More on Penn State and Joe Paterno

Expect an old school # post tomorrow (and a podcast). Here’s PK over at Vdare on the Penn State, Joe Paterno – who we already talked here – and child sex ring situation, and how this is just the tip of the iceberg in college football scandals that people turn a blind eye to:

Years from now, when American patriots have restored order to their nation and secured a future for “our posterity”—in the words of the Preamble to the Constitution—historians will look back on the early part of November 2011 and say that State College, Pennsylvania provided a perfect case study of the narcotic that fogged so many Americans’ minds, distracting them from the increasingly urgent implications of the National Question.

Longtime head football coach of Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) Joe Paterno was fired last week for his failure to handle charges of rape and sexual abuse of young men brought against former Penn State defense coordinator Jerry Sandusky back in 2002. Indeed, many within the athletic department and school administration have lost their jobs over this blatant cover-up, and Paterno’s 46-year coaching legacy is now irrevocably besmirched.

Read the gruesome Grand Jury report that details just exactly what Paterno and the Penn State higher-ups tried to conceal.

Read the rest there, comment on it here. But please up spread the word on social media, forums, and Facebook on this important article.



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