At Least They Aren’t 3/5 of a Person: 25 Percent of Black People Don’t Have Valid Photo ID for Voting

3/5’s or 3/4’s: How can you not have a government issued ID?

Would you rather be 3/5’s a person or 3/4’s a person? Quick math question: which percentage is closer to a whole person?

Politico is upset that numerous states are enacting Voter ID Laws that mandate voters show proper, state-issued identification before they are allowed to cast a ballot:

A new South Carolina voter identification law is impacting predominantly black precincts more than others in the state, according to a study by The Associated Press. 

The measure requires that every person have a photo ID of some kind when they vote, whether it is a driver’s license, military ID or passport, the AP wrote. The law has been under review by the Department of Justice to see whether it violates the Voting Rights Act.

The AP found that many voters in predominantly black counties in South Carolina do not have proper identification — and the percentage of minority voters without the required identification is higher in those areas than other precincts statewide.

For example, in Richland County, there are 11,087 nonwhite voters without ID, and in Orangeburg County, there are 4,544. The AP study said that means half of those impacted in Richland are nonwhite voters. In Orangeburg, that equals 73 percent of nonwhite voters hit by the law.

The AP’s analysis of the state’s 2,135 precincts reveals there are 10 precincts where almost all of the people impacted by the new law are minority voters.

“This is electoral genocide,” the state’s Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian told the AP. “This is disenfranchising huge groups of people who don’t have the money to go get an ID card.”

Similar laws exist in Indiana and Georgia, while four other states also passed new measures this year requiring photo identification in order to cast a ballot. In South Carolina, if someone goes to the polls without proper ID, that person is still able to vote absentee or use a provisional ballot, the AP noted.

Wait, some states don’t require proper identification before a person is allowed to cast a vote? And calling it “electoral genocide” for having to show proper identification is going a little far, isn’t it? Drivers licenses aren’t that expensive and just having the state issue an ID can’t be that hard on the pocketbook.

Now, if individual states brought back the poll tax, single Black females would be in a lot of trouble. After all, they only have a net worth of $5. Then again, the net worth of Black families has fallen to $5,677, so a poll tax would radically impact the Black vote. It would be extremely difficult to elect politicians who favor a system of government that radically redistributes money through TANF/Welfare increases, EBT/Food Stamps, an increase in Section 8 Housing, etc, if a poll tax was brought back.

Bring back the Literacy Test: Then you’ll see “electoral genocide”

But what would truly be “electoral genocide?” How about a literacy test? We used to have those. Shouldn’t those who vote actually have a working knowledge on what and whom they are voting for and an understanding of a republican form of government? Shouldn’t they at least be able to read See Spot Run and be able to discuss the finer points of a child’s book and how it is applicable to politics?

Knowing that illiteracy rates are highest in Black Undertow areas, how on earth would these Black people (25 percent don’t have proper identification) be able to pass both a poll tax and a literacy test? Who in the world would be eligible to vote in elections in city’s like Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, Memphis, Birmingham, Newark, Jackson (MS), and New Haven? The Black illiteracy rates in these cities is staggering high. Worse, with more than 50 percent of the US jail population being Black (and with 1/3 of Black males being in either jail, just out of jail, or on probation), how many Black felons can’t vote?

The Black dropout rate from high school (not to mention college) is incredibly high, and yet, if they acquire a proper ID then they can vote. No poll tax; no literacy test. Just a valid ID.

I’d call that “national genocide”; allowing people to vote who have virtually no stake in the election save the electing of politicians who will pander completely to their community. reports more states are getting into the game of Voter ID laws:

Nearly 25 percent of African-Americans currently do not have a valid photo ID necessary to vote, according to a recent study by the Brennan Center for Justice, the non-partisan public policy and law institute at New York University’s School of Law. 

The study revealed that the number of states with laws requiring voters to show government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, has quadrupled in 2011, compared to only two states imposing such laws prior to this year’s legislative season. More than 21 million U.S. citizens do not possess government-issued ID. 

The Center reported that seven states had signed photo ID bills into law at the time of the study: Alabama, Kansas, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin. 

“This is electoral genocide,” South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian said in a recent Associated Press article.

What would one call Black people in South Carolina — all Black people — voting as a monolith for US Senate Candidate Alvin Greene back in 2010? If that isn’t “electoral genocide” (or better yet, “national genocide”), we don’t know what is.

Black people and Organized Blackness, through the usual channels in the Main Stream Media and with Disingenuous White Liberal’s leading the charge, have stated that Voter ID laws would disenfranchise the Black vote. Since the United States (and the various states) got rid of the poll tax, literacy tax, and actually checked ID’s of those voting, the historic majority has been disenfranchised and forcibly required to continue paying for the honor of being legally discriminated against.

Eric “My People” Holder and his Justice Department is investigating whether or not the requirement of proper identification at the polls is a violation of the Voting Rights Act (or some other nonsense). Of course, the Department of (In) Justice will side with those who are perpetually disenfranchised.

Would you rather be 3/5’s a person or 3/4’s a person? Quick math question: which percentage is closer to a whole person? If you haven’t figured it out yet, you don’t deserve to vote. But in Black-Run America (BRA), even if you don’t have proper identification, can’t add 2+2, or understanding basic values of the republican form of government, you can vote.

Are white people even considered 1/2 a person in BRA?



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