Some Days You Just Can’t Get Rid of a Bomb

A Black high school football team (Hancock County) attacks the opposing teams head coach (Dave Daniels) in Georgia after he coaches his team to victory. Daniels is white; his attackers were all-Black.

Jim Shea, an 84-year-old former Temple administrator, is attacked by a Mahogany Mob in – can you guess the city? – Philadelphia. Four Black kids  have now added the “get the old geezer” game to the lexicon of other fun-filled activities that Black kids participate in, which include the always hilarious “Polar Bear Hunting” and the rousing contest, “Knockout King.” Check out Lawrence Auster’s thoughts on what he has dubbed ‘surge attack’ and realize that these kids didn’t take Shea’s wallet, cell phone, or any of his personal belongings, but instead engaged in your all-too-typical standard issue Black-on-white attack that will only garner play on your standard “hate” sites and local news channels.

There’s so much going on right now, that it seems I picked a helluva day to stop drinking. Okay, horrible Airplane! reference. But seriously, I picked a helluva day to stop sniffing glue. No, I’ve been traveling, attending business meetings and haven’t had time to sit down and write a couple of new entries. Plus, I’ve been trying to knock out a number of articles for other sites. Deciding to scrap the third Podcast, I plan on doing a new one in the morning detailing what’s going on. Let’s just say we are on the verge of an exciting new venture for “Paul Kersey” and a huge expansion of the audience.

But again, thank you to everyone who has sent in articles, ideas and continues to write words of encouragement. I read them (though I might not respond right away) all and try and use the anecdotes from the E-mails in a subsequent story. The tale of football madness in Georgia (with a head coach attacked)  is interesting, because I’m working on an article for another Web site – and its magazine – detailing the slow transformation that occurred in collegiate football head coaching due to integration. The once authoritarian white head coach that could shape and mold young white players into men was dealt a critical blow when teams integrated and discipline was confused with discrimination by the new Black players.

Soon, coaches had to change their style and adapt to the Black players culture if they wanted to keep their jobs (and not have opposing head coaches accuse them of racism during recruiting). We went from stern, yet beloved head coaches like Shug Jordan, Bobby Dodd, Jim Owens (University of Washington), to absolute scumbags who allowed an ‘anything goes mentality’ as long as the team won. Think Bobby Bowden.

The story of ‘get the old geezer’ in Philadelphia is interesting, because it continues the pattern of Black-on-white attacks that have become all-too-frequent in that city. Or, all-too-frequent across the United States. These are no longer coincidences (that the participants in all of these “Flash Mobs” that turn violent are all-Black), but reveal a clear pattern of the problematic reality of the Black Undertow (and the leaders of the Black community) that paints a dire picture for the so-called future prospects of Martin Luther King’s ‘Dream’ coming to fruition.

Anyways, so much is going on and yet I feel like Adam West’s version of Batman in the hilarious 1960s version of The Caped Crusader, when he has an Acme-style bomb and is trying to safely dispose of it so as to not endanger the citizens (or ducks) of Gotham City. Watch it here. Exasperated after having a marching band, lovers engaging in passionate necking, nuns, and a few ducks impede his attempt to find a safe place for the bomb to go off, Batman states, “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.”

Over the past three weeks, I’ve been traveling, reviewing the edits to SBPDL: Episode II, finishing up The Next Man Hell, traveling some more, and trying to knock out a number of articles for other Web sites. Plus, I’ve allowed a number of good ideas and articles (entries) I’ve been meaning to write sit idle, and like anyone trying to close a sale in business, the longer the duration between the initial meeting (or moment you have the idea), the less likely it is you’ll close.

I need to do a better job of managing expectations, because over-promising and under-delivering reflects poorly on me. But a steady flow of new articles on other sites will be coming, as the “Paul Kersey” name continues to saturate the net. I’ll link to them here when they go up. The first t-shirt design for SBPDL will be unveiled next week as well.

More importantly, a new podcast will go up tomorrow.

So thanks to everyone who stays patient with this site. And thanks to Robert George, the New York Post editorial writer who tweeted at me today. Perhaps you should do a story on SBPDL, Mr. George. You might be shocked at how many of your readers are already familiar with it; you might be shocked by how many of your readers become regular readers of SBPDL if you do.

I have plans for aggressive growth for SBPDL… it’s just that some days you can’t get rid of a bomb.



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