So this is what the Civil Rights Movement was for…

Two notes. Check out a new PK article at Takimag (and one at Alternative Right) about the NBA lockout that no one cares about. Learn why that is and expect a follow-up soon.

The Civil Rights Era existed to create WorldStarHipHop

The Next Man in Hell had to be pushed back to February 2012. I just got too busy to have everything edited (and a marketing plan in place). It’s a book I’m insanely proud of, and I want it just right. SBPDL Episode II comes out December 20, though. If all goes well, Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White comes out in January.

Also, Vdare will be publishing – what I believe – is the definitive interpretation of the Penn State fiasco either tonight or in the morning. By Paul Kersey of course.

This will be a quick post and just asks this simple question: we wrote about WorldStarHipHop here. In the opinion of SBPDL, this is the culmination of the Civil Rights movement. Black people now live in a world (governed by Black-Run America) where Black people can do no wrong. South Park recently lampooned this statement in the spoof of the Occupy Wall Street episode.

This is why these Black kids have no fear of video taping themselves attacking random strangers or assaulting elderly Black people in Chcago:

Police have launched an investigation after a man was caught on video knocking out an older man at the Chicago Avenue Red Line stop while others laughed and mimicked the attack.

The assault occurred in April, but the video has only recently surfaced on the Internet.

The video, posted at, shows a man in a tan coat moving among people on the southbound subway platform as a group of youths joke and laugh. One of the youths starts following the man, turning around and smiling as his friends whoop and laugh.

The youth, dressed in a black vest jacket, then appears to tap the man to get his attention. When the man turns around, the two appear to exchange a few words before the youth suddenly strikes him on the side of the head.

The older man falls on his back so hard his hat flies off, according to the video. The youth and his friends board a waiting train as a woman kneels down and touches the man and makes a phone call.

As the train pulls out, one of the youths can be heard saying, “Who just did that?” Another responds, “He laid the (expletive) out,” and “He knocked his ass out.” One of the youths then mimicks the punch.

Now people know the truth: Dr. King, this is why your daughter couldn’t go to Funtown. For those wondering, this is why foreigners don’t want to come to America anymore and spend their tourism dollars in our major cities, all of which have been overwhelmed by the Black Undertow. Foreigners – with tourism dollars to spend – have no desire to be harassed by the citizens of the Black Undertow, who participate in Polar Bear Hunting and Knockout King just for fun.

Well, at least they can go to national parks and avoid the type of behavior WorldStarHipHop canonizes.



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