What if Tim Tebow were Black?

Check out Vdare.com for a reply to The American Spectator’s W. Jim Antle to the piece on Discrimination against white players in the NFL (though he decided to focus on the Tim Tebow aspect of the article). Antle has long been one of my favorite writers, but he failed to address the primary points brought up in the original VDare piece (of course, Jordy Nelson dropped a fantastic bomb on the world after Antle’s letter was sent).

How would Tebow be treated if he were Black?

Two important points were left on the cutting-room floor, so we’ll re-post them here:

So a final thought experiment: what if Tim Tebow was a Black quarterback? The NFL and the largely liberal press have been desirous of seeing a Black quarterback succeed long before Rush Limbaugh’s infamous takedown of Donovan McNabb in 2003. This season, Black quarterbacks have performed poorly.
 How would these same analysts and talking heads who consistently put down Tebow’s ability and playing style react if he were a devout Christian and a Black man? My guess: like they did when Vick came into the league; as a player who was going to revolutionize the game. He’d become the face of the league and Black people would proudly wear his jersey in the manner they currently do Vick’s. 


The upwards battle that talented white athletes have faced at securing a college scholarship because of the widespread belief that whites are not as fast as Blacks has been documented by recruiting guru Tom Lemming. It’s obvious this same prejudice carries over to the NFL, as Peyton Hillis told us last year when he was the first white running back to rush for more than 1,000 yards in a season since Craig James did back in the early 1980s. Or as white running backToby Gerhart (and Heisman Runner-up) told us prior to the 2010 NFL Draft, when NFL scouts were questioning whether a white running back could succeed.

Tebow is a winner and a reminder of the type of person that made this country. In a league filled with thugs, criminals, and sociopaths, Tebow is a reminder that character always shines through when surrounded by downright pieces of s&*t.

But Antle’s letter pumped me up and has motivated me to finish three pieces today, two for other outlets. One deals with the HBD reality of college football recruiting (and lightly basketball recruiting). Never have we mentioned J. Phillipe Rushton’s book Race, Evolution, and Behavior here, as the true HBD stuff is better suited for other sites; until now.

Black males (and women) physically mature faster than white males do, giving them an advantage when Super Prep, Scout.com, and Rivals.com begin targeting potentially FBS football recruits in their sophomore year of high school.  Many Blacks have reached their physical peak by this time, while whites are still growing. Nike, Under Armour, Reebok, and Adidas have already started reaching out to players at this point for exclusive invitations to prestigious camps where top schools like Alabama, Ohio State, LSU, Michigan, Oregon, etc., will evaluate the talent. These schools have recruiting budgets that near $1 million a year, and begin courting these players with phone calls and inundate them with a surplus of mail that might be the reason the US Postal Service still exists.

White high school players continue to grow and develop, but haven’t been singled-out by recruiters at this stage of the evaluation process. So the top recruits that coaches — and fans and alumni of each school who pay $9.95 a month for the privilege of posting at Scout.com or Rivals.com so they can follow the latest, breaking news on each precious recruit who they would NEVER interact with (indeed, they would consciously avoid) in real life — see are the ones that nature has given an early advantage too.

More on this at Alternative Right by the end of the week. And yes, the long-awaited article that deals with white coaches who abdicated power in the 1970s, 80s, 90s and into today will be published at American Renaissance.

This isn’t a college football or sports blog (and judging by a quick glance at Compete.com, people don’t want it to go that route), but these are important topics. And I’m nearing the end of this run. There’s a method to the maddening — to many who read SBPDL — I assure you.

This week you’ll see an article on the United States Military Colleges (in honor of the Army-Navy game); you’ll see an article called Black Men Can’t Throw; you’ll see a take down of the University of Washington, as I just finished reading a book about the disgrace that is Black coach Ty Willingham called Bow Down to Willingham: How White Guilt Enabled a Secretly Malicious Coach to Destroy the Once-Mighty Washington Huskies. Having just ordered Return to Glory: Inside Tyrone Willingham’s Amazing First Season at Notre Dame , you’ll also see an article on Notre Dame.

The goal is to then finish about 10-15 unpublished essays and get all the writings on college football found here and elsewhere prepared for Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White, which will be released on February 1, 2012. For those wondering, that’s the same date as National Signing Day in the sport, where high school — and junior college — recruits can sign their letter of intent.

Please bear with me as I finish up these articles. It’s a passion of mine, and you have to write about what you care about.

Besides, like two of the other books published under the SBPDL (Hollywood in Blackface and Captain America and Whiteness) it’s important to dedicate yourself to writing about what interests you.

With that said, tonight expect a long post that describes why Atlanta is the perfect city for The Walking Dead tv show (no, The Walking Dead phenomenon). Tomorrow, you’ll get the ultimate SBPDL look at what will be the epic of 2012, The Hunger Games.

And remember, SBPDL is currently trying to raise the funds to hire a web designer to take this site to the next level: no longer a blog, but something like a full-fledged site. If you enjoy what we are doing at SBPDL, please make a Yule-tide donation by clicking on the PayPal button in the right-hand corner, or contact us at SBPDL1@gmail.com for PO Box information.

You’ve helped us grow with increased traffic, now help us take the next step.

And if you have any complaints, please post them below or send them to me.



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