But Madison, Portland, Boulder, Austin, and Seattle had no Violence on Halloween: the Latest PK at Vdare

Read the latest from PK at Vdare: Halloween In Georgetown: Africa In Our Midst? Read it there and comment on it here (but spread it far and wide on social media!). Here’s a tease:

I was in Washington D.C. on business on Halloween. My colleagues and I—all dressed as Patrick Bateman from the 2000 cult-film American Psycho—decided to venture out into Georgetown, the biggest SWPL retreat from the black undertow that exists in the District of Corruption. [VDARE.com note: The fictional Bateman was a white guy with a suit and tie—obviously a dangerous character.]

Wanting to take in the scene, we had our cab driver drop us off near the entrance of the Key Bridge at the foot of M Street, in the very heart of Georgetown.

What we experienced was something that we had only previously watched on crime reports on the nightly news.

What looked like the combined populations of Anacostia and Prince George’s County were wandering aimlessly through the streets of Georgetown. A heavy police presence was on the scene trying to maintain order. It felt like martial law had been declared.

“We need to get our cameras out, in case of a Flash Mob,” said a friend. “Mahogany Mob,” I corrected him, pointing out that the lethal spread of mob and rob attacks across the country this past summer (well, since Obama was elected) have all had one key common denominator: they were all composed of black people—just as the crowds in Georgetown were on this evening.

Expect a big article by PK a Alternative Right today and, if the cards were played right, a hilarious look at the rise and fall of the National Basketball Association at Takimag sometime soon (hint: it has something to do with the character of 80 percent of the players for that league, meaning that MLK would be proud!).



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