The Whiteness of the National Register of Historic Places is Blinding: 97 percent Revolve Around Dead White Males

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The faces of who built America

It’s sometimes sad to think about what kids are forced to learn about these days in schools across the nation, courtesy of the ruthless indoctrination of Black-Run America (BRA) by overzealous Crusading White Pedagogues (CWP). While the Chinese demand their youth be proficient at advanced calculus and trigonometry, American students must recite with exact detail the intricacies of the Underground Railroad and be reduced to whimpering jelly with continuous stories of homicidal, genocidal white devils laying waste to all around them.

A People’s History of the United States, courtesy of Howard Zinn is the prevailing blueprint for inculcating students, but even he would be hard-pressed (if he wasn’t dead) to top a statement made by the Obama Administration’s Ken Salazar, when he spoke of the lack of National Historic Places for La-teen-Os and La-tin-As:

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar in the past year has pushed the National Park Service to identify more sites or properties related to the histories of women and minorities that could be added to the National Register of Historic Places or be preserved as national parks or historic landmarks

 “Less than 3 percent of all the national landmarks that we have — the highest designation you can receive as a historic landmark — are designated for women, Latinos, African Americans or other members of minority groups,” Salazar said in a meeting with reporters last week. “That tells you that the score is not even.”

Wait… only three percent of all national landmarks that we have are designated for women, La-teen-Os, The Blacks, or other minorities!?!? Surely La-teen-Os, who were historically less than 1 percent of the United States population up until around 1960, made significant contributions to the growth of the country outside of providing an endless supply of cheap labor in such fields as farming, yard maintenance, house cleaning, janitorial services, and generally doing the jobs that Black people no longer feel compelled to perform.

Oh, and working in the construction industry so that white people – tired of high taxes to pay for La-Teen-O welfare, hospital bills, education, food stamps, etc., in places like California – could flee to cheap homes in Florida, Denver or Phoenix. Or so white people could flee Black Undertow areas like Atlanta and Birmingham.

But you are telling me that 97 percent of the National Register of Historic Places revolve around dead white males? Does that include the moon landing? But what about all the outstanding contributions from Black people that center around sports? What about the Michael Jordan statue outside the United Center? The Joe Louis Black Fist statue in Detroit? The Hank Aaron statue outside of Turner Field? The Bill Russell statue being erected in Boston?

The contributions of Black people to the United States have always (always) been grossly over-exaggerated. The contributions from Black people to the undermining of the United States have always (always) been silenced by the totalitarian guardians of BRA. Now, a push is on to inflate the contributions from La-teen-Os to America’s past, so that the present population turning much of the country into unlivable barrios can be tolerated.

Ask the fine citizens of Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama what they think of that. Ask the millions of white Californian’s fleeing the state to Montana, Idaho, Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon, Colorado and Arizona what they think about La-teen-Os.

Can this day laborer site be part of the National Registry?

When you try and qualify the contributions of La-teen-Os to the building of the United States, one must remember that it wasn’t until the 1970s that endless waves of 5 foot tall La-teen-Os started crossing the board to do the types of jobs that certain Americans won’t do. And when I mean ‘certain Americans’, I specifically mean Black people.

Mobile taco stands – as entrepreneurial as they might be – don’t count as a National Historic site.

97 percent of the National Register of Historic Places are dedicated to dead white males.

For those who keep peddling the concept of Imagine2050, when whitey is no longer a majority but just another powerless, eternally oppressed minority group that Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) will use to garner power over the majority… whoops, that’s how DWLs stay in power through the People of Color Coalition vs. the dwindling white majority now.

What do you suppose could be deemed a national landmark to enhance the contributions of non-whites to the history of America? The unguarded border with Mexico, which allowed tens of millions of La-teen-Os to enter America unmolested?  The courthouse where O.J. Simpson was acquitted? The laboratory where the Super Soaker was invented?

In one statement by Ken Salazar, talking about the need to create more National Historic Sites for La-teen-Os and other non-whites, was the entire concept of this being a nation built by immigrants utterly decimated. It will be a nation undone by an undying loyalty to promoting BRA and a pandering to La-teen-Os, but it was not a nation built by either.



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