Slim Dunkin Killed Over a Piece of Candy: Black people, "Black-Goggles," and Future-Time Orientation

No, those are Black-Goggles according to a study on Future-Time Orientation

OneSTDV wrote one of the bests posts I have read this year detailing Future Time Orientation and Black people’s lack there of. An article Jim Goad of Takimag sent me today caused me to smile, immediately connecting the dots between the concept of Future Time Orientation and a post found here from 2010 that detailed how getting drunk is the closest a white person (or non-Black person) can come to understanding what life is like as a Black person.

In essence, getting blitzed off of a bunch of beer, liquor, or wine is basically the equivalent of putting your Black-goggles on.

Take the story of some recently slain Atlanta rapper named Slim Dunkin. It appears his death was related to a fight that started over… candy (for his sake, we hope it was something good, like a Starburst):

Police say they believe a fight over candy preceded the slaying of an Atlanta rapper over the weekend.

Mario Hamilton, also known as Slim Dunkin, was killed at a recording studio on Memorial Drive on Friday night.

Police said Hamilton got into an argument with another man prior to his death.

“This fight spilled out into this area where he was attacked and bear. Based on the evidence we have, whoever he was fighting with secured a weapon and shot him,” Detective David Quinn of the Atlanta Police Department said.

So far, no witnesses have come forward.

A piece of candy. That’s it. What type of person reacts so strongly to losing the ability to consume a piece of candy that they decide to take another persons life? Perhaps a sober Black person who lacks the ability to understand the consequences of their actions? Kind of like when William Gary Simpson, a Black teenager, walked into the home of a white family, and proceed to butcher one of those who formerly looked after him:

A teenager walked into the home of a Murrieta family that once took care of him and brutally stabbed three people, killing an 18-year-old woman and leaving her father and 17-year-old boyfriend severely injured, police said.

Saskia Burke was at home in the 40000 block of Milkwood Lane around 4 a.m. Tuesday when 19-year-old William Gary Simpson, of Hesperia, walked into the family’s two-story house, authorities and family members said.

Simpson, who fled the scene, reportedly stabbed Burke with one of two knives. Police said it was unclear where she was in the house during the stabbing.

“The 48-year-old father and 17-year-old male friend were awoken by her screaming,” said Murrieta police Lt. Tony Conrad.

Her father, Paul Burke, was stabbed in the chest while trying to wrestle the knife from Simpson, and the woman’s boyfriend was also stabbed, according to Dorothy Burke, of Taylor, Mich., the slain woman’s grandmother.

Simpson is black, 6-feet-tall and 120 pounds, with short hair and was wearing dark clothing, police say. It was unclear how he got into the home, but there were no signs of forced entry, Conrad said. The girl’s mother, Catherine Burke, and an unidentified sibling were also in the home but were unharmed, Conrad said.

Simpson lived with the family for several weeks at a time, Dorothy Burke, 80, said. Dorothy Burke said she spoke with her injured son in the hospital by phone after the stabbing.

Simpson was asked to move out late last year, Conrad said.

“My son took him in,” Burke said. “He would spend two weeks with my son and then he’d go home for two weeks, and then he and his mother would get into problems and then he would come back.”

But when Paul Burke noticed that Simpson was becoming romantically interested in his daughter, he became uncomfortable.

“My son noticed he was getting kind of smitten with Saskia. He said, ‘I didn’t like what I saw. He’s all googley-eyed and gaga and it gave me a bad feeling,’” Dorothy Burke said.

 Obviously Simpson was unaware of the long term consequences of stabbing and killing members of the white family that took care of him (when his biological mother and father pulled a Michael Oher and didn’t give two s—ts about him). On second thought, Simpson’s lawyer will probably just claim racism as the reason behind his decision to engage in murder. After all, it worked posthumously for Omar Thornton.

Slim Dunkin: Dead over a piece of candy

Science Daily just reported that there is actual truth to the concept of Black-goggles, describing a study that shows alcohol causes people who can normally understand the long-term implications of irrational acts to – in essence – lose that ability. The article doesn’t state it, but those who lack that trait (of understanding the long-term implications of their actions) are probably most likely to be Black people, like the one who killed Slim Dunkins over a piece and a candy:

Drinking enough alcohol to become intoxicated increases aggression significantly in people who have one particular personality trait, according to new research.

But people without that trait don’t get any more aggressive when drunk than they would when they’re sober.

That trait is the ability to consider the future consequences of current actions.
“People who focus on the here and now, without thinking about the impact on the future, are more aggressive than others when they are sober, but the effect is magnified greatly when they’re drunk,” said Brad Bushman, lead author of the study and professor of communication and psychology at Ohio State University.

“If you carefully consider the consequences of your actions, it is unlikely getting drunk is going to make you any more aggressive than you usually are.”

Peter Giancola, professor of psychology, at the University of Kentucky, co-authored the paper with Bushman and led the experiments used in the study. Other co-authors were Dominic Parrott, associate professor of psychology at of Georgia State University and Robert Roth, associate professor of psychiatry, at Dartmouth Medical School.

Their results appear online in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and will be published in a future print edition.

Bushman said it makes sense that alcohol would make present-focused people more aggressive.

“Alcohol has a myopic effect — it narrows your attention to what is important to you right now. That may be dangerous to someone who already has that tendency to ignore the future consequences of their actions and who is placed in a hostile situation.”

 There’s something to the concept of Black-goggles (no longer call it beer-goggles) that causes a non-Black person to function like a sober Black person – becoming overly aggressive – upon consuming one too many libations. So the next time you get drunk, realize that the feeling you get or irrational actions — you’ll know the next morning after hitting on an “beautiful” chick only to find out upon waking up next to her that she could be a stand-in for that portly girl on Mike and Molly — you partake in (threatening to fight a group of males to show off your ‘machismo’) is just the Black-goggles talking.

Just don’t argue with a friend over candy! The thought of procuring Black-Goggles by engaging in heavy drinking should be enough to convince anyone that giving up drinking is the best decision one can make in their life.



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