Red Dawn: Occupy Wall Street (OWS), The Chinese, and the Future

Not from the Occupy Wall Street movement. Images from Red Dawn remake

On Drudge Report today, we learn that Detroit can’t pay to keep its lights on. So much for a comeback, right USA Today? We also learn that China has thrown its support behind the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, that well-dressed and well-groomed group of Stuff White People Like (SWPL) whites demanding… well, I’m not sure what… from the government and, perhaps, more accountability from Wall Street? Perhaps the right to do drugs and fornicate with animals?

Never mind that in 2008, many Wall Street firms and big banks donated mega bucks to the Mein Obama campaign, SWPL whites are throwing their solidarity behind this strange OWS movement that is spreading to other cities throughout the nation. Even Mein Obama, that Black mascot of Wall Street, is identifying with the OWS.

But back to China. Here’s what the AP reports:

China’s foreign ministry said Monday the Occupy Wall Street movement highlights issues that are worth considering, but that debates generated by the protests should promote global economic growth.
The movement began a month ago in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park with loosely organized protests against what demonstrators consider unbridled corporate greed.

It has swelled to include demonstrations on Saturday elsewhere in the U.S. and in Europe involving hundreds of thousands of people. In China, online calls for similar protests did not appear to elicit any responses.

“We feel that there are issues here that are worth pondering,” said Liu Weimin, a foreign ministry spokesman during a regular briefing in Beijing.
“We have also noticed that in the media there has been a lot of commentary, discussion and reflection. But we think that all of these reflections should be conducive to maintaining the sound and steady development of the world economy,” Liu said, without elaborating.

My views on the OWS can be best summarized by reading this article here, from  the chairman of the  organization Youth for Western Civilization. Wall Street and Fortune 500 companies are some of the biggest proponents of Black-Run America (BRA), and many talented young graduates cursed with a melanin-deficiency find themselves shut out of corporate jobs that are targeted to non-whites as these companies compete for a higher ranking from Diversity Inc. Innovation and profits be damned when you can get a higher diversity ranking and more investment opportunities in government contracting (and lucrative no-bid government contracts) for placating the BRA-agenda.

More images from Red Dawn, not OWS

It should be noted that the aborted remake of the 1980s classic Red Dawn, was originally about the Chinese invasion of America. Due to pressure, the film is now about the North Koreans invading America (what about Mexico?) and edits are being digitally placed into the remake to change the script to reflect this necessary move to placate the Chinese.

Take a look at some of the propaganda posters that appear in the film, reflecting how the Chinese try and inculcate the American’s they have defeated. Set in the suburbs of Detroit, the Red Dawn remake is doomed to fail from the start. Unlike the 1980s version, the 2012 remake is made during a time when their isn’t much of a country left to defend anymore.

Why should a bunch of white kids fight to defend some Whitopia outside of Detroit when in 10 years it will be completely swallowed by the Black Undertow? At least in the Patrick Swazye, Charlie Sheen, C.Thomas Howell version, which John Milius wrote and directed, the Colorado town looked like an American city. As Murray Rothbard wrote about the pivotal scene:

In all war pictures there is the annoying pacifist nudge, griping about “how do we differ from them,” since both are shooting and killing. (The LeFevre-Smith motif.) Jed’s answer is satisfactory enough, even though lacking profound argumentation: “Because we live here!”

Hearing Swazye say “Because we live here,” when asked what was the difference between a captive Russian prisoner about to be executed and himself still gives me goosebumps. One can only imagine that dialogue in the remake of the film will have the main character apologize for the slaughtering of Indians who lived here first.

Would the people comprising the OWS movement really object to the Chinese takeover of the United States? Take a look at the propaganda pictures from the (aborted) film again. Ask yourself: do these OWS miscreants differ that radically fro the Chinese in the aborted Red Dawn remake?

Actually, what exactly separates the OWS from the official policies of United States of America government?

Once you can realize that the OWS is a movement comprised completely of Radicals for the System, it all makes sense.

We at SBPDL call this system Black-Run America. Wall Street, corporate America, academia and the government are fully behind it, as are the SWPL whites with the OWS movement. Yet, ask yourself: is the propaganda from the aborted remake of Red Dawn that different than the signs at the OWS movement?

When you realize the answer, you can call yourself a Wolverine.



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