Help: I’ve Fallen and I can’t get Up!

The racist charge: Black people’s “Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up” Life Call

Hardly a day goes by in Black-Run America (BRA) where a small company or large corporation isn’t in the news for battling charges of racial discrimination against current or former Black employees. Sure, a few of the charges might have some validity, but the overwhelming majority of racial discrimination charges filed by Black employees have no legal merit.

But because the court system in the United States has come to side with any and every employment suit filed by “bitterly aggrieved” Black people (I’m sure Omar Thornton would have won his battle in court had he not turned the gun on himself after blowing away eight white people last year), companies – large and small – are forced to settle out of court to make the problems go away.

After all, appearing to discriminate against Black people is horrible public relations in a world governed by BRA, where Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) ready to pounce on any story of the down-trodden Black individual valiantly fighting the vestiges of Jim Crow in a bid to make an honest living.

Sometimes you fail in life as an employee. If you are Black, you can’t fail in life without it being blamed upon some dastardly incarnation of racism and a vast conspiracy of “protecting white privilege” at the expense of expanding profit margins.

Because Black people have been able to yell “racist” for so long (and because so few have the courage to laugh in their face), the following story should remind everyone of the famous, “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” Life Call commercial from the 1990s, a hilarious catchphrase for a company peddling a life alert device.

Isn’t an accusation of racism just another version of this catchphrase, where Black people can immediately be lifted to new heights all because of the influence of BRA? Yes, it is.

Here’s the story, courtesy of SBPDL favorite county in America, Clayton County:

A woman allegedly duped a Stockbridge Dollar General store out of $530.92 after claiming she had been the victim of racial profiling at another Dollar General in Jonesboro, according to police.

Christopher Allen Brooks, the manager of the Stockbridge Dollar General, told police a woman calling herself “Ms. Woods” came into his store around 6 p.m. on Sept. 5 and told him that she was owed a refund for items she had bought at a Jonesboro Dollar General store and that the manager from the Jonesboro store would call and verify she was owed the money.

Shortly thereafter, Brooks received a call from a ‘Shanna’ who claimed to be the store manager at the Jonesboro Dollar General. Shanna asked Brooks to give the customer $530.92.

Shanna told Brooks that the customer, whom she called Ms. Woods, had bought six comforter sets and six sheet sets at the Jonesboro store a week earlier but had been overcharged for the items.

Shanna continued, saying that when Ms. Woods called the Jonesboro store to inquire about the overcharge, the customer overheard the cashier who rung up the items call Ms. Woods “a dirty low-down N-word” and that “ever since Obama got into office black people think they can do anything.”

Shanna,  the fake manager, told Brooks that Ms. Woods had retained counsel to sue the store and had been in contact with Dollar General regional offices.

The fake manager told Brooks that Ms. Woods lived 10 minutes from The Stockbridge store and would come there for a refund. At about 10 p.m. a woman arrived at the store and identified herself as the Ms. Woods the manager had called about. Brooks eventually gave Ms. woods a refund for $530.92.

After the transaction Brooks called his manager, Yvette McConnell, about the incident. McConnell called the Jonesboro store manager and was told that she knew nothing about a racial incident or a refund and suggested police be called. The Stockbridge store cameras caught footage of the suspect in the store and as she drove off with her refund, according to police.

This story tells you all you need to know about how BRA has worked to shake down America, though the fake conversation about how,  “the customer overheard the cashier who rung up the items call Ms. Woods “a dirty low-down N-word” and that “ever since Obama got into office black people think they can do anything” has a lot of truth in it.

A lot of truth.

Mein Obama’s election has empowered Black people to believe they are now awarded a ‘get out of jail free card’ which magically protects them. Don’t believe me? Just look at how Eric “My People” Holder is running the Department of (In)Justice.

Ever since Obama got into office, black people think they can do anything, is the quote from this story. Sadly, this doesn’t include being a entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.

Whenever Black people fail, their version of “help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up” will be uttered. It is only one word. “Racism.”

At a time when the EEOC, the DOJ, thousands of lawyers hoping for the next big racial trial of the century, the media, and hundreds of other organizations are on the look out for any perceived racial slight against Black people (the power of BRA), this story from Atlanta shows that the day is coming when Black people say, “help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up,” for the last time. The stigma of being accused of “racism” will disappear.

Not a damn soul will be their to lend a hand.



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