Freedom Failed: Ron Paul and Tom DiLorenzo Excuse Away The Black Undertow

PK NOTE: The Thomas DiLorenzo article in question throughout this piece is here

It is my belief that Rep. Ron Paul — who is a religion unto himself at this point, a deity in the eyes of his followers who can do no wrong — should actually defend the content of his newsletter. Turn the tables and challenge those attacking him by asking, politely, to prove him wrong.

You can’t. Dr. Paul continues to state that liberty and freedom are the things that make America great, but as we at SBPDL know, freedom failed. Just take a look at Detroit, an Actual Black Run America (ABRA) city that stands on the verge of the most pitiful bankruptcy in world history.

Sure, sprinkling in some Austrian Economics might save Detroit; but you’d have to sprinkle in some white people in the process and remove, well, 82 percent of that city’s population if you hoped to save it. Dr. Thomas Sowell tried to blame liberalism and socialism for Detroit’s collapse, but he forgot to mention how similar polices are in play in Norway, a nation that has some of the highest rates of entrepreneurship in the world.

Et tu, Detroit? The only entrepreneurship there involves selling stolen goods from the trunk of a car.

Reason magazine once had a cover-story with The Price is Right host Drew Carey on how to save Cleveland.  Hearing Drew Carey say that free market economics is the best way to save Cleveland was inadvertently the funniest thing the guy has ever said. The article was full of Libertarian non-sense. You know how you save Cleveland and make it the economic powerhouse that it was when A Christmas Story was set? Well, that would revolve around removing the Black Undertow from the city who ruin public transportation for every one else, commit the vast majority (and disproportionate amount of) the crime, and make the schools unsafe for those desiring an actual education.

“If you remove them, people will return.” It’s as simple as that. The Black Undertow has more devastating long-term affects to a city’s health, infrastructure, schools, sense of justice (stretching the criminal system to its limits) by requiring local law enforcement to enact veritable martial law to keep the peace, and business sector — it dies overnight as Black people can’t sustain a local economy — then a city being besieged by aerial bombardment in time of war.

Hiroshima recovered from the atom bomb; Detroit will never recover from the Black Undertow. Neither will Birmingham, Alabama.

Now, one of the top writers at the left-of-center has decided to try and smear National Review’s for having a legacy of racism (ask Peter Brimelow how true that is or John O’Sullivan).

Thomas DiLorenzo has penned one of the most mendacious columns in the history of the Internet that finally proves the once Paleo-libertarians have completely gone the way of the Dinosaur. To think, he lives in Baltimore, a city where the Black Undertow contends with Atlanta, Newark, Detroit, and Memphis for the worst in the country. It’s so bad in Baltimore that hospitals are used to train trauma surgeons and military doctors on what to expect in war zones:

CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr reported this weekend on a program used to train military doctors for the fast-paced and bloody environment found in war zone hospitals — namely, America’s inner cities. 

Starr follows a rotation of military doctors who are preparing for their deployment at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore. The program director told Starr that the hospital is the closest to a war zone hospital he has seen:

COL. DAVID POWERS: The injuries that I’ve treated here and that I see here at this hospital are the closest thing to the injuries I saw in Iraq that I’ve experienced in the continental United States.

 Black people in Baltimore have turned a formerly great American city into a town filled with neighborhoods that returning war veterans say are worse than anything they saw in war zones:

Earl Johnson’s boots crunch broken glass from liquor bottles as he walks down an alley in East Baltimore’s Oliver neighborhood. He is just blocks from the site of the firebombing of a family who called the police on area drug dealers and were killed for it and just yards from some of the most memorable scenes of urban decay in “The Wire.”

At his side are Rich Blake, 32, a Marine Corps veteran, and Jeremy Johnson, 34, a Navy veteran, who like Earl — who is no relation — are on a different kind of mission.

They’ve come to this neighborhood once synonymous with the worst of Baltimore to help it become something better. They call this mission “Operation Oliver.”

As the men walk, they pick up empty Seagram’s gin and Bacardi rum bottles. They point to progress — refurbished homes, a painted playground — and to vacant houses and trash-filled alleys that still need work. 

“The impoverished conditions, the vacant homes, the crime — in some cases, Oliver is in worse shape than some of the neighborhoods we’ve been deployed to,” Blake says. “We’re not afraid to dig in and make a difference in a community that’s got a bad reputation in the city. The discipline, the go-get-’em, let’s-do-this-now, aggressive attitude, it really lends itself to community service in a way traditional organizations haven’t been able to do.”

The Reality of Baltimore is that Black people make it mighty dangerous and unsafe to live in, Dr. DiLorenzo. Sort of like South Africa, where an Actual Black Run Nation (ABRN) has turned what was once the envy of the world into the future site of a full-scale race war. Yes, when the terrorist Nelson Mandela dies, younger Blacks will be emboldened to launch even more devastating incursions into Boer (and white) areas.

