, 15 percent of safeties, 26 percent of linebackers, 21 percent of defensive ends, and 11 percent of defensive tackles white guys.

Yet the face of the league has always been provided by the quarterback, a position that was 83 percent white in 2010. Peyton and Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and  Drew Brees are all prototypical drop-back passers, garnering high wages for their play on the field and millions more in corporate endorsements off of it. The predominately white fan base of the NFL embraces these athletes, with the interchangeable Black players (the majority are thugs, evidenced by their continued inability to abide by societies laws off the field) serving as important cogs for fantasy teams and comedic relief.

Many people believe that Black players were discriminated against and kept from playing quarterback in the NFL for purely racist reasons. That they weren’t smart enough. Isn’t it an equally racist belief that Black athletes are better athletes, making it irrelevant to recruit white high school receivers, running backs or defensive backs to major colleges? Ask a guy like Peyton Hillis what type of welcome he got from integrating the running back position in 2010, running over, around and through majority Black hands and paying the price for it by being called “white boy” in the process.

Even a white receiver like the Miami Dolphins Brian Hartline faces criticism for being a white guy at a predominately Black position, much like Black players once faced in the NFL when their numbers were minimal on teams in the 1950s and 1960s.

When your average NFL team has anywhere from 10 – 20 white players, you know that the various franchises will have racial divisions. Enter the push for the Black quarterback, whose unique “talents” would revolutionize the game of football. Names like Donovan McNabb, Kordell Stewart, Cam Newton, Vince Young, JeMarcus Russell, and of course, Michael Vick, would make irrelevant the old-school, drop-back quarterback.

But this hasn’t happened, largely because Michael Vick spent a few years in jail for his sociopath avocation of bankrolling dog fighting. The media seems to have a fetish out of hyping the flavor of the month Black quarterback as the bridge to the next generation of quarterback, most notably Cam Newton.

Interestingly, it is the man Newton backed-up at the University of Florida (before he got kicked out left for academic dishonest, stealing a laptop a JUCO school and ultimately Auburn) that represents the next generation of NFL quarterback. The problem? He’s a white guy and a devout Christian who ministers to primarily Black inmates in prisons as an avocation. His name is Tim Tebow. We’ve written about him before, and we write about him now as he prepares for his first NFL start this Sunday.

Peyton Manning is the face of the NFL, but after undergoing three neck surgeries, it appears unlikely he will ever lace up his cleats again. Enter Tebow, a person of outstanding moral character who fans in Denver love – after he was drafted, his jersey instantly became one of the top selling in the nation – and corporate America loves as a spokesperson. White fans love Tebow, as he succeeded for four years in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), a league that is even Blacker (in terms of starters) than the NFL. He’s the Great White Hope, whose passion for the game is unparalleled in a league filled with interchangeable Black thugs who celebrate every minor lay they make, while Tebow celebrates every play his team makes.

Perhaps this is one reason Tebow is so polarizing, because he is so passionate and because he is white. Fans of opposing SEC teams made fun of Tebow for his infamous crying incident after losing to lowly Mississippi State, but did they do this because its okay to hate a white player (a lot like the intense Duke Hate in college basketball) and uncool to be antagonistic to a Black player?

The SEC consists of universities boasting schools whose student bodies are overwhelmingly white, while the football teams are largely, academically embarrassingly Black athletes. With Tebow, the Florida Gators had a white player who ran all over the purported best athletes in the country for four years, being the type of running and throwing quarterback that Michael Vick was supposed to be. But his talents were questioned and scrutinized, with many NFL analysts suggesting one of the most potent and prolific quarterbacks in college football history should play a different position if he hoped to go pro.

Tebow was selected in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft by the Denver Broncos, and was shown celebrating with his family at this announcement. It was this candid shot with his family that prompted one sports talk show host to say it looked like a Nazi rally:

“Just when you thought you knew everything about Tim Tebow, a Boston sports radio station informed us that he is probably a Nazi. The host was joking, but then so was Don Imus when he insulted Rutgers’ women’s basketball team. CBS fired him. Will it do the same when the race-based insults are directed at Tebow? Why do I get the feeling Tebow will be Denver’s starting quarterback before Fred Toettcher is out of a job? 

