Always Remember the Name Jerome Issac

I’ve been working on finishing four articles for other sites and researching a few things for SBPDL, and just haven’t found the time to nailing down the last touches on the Atlanta/Walking Dead piece.

Never forget this image

But I wanted to challenge readers of SBPDL to add a new tradition to their Christmas this year. The name Jerome Issac will enter the lexicon of Those Who Can See and never, ever leave. It was never my intention to turn Stuff Black People Don’t Like into a version of Thug Report, but the past year and a half has seen a continuous flow of stories from across the nation that show it’s past time we start judging by content of character.

There’s nothing more to add to what Jerome Issac is accused of doing.

End of story. Delores Gillespie’s last moments on earth are captured in eerie silence in a photo that will haunt any who views it. Though unrelated, it has been revealed that Eve Carson, the hopelessly Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) student body president of the University of North Carolina, tried to pray with the two Black men who kidnapped her in hopes of acquiring a measly $700.

Prayer didn’t stop these two Black men from callously putting numerous bullets into her body.

Each day there are unreported incidents of Black-on-white attacks (Black-on-Black attacks/rapings/murders/shootings/muggings/theft as well); each day there are reported incidents of Black-on-white attacks, but it’s only the rare white-on-Black crime that garners extensive coverage by the press and ends as sob stories in text books to inculcate impressionable children as to the evils of the white man.

Forget a story like that of seven-year-old Kyleigh Crane and her 21-year-old uncle Jeremy, who were both gunned down in Cumberland, Indiana, by gunned down by… two Black men (one, Michael Bell, was a “close friend” of Jeremy’s).

No, the victims of Black crime have no voice, no face, and few dare publicize their plight (remember Carter Strange?). Thank God white people can move away from the Black Undertow — how bad would Black-on-white crime be if white people weren’t mobile? Pity the law-abiding Black people left behind to the mercy of the Black Undertow.

This will change. Trust me, this will change. But only because people like you reading this will work to see that it does.

But for now, add a new tradition to your Christmas Eve or Christmas Day festivities (or for you atheists or Jewish readers, make Dec. 25 known just for this): go purchase Death Wish.

That’s it. Go purchase Death Wish and watch it. While watching it, pay close attention to this line:

Paul Kersey: Nothing to do but cut and run, huh? What else? What about the old American social custom of self-defense? If the police don’t defend us, maybe we ought to do it ourselves.

Jack Toby: We’re not pioneers anymore, Dad.

Paul Kersey: What are we, Jack?

Jack Toby: What do you mean?

Paul Kersey: I mean, if we’re not pioneers, what have we become? What do you call people who, when they’re faced with a condition or fear, do nothing about it, they just run and hide?

Jack Toby: Civilized?

Paul Kersey: No.

2012 is going to be the year of SBPDL. We here at Stuff Black People Don’t Like believe the only way to end the epidemic of Black-on-Black crime (and, by extension, Black-on-white crime) is to admit that Black people have a propensity to commit irrational acts based on a lack of emotional control or an understanding of the long-term consequences of their actions.

Where would America be without Black people? That’s an interesting question to ponder. But, we have to ask where we are as a nation with Black people. Well, judging by the state of the prisons, not in a good place.

The streets of major cities aren’t dangerous because of DWLs riding bikes without helmets; the streets of major cities (and even Cumberland, Indiana) are dangerous because of Black people.

If we can’t admit that, then this nation isn’t worth trying to save. There’s nothing civilized with being afraid to admit that the Black Undertow holds this nation’s future hostage. It’s more likely that a child of this Undertow will drop a shopping cart on you; randomly engage in a Mahogany Mob and beat you; or throw lighter fluid on you than vote Republican, no matter how strong the outreach.

So screw watching A Christmas Story this Christmas. Make it a Death Wish Christmas.



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