Illana Mercer recently wrote a book about the fall of South Africa that Dr. DiLorenzo blurbed. Here’s what he said about Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa:

“If you want to witness the end result of what in America is called `diversity,’ you must read `Into the Cannibal’s Pot.’ `Diversity’ is a euphemism for racial retribution administered mostly by guilty white liberals in universities, corporations, and government. It is a thoroughly collectivist notion that condones punishing the current generation of white males for the sins of the past. It’s most extreme form is practiced in post-Apartheid South Africa, and its effects are meticulously documented by Ilana Mercer (who also writes marvelously): rampant black-on-white crime, racist labor laws that have created `The world’s most extreme affirmative action program’; the confiscation of private property; economic socialism; state-sponsored terrorism; and, most sickeningly, the idolization of the corrupt and murderous Zimbabwean dictator, Robert Mugabe. The Western media ignore all of this because of their ideological love affair with the communistic African National Congress and, frankly, their support for many of these same policies.” —THOMAS J. DILORENZO, professor of economics, Loyola College, Maryland, author of the best-selling “The Real Lincoln,” “Lincoln Unmasked,” and most recently, “Hamilton’s Curse”

Hmm, it seems like Dr. DiLorenzo understands that freedom has failed in South Africa, where white people have been deprived of their rights and he believes this is is coming in the United States. Good for him. He’s right: Black-Run America (BRA) is bolstered daily by Eric “My People” Holder and his Department of (In) Justice, even though cracks are showing in it across the nation. Strangely in the piece at, Dr. Dilorenzo would attack National Review for defending Apartheid, a system of government that many Black people in South Africa fondly recall as the strange Black power government that replaced it collapses into the inevitably Black failed nation/state (or city) that history is littered with.

Yet, DiLorenzo chastised National Review for once daring to defend white people against the onslaught of what we have deemed BRA:

In an early, August 1957 editorial National Review asked the question of whether “the White community in the South is entitled to take such measures as are necessary to prevail, politically and culturally . . . ” “The sobering answer is Yes – the White community is entitled because . . . it is the advanced race.” It is “almost certain” that this was written by Buckley. To bolster its case for White supremacy in the South (and presumably in the North as well), the editorial cited unnamed “statistics” that supposedly proved “median cultural superiority of White over Negro . . .” 

Universal suffrage (i.e. ending government interferences with the right to vote by blacks) would be harmful to “the claims of civilization,” said the editorial. The same editorial also praised the actions of the British government in Kenya for basing its discriminatory policies on its perception of “qualitative differences between its culture and the Negroes,” or “between civilization and barbarism . . .” After all, a March 1960 National Review editorial intoned, “in the Deep South the Negroes are retarded” and any attempt to argue this point is mere “demagoguery.” Ah, that Buckley had a magical touch with the English language, did he not?

Buckley even had kind words for former Ku Klux Klansman David Duke of Louisiana. “[J]ust as we like to think Gorbachev has truly renounced the evil doctrines he was so recently associated with,” Buckley wrote on December 2, 1991, “so has David Duke.” He then praises Duke for his view that “white people also have rights.” Huh? Whoever said that white people did not have “rights”?! Buckley then says that if he lived in Louisiana he probably wouldn’t vote for Duke (who was running for public office at the time), but then again “I would however force myself to wonder whether I was being vindictive” by not voting for David Duke.

Dr. DiLorenzo, what do you expect is going to happen if Ron Paul got elected and we returned to the U.S. Constitution of old and started to eliminate the entitlement state? The artificial Black middle class was created solely by an ever-enlarging Federal government and with the elimination of various Federal departments and agencies comes MASSIVE Black unemployment that the private sector can’t alleviate.

What about Black people who are disproportionately represented on TANF/Welfare, EBT/Food Stamps, and free lunches at school? We already know that The Day the EBT Card runs out is the next Hurricane Katrina moment in America.

Will President Paul be on hand in Atlanta trying to tell people how the invisible hand of the Free Market can help Black people pay their rent instead of relying on Section 8 Housing? Black people rioted back in 2010 over signing up for Section 8 vouchers that wouldn’t be good for five-to-seven years, mind you.

What about Affirmative Action? This is one of the only reasons that many of the prestigious public universities have a Black enrollment, because they condone the discrimination of more qualified applicants in favor of enrolling Black students.

That doesn’t seem fair or anywhere near the type of equal treatment one should get under the law!

And Dr. Paul is against police state measures, but high levels of Black criminality necessitate curfews in Black Undertow cities like Philadelphia, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Baltimore and Chicago. Hell, New Orleans is a war zone right now thanks to the citizens of the Black Undertow.

I know, I know: “Collectivism is racism.” How dare anyone think such draconian thoughts that are anathema in Black-Run America! Dr. Paul repudiates all connections to evil bigots, because he wants to get the Black vote and once in office, remove every hand-out that keeps afloat the Black Undertow.

Look, the reason Dr. Paul is so popular is for a few reasons:

1. He’s a genuine guy. People can tell that the other candidates are all sociopaths. That’s refreshing!
2. He wants to end pointless wars and bring the troops home. That’s great news! 
3. He wants to dismantle the police state and restore personal liberties and freedom. That’s great news too!

That’s about it. His policies (and Libertarian policies in general) would be disastrous to the Black community. Why would they vote for their own dispossession? White people in South Africa and America do it, by why should we hold Black people to the same standards? Collectively, they understand that Organized Blackness is their only ticket for success in America.

We already know that civilization broke down in one day during Hurricane Katrina because Black people lacked the ability to govern or take care of themselves without adult supervision (amounting to a mini-police state).

White people in nearby suburbs of New Orleans banded together collectively to protect their   united interests in a time of great distress as the Black Undertow swarmed around them like the walkers in The Walking Dead.

So, in closing, Dr. LiLorenzo is a useful idiot of the strange Ron Paul Cult. He wrote a glowing review of a book that argued the dismantling of South Africa’s Apartheid system had horrible consequences for white people there, and he stated that that will soon happen in America for white people too. 

Yet he chastises National Review for daring to have once defended white rights.

You know, one of these days people are going to start asking when an actual group will come along that dares does defend white rights in Black-Run America (BRA). It will happen spontaneously, and it will happen without any contributions from those bemoaning collectivism as some form of racism.

I’m sure that Murray Rothbard will be smiling from high above when that day comes. Dr. DiLorenzo, your praise for Mercer’s book shows us that you will be too.

PK NOTE: Okay, I’m going back to # posts for a few days after this one. Maybe a few college football posts too!



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