Screen-shot Request of Madden NFL 2012

Does anyone remember the furor that erupted over the “What if Michael Vick were white?” ESPN the Magazine story? They took a screen-shot from Madden NFL 2012 and changed Vick’s race to white (though he looked like a thug still) and wondered if he’d be treated differently based on his skin color.

Now, if someone could just get a screen-shot of a Black Tebow from Madden 2012…(courtesy Zenster)

Could someone with Madden NFL 2012 — the last video game I played was EA Sports College Football 2010 — make the Denver Broncos Tim Tebow a Black guy in the game, and take a screen-shot of it? What if Tebow were Black? He’d be pushed incessantly by the same people who tear him down because, as The New York Times sports pundit William Rhoden wrote in his book Third and a Mile, a social movement has long been organized to promote Black quarterbacks (just like the White Men Can Run article, soon we’ll be publishing a Black Men Can’t Throw piece)

Send it to me at as soon as you can and I’ll be sure to send you a copy of the SBPDL book of your choice.

One other request: does anyone recall the awesome viral campaign for 2008’s Dark Knight? There was a particularly great campaign called “I Believe in Harvey Dent.” If someone could use the picture in that link and turn it into “I Believe in Paul Kersey: Take Back America,” I’ll also send you over a book. Then, if you could use this picture and have it instead say, SBPDL.COM — where it reads “Support Gotham” — and instead of “Vote Harvey Dent”change it to “Fight Back.”

Thanks to anyone who can help! New post later today.



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