What, What in the Butt?

At a time when the Department of (In) Justice  – DoJ – continues Obama’s War on White America (OWWA) by forcing Bank of America to pay $355 million for discriminating against minority home buyers, we should be concentrating all research into the continued manner in which Eric “My People” Holder pursues bolstering the Black-Run American Dream.

All the while, the white American tax-payer foots the bill.

At a time when Black mayors from some of America’s worst Black Undertow cities (like Tuskegee) venture to Africa for some summit to build alliances with Black leaders of failed Black nations – the one thing they have in common, other than race, is the reliance on the redistribution of white wealth to keep their communities and nations afloat – we should be researching more and more about the long-term devastating affects and irreparable damage that Black people have on cities and counties that no war or atomic bomb can replicate.

All the while, the white American tax-payer foots the bill.

No, instead we have to mention another story involving Black people’s strange fascination with the buttocks (though no home-made butt augmentation surgery is in play here). Courtesy of the same state that gave us Alvin Greene, the beloved Black US Senate candidate, you have this story:

A case of brotherly love in South Carolina turned deadly after a young man agreed to eat cocaine hidden in his older sibling’s buttocks, then died of an overdose.

Deangelo Mitchell is seen in a police car video guilting his brother into ingesting the illegal substance because, he is heard saying, “I can’t get no more strikes.”

The 23-year-old and his younger brother, Wayne, were pulled over by police for a busted tail light on Nov. 30 in North Charleston, according to ABC News 4.

The pair was handcuffed and put into the back of a squad car, police said. The video then shows Deangelo panic over his arrest, and beg his brother to help.

“Eat that sh*t, so I can get out,” he says in the video. “One of us gotta do it, you the only one that don’t have any strikes… You my little brother… I’m gonna get life.”

The 20-year-old eventually gives in. Deangelo can be seen removing something from his backside, then Wayne leans down and eats the drugs, police said.

“I love you, bro,” Wayne says in the video after consuming the narcotic.

A short time later, he was dead. Deangelo said his brother ate about an ounce of cocaine, authorities said.

“An older brother is supposed to love his younger brother and take care of him, but… that’s not what happened,” police chief Jon Zumalt told ABC News 4.

Deangelo was later charged with drug trafficking and posted a $50,000 bond, police said.

Cops then reviewed the video from the police car, and when a toxicology report confirmed Wayne died of acute cocaine toxicity. Deangelo was rearrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter.

No words. Not even Samwell could do this story justice. Just remember that all the while, the white American tax-payer foots the bill.

“What, what in the butt?” Don’t worry about that… it’s just Real America seeing its future raped to pay for feeding, housing, clothing, educating, and incarcerating the Black Undertow.



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