Calling a Spade a Spade: Obama’s War on White America

Rumors persist that the original title to Pat Buchanan’s 2002 book The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization was to be Death of Whitey. Rumors persist that his 2011 best-seller Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? was to be called Obama’s War on White America.

Pity he didn’t go with that title. Based on a growing amount of evidence – and Mein Obama’s body of work and resume since taking office on Janurary 20, 2009 – he has done just that. No beer summit can change this fact.

A war by unconvential means

In March of 2012, you’ll get that book. But it will be written by Paul Kersey. Help make all of this possible by making a donation to SBPDL – as outlined two days ago – to make the move to a permanent home off of Google. Your generous donation will help make this possible (easiest way is via PayPal in the upper right-hand corner of the site).

With the Democratic Party inexplicably abandoning the white working classWhat’s the Matter with Kansas? a Democratic operative once asked; they want to keep Kansas, Kansas you idiot – we are poised for a 2012 that will remind people that Real America still exists.  To those in the Conservative Establishment inside the Beltway, remember that your days of running silly non-profits that accomplish nothing but serve only as a tax dodge are done.

We are entering a phase in America where the majority of Americans in many states (non-white citizens) are completely dependent on the government to subsist. These card-carrying, registered members of the Democratic Party – and soon to be majority of those who can vote – will never back candidates who want “limited government” and a return to personal responsibility when the government can provide the basic necessities for life. Well, the taxpayer can…

We have entered a new age where the white vote matters less and less in many states.

Is it a coincidence that free school lunch program enrollments numbers are surging across the nation, when the population of non-whites in K-12 is nearing majority status?

Later this week, we’ll publish the article that serves as the launching pad to show to the millions – and millions – of Real Americans (and to those who have grown tired of the power of Black-Run America) that Obama’s War on White America is real and that the only way way to restore concepts of freedom and liberty to this land is to acknowledge that it exists.

Sadly, those “conservatives” entrenched in the Beltway won’t make the move to understand the implications of how the Sailer Strategy could move to restore some semblance of order to this nation.

Let’s get real though: what are commonly called “Red States” or “Blue States” should be called “White States” and “Occupied America.” Remember those famous Red/Blue maps for Bush-Gore in 2000 and McCain-Obama in 2008.

Could someone out there change the color of “red” counties to “white”; turn “blue” counties to “black.” E-mail it to me at



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