"Why Are You Slapping Me, Huh?

The Wall is Breaking

Because its a Black world. The epidemic of violence across the nation this past summer had one thing in common: Black people attacking white people. It didn’t matter the city; it still doesn’t. The common denominator in the racial violence since the election of Barack Obama has been Black people attacking whites (in some cases pulling them out of their cars like in Milwaukee) with the government of Eric “My People” Holder turning a defiant eye away from this obvious pattern and instead suing Dayton, Ohio for not having enough Black cops.

The latest incident transpired in Sacramento where a  – what the media is describing as ‘mentally challenged’ – white woman was attacked by two Black guys. One Black guy slapped her, another Black guy punched her. All of this was filmed and uploaded for the world to see on that incredible documentary of normal, every day Black behavior, WorldStarHipHop.com.

It’s a safe bet that the ‘mentally challenged’ white woman who was attacked and assaulted by two Black males had a higher IQ…

There’s not much to say about this story. It’s just another piece of evidence that shows “its a Black world.” Just another day in Black-Run America (BRA).

The video is hard to watch, but once again Black people filmed and uploaded an insightful glimpse into the world that most white people (and all other races) consciously avoid by steering clear of the Black Undertow. Eventually the right set of circumstances will trigger a prominent person to finally confront the criminal and blatantly racial aspects of the continued assaults by Black people upon whites, and you reading SBPDL shouldn’t be surprised that a movement is launched – then and there – by the mere courage of one person saying, “What the f–k is going on here?”

What that moment is, who knows. But it will be sudden. It will be spontaneous. And it will fill your E-mail box up as normal people start massive chain E-mails detailing the incident and social media is overwhelmed by the vitriol flowing from law-abiding citizens who finally feel free to speak their mind.

Each video that Black eagerly upload to disseminate on WorldStarHipHop for their enjoyment desensitizes another person to the ubiquitous cries of ‘racist’ that follow a white person wherever they go. 

You can hear the white woman ask “why are you slapping me, huh?” as the Black guys laugh at her, then one proceeds to knock her with a hard right to the face. Easy being a cocky pugilist when you’re fighting a “mentally challenged” white woman who still has a higher IQ than you.

This video is part of the growing body of evidence of why white people (and most races) avoid living anywhere near Black people. 

This video is part of the growing body of evidence of why that moment is closer than you might think.



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