A Line in the Sand. 2012: The Year of SBPDL

A long-time reader e-mailed me on Saturday and said simply this:

“Thank you for what you do.”

He then added this:

“You need to start making plans to host your own web site, have a dedicated server, and hire someone to build it using a simple content management system.”

To help out, he pledged a sizable donation by Christmas (that will serve as the bulk of the necessary funds required for the next step in the evolution of SBPDL). I make no illusions about what this site is: SBPDL started as a joke, but it has morphed into something else. Something powerful, largely because of a dedicated readership that understands something is seriously wrong with this country.

In 2011, three books that carry the SBPDL banner into the world have been published; one more will be published before the end of the year (SBPDL Episode  II). It will be the best one yet.

Writings from Paul Kersey have started to appear on other sites. They will continue to appear there, and on new ones as well.

It hasn’t been an easy year, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. When faced with obstacles and impediments, it is the rare person who dares fight on, who dares believe. Back in July, it was the readers of this site who kept things moving forward in a dark hour; it was the readers of this site – who are forming something of a “community” – that motivated me not only to continue, but to work even harder.

The day will come when the company who owns this blog makes a move to silence dissenters like OneSTDV, Steve Sailer, and SBPDL; when legislation is introduced that will silence even Vdare. Black-Run America (BRA) is evil, and it must be confronted. The foundational myths (Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., the Tuskegee Airmen, Morgan Freeman) that hold the tongues of good people silent must be constantly bombarded.

Next week, the SBPDL shirt will finally come out; next week, the cover for SBPDL Episode II will also be unveiled. Chances are, our friends in Mainstream Media (MSM) might take notice.

SBPDL: Speaking up for the Real America

This week will be a powerful one at SBPDL. But before it begins, it is time to plant this seed in the the minds of all readers: there is something profound happening in America. Personally, I believe that the summer of 2011 showed that we as a nation aren’t far from the dystopian future of The Hunger Games book and trilogy (prepare for the ultimate preview of that book/upcoming movie at SBPDL later this week).

Knowing that the company that owns many of the most important blogs on the Internet could move to strike, it’s time to archive this site, purchase a new domain, and hire someone to design a professional site.

This site started as a joke; who’s laughing now?

Start the 2011 Christmas season off with perhaps the most important gift you can make; the gift to SBPDL. You can make a secure donation through PayPal — look in the upper right-hand corner of this site – which will go toward the design of the new site (having talked to a few designers, we need to raise around $5,000); or, you can write to SBPDL1@gmail.com and I’ll send you a PO Box Number where you send a donation.

A number of very talented people leave thought-provoking comments here daily that only serve to enhance this site; I’d like to start having them write pieces at the new site, plus a forum feature, and more podcasts (circumstances have required me to hold off on new ones for few months).

Remember, any donation of $50 gets you two autographed copies of any of two of the three books already published; $75 or more gets you SBPDL Episode II before it is available anywhere else (Dec. 23); and $100 or more gets you all four books signed. They make a wonderful Christmas gift for that friend or relative of yours who has said something recently that makes you believe they’re ready to join the ranks of those who can see.

The 2012 calendar is filled with many more books that are already in production (Opiate of America, Next Man in Hell, The Wrong Stuff, Human Shield, Who Needs Enemies?: Black-Run America’s War on the Military; and a book that is near and dear to my heart, The City too Busy to Hate: 365Black in Atlanta.

It’s ambitious, but for those who read SBPDL you should know that we mean business. For you new readers, picking up the three books already published is a great way to catch-up with those who can see and understand where the terms “Black-Run America,” “Disingenuous White Liberal,” and why we persist in using “365Black” here at SBPDL.

The time is now. It is my belief that 2011 was a profound year at SBPDL; with your help, we can start to lay the foundation for a 2012 that the Mayans couldn’t have predicted.

Thanks. And more importantly, thank you for reading.

Paul Kersey
SBPDL: Fight Back



Stuff Black People Don't Like (formerly SBPDL.com) has moved to SBPDL.net!
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