It’s the Race, Stupid: Retiring "Red States" and "Blue States"

The 2008 US Presidential Election Results: a Visual Representation of the power of Black-Run America*

It’s time to retire the whole concept of “Red States vs. Blue States.” We asked for the infamous red/blue map of the 2008 Presidential Election map showing how the vote went county by county to be changed to a Black and white map. Black, of course, being those counties that went to Obama; white, obviously, being those that the majority voted for McCain.

This shows you the power of Black-Run America (BRA); the Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) policies that work in lily-white Portland and Seattle are the same that work in monochromatic New England. They have failed in areas like Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Kansas City, St. Louis and other cities in the mid-west where the 20th century “Great Migration” of Blacks from the south inadvertently brought economic ruin to most of those cities.
Though the Republican Party is embarrassed by the fact it is the de-facto political organization for white Americans, you can see for yourself that much of the country is united in their opposition to BRA. Funny that most of the Republican Party leaders – especially those entrenched in odious non-profits purporting to defend “the Real America” – are actively on the side of BRA. Only those white areas of the nation where the Black population is limited (and progressive liberal policies strangely work, though in Detroit they fail…) did they cast their vote for Mein Obama.
Peter Bradley recently wrote the most powerful column detailing who really are the Welfare queens (and just whom is represented on her entitlement court) at Vdare. He writes:
In 1990, the black-white breakdown for Aid to Families and Dependent Children (AFDC) was 41 percent black to 38 percent white. In 1999, the gap widened to 38 percent black to 31 percent white (with Hispanics constituting 25 percent). Blacks were only 12 percent of the population over this time period—so the image of the black welfare queen used by Ronald Reagan was rooted in reality.
he most recent racial breakdown of welfare recipients is from 2009. Officially, welfare is now called Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). The racial makeup of Americans on the dole is as follows: blacks 33.3 percent, whites 31.2 percent, Hispanics 28.8 percent, Asians 2.1 percent and American Indians 1.3 percent.

As John Derbyshire wrote this summer in TakiMag, food stamp use is going up and blacks are again leading the pack. Food stamps are now called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Derbyshire quotes from a New York Times article:

“Nearly 12 percent of Americans receive aid—28 percent of blacks, 15 percent of Latinos and 8 percent of whites….Half of Americans receive food stamps, at least briefly, by the time they turn 20. Among black children, the figure was 90 percent.”[Food Stamp Use Soars, and Stigma Fades, By Jason DeParle and Robert Gebeloff, November 28, 2009 ]

We could have gone to Mars, but instead white state citizens are taxed so that we can pay to support the feeding, clothing, housing, “educating” (which means Waiting for Superman), and eventual incarceration of the children of the Black Undertow. Like 38-year-old Angel Yulee Adams and her brood of 12 (actually 15, but three children don’t live with her).
The citizens of those white counties all across the country have no desire to pay to support people like Adams; that’s why they’ve abandoned major metropolitan areas for nice Whitopias where they can still raise their children in a Norman Rockwell setting, devoid of the Black Undertow (or five or six illegal alien families living in one home).
The government of BRA (it didn’t start with Obama) has no desire to support the sons and daughters of the white working class and actively promotes policies that undermine the ability of hard-working Americans to make an honest living by engaging in free trade deals, moving manufacturing abroad, and importing millions of millions of people for their cheaper labor.
Inevitably, these policies will begin to impact even DWL (Stuff White People Like) whites. Obama’s War on White America has only intensified the attack on the Real America (remember his DoJ is suing states like Arizona, Utah, South Carolina and eventually Georgia and Alabama that dare pass laws to stop the illegal immigration invasion; didn’t California try and save itself in the 1990s when citizens voted for a bill that the courts eventually overturned?) that has been ongoing for decades.
This map of Red States vs. Blue States is wrong; it’s really a visual representation of white people’s rejection of BRA (and conversely, those predominately white areas where the full power of BRA don’t yet affect, like Maine, Minnesota, Iowa, Washington, Oregon, Vermont, Wisconsin, etc.).
James Carville famously told Bill Clinton back in 1992 that it was “the economy, stupid,” which the voters cared about. The America of 1992 is not the America of 2011. As a column on Vdare will soon state regarding the collapse of Detroit, it’s imperative that those who can see understand unequivocally that it’s “the race, stupid.”

*White – denotes counties that voted for McCain
Black – denotes counties that voted for Obama
What to take away:
The Black areas in the south (primarily in Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Louisiana) are primarily Black counties. In Georgia, this is also the case (notice Atlanta).
The coastal areas of Oregon and Washington (Portland and Seattle); portions of Colorado (Denver and other where Disingenuous White Liberals escaping California have fled), the entire Northeast (the whitest portion of the country); and the predominately white counties of Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois (those surrounding Chicago) are completely transfixed with the concept of the Black Fictional Image.

It is these areas of the former Rust-Belt states that the white working class is being abandoned by the Democrats.
California, Arizona, New Mexico, and the Mexico – US border counties in Texas offer the greatest visual representation of why a strategy of Hispanic outreach is doomed.


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