“‘Toucher,’ as he is known to his listeners on 98.5 The Sports Hub, had this observation on Tebow’s draft-night gathering. ‘It looked like some kind of Nazi rally … so lily-white is what I’m trying to say. Yeah, Stepford Wives.’ Come to think of it, I didn’t see much diversity at the Tebow house. Maybe all that missionary stuff is just a cover, and his family has really spent years setting up a skinhead movement in the Philippines.

In the first round of the NFL Draft, heavily hyped Black players are selected and television cameras capture this moment as they celebrate with their families. Never has a sports writer or talk show host said, “Gosh, that looks like a welfare office,” or, “so that’s what a welcome back from prison party looks like.” Or my favorite, “someone just got on EBT cards.” No, sports writers offer compliments to the Black athlete selected, as football offers the primary vocation- okay, only – where they have the opportunity to earn millions.

Tim Tebow Hate = Duke Hate: It’s okay to hate the white guy

Again, Tim Tebow Hate is reminiscent of Duke Hate, a team of white basketball players competing for a top academic college in a sport dominated by Black ‘scholars’ from Black Undertow cities. Just as Duke is unbearably white, Tim Tebow is unbearably white. Opposing fans are allowed to hate Tebow, but the NFL needs Tim Tebow, as even Grantland.com admits:

The NFL needs Tim Tebow to succeed.

Not because it needs a chiseled, smiley face to sell to the red states, but rather because what the most profitable, successful league in the country lacks right now is star power. Favre is gone. So is Terrell Owens. Peyton Manning will probably not play a meaningful down in 2011. Three of the league’s 10 biggest names are marketed almost entirely on their hair. And although Brady still appears to be in his prime, the days of him occupying tabloid headlines are over. If you take a hard look at the upcoming stars, who could really play a leading role in the NFL’s ongoing drama? Philip Rivers? Matt Ryan? Joe Flacco?

The Tebow-era begins this Sunday for Denver and for the NFL. Unlike Michael Vick, Tebow will not renege on his contract and engage in sociopath behavior – that Black people have no problem with-  though some people equate his outspoken Christian beliefs in such a manner.

Denver fans love Tim Tebow. Judging by the sales of his jersey, a lot of fans across the nation love Tebow. He has put up solid numbers in his appearances as an NFL quarterback, and he’ll finally get his chance to start this Sunday.

You can’t judge an athlete until they actually perform – or fail to perform – on the field of play. A lot of people don’t like Tebow because of the whole Duke Hate phenomenon. Come Sunday, the NFL will garner a new face, one who Black writer Jason Whitlock wrote represented the re-emergence of the Great White Athlete.

The prototypical drop back passing quarterback is a white guy, like Dan Marino, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, Brett Farve or Troy Aikman. The media has long been hopeful that a Black messiah would come along and revolutionize the position. But Tim Tebow will now be given the opportunity to represent the next step in the evolution of the quarterback.

Funny, didn’t Steve Young already do this?

So when you hear people talk about Tim Tebow in negative terms, automatically qualify it as a hybrid of Duke Hate. You’re allowed to hate Duke, because the school is an elite institution that actually recruits white athletes and plays a white style of the game. Openly hating things that are white is a hallmark, a cornerstone of Black-Run America (BRA).

You’re allowed to hate Tim Tebow, because he’s just a dude that has embraced an unbearable form of whiteness. But like Peyton Hillis, he’ll have the chance to run over primarily Black defenses.

And like it or not, he’s about to become the face of the NFL.

Remember, the NBA is a dying league that no one cares about (ESPN keeps the league alive). It’s only 10 percent Blacker than pro football. The NFL needs a white face to hide a primarily Black product that really isn’t that great. It’s primarily a league of Black guys who dance and prance around after every pass break up, catch, tackle, or touchdown and then tweet about it.



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