Not Exactly "Christmas Shoes": Black People Riot Nationwide Over Air Jordan’s… Again

There are two songs around Christmas that I don’t like hearing. One is Same Auld Lang Syne; the other is Christmas Shoes.

Black people attack Foot Locker’s and each other across the nation

The former is about two long-lost lovers reunited on a snowy Christmas Eve; the latter about a poor child desiring a pair of shoes for his dying mother, but he lacks the required funds to make the purchase. A man sees this transpire and buys them for the young boy.

I’ve long thought the concept of “what might have been?” is completely foreign to Black people; just as in 2009 and 2010, we know unequivocally that the song Christmas Shoes has no place in any discussion of Black people.

Once again, Black people rioted nationwide trying to acquire the new Air Jordan tennis shoe. Nationwide is a misuse of the term. Black people — whose monthly tithing to the high church of Foot Locker keeps that company afloat — fought, punched, kicked, bit, and waged mini-wars trying to acquire the new Air Jordan’s:

The quest for some limited edition sneakers took an ugly turn early Friday morning outside the Mall at Stonecrest in Lithonia. 

DeKalb police say several people have been arrested , including one woman who left two young children in her car, after the new Nike Air Jordan 11 Concords went on sale.
Hundreds of people began lining up in the early hours at the Mall at Stonecrest to get their hands on a pair of Nike’s new Michael Jordan sneakers. Several stores inside the mall were offering the sneakers.

Apparently, some people could not wait until the mall opened its doors at 8 a.m. Police were called to the scene.

DeKalb police responded with as many as 20 squad cars after a large crowd apparently made an illegal entry into the mall, breaking down the door. Police escorted most of the people back outside. At least four people were arrested in that incident.

Police say more arrests could come as a result of the break in.

According to police, one woman left two young children in her car in the mall parking lot. Officers with DeKalb police had to break her car window to get the children out. They say the woman’s car had been in the parking lot for quite a while.

It wasn’t just Atlanta, that glorious Black capitol city of America, where Black people battled one another and the police for the right to purchase Christmas Shoes for the less fortunate  to spend one/half of their monthly earnings on a pair of shoes for themselves.

The same happened in Washington where the only angels Black people hoped to encounter were the winged-God of victory courtesy of Phil Knight:

Police officers used pepper spray to break up fights within a group waiting snag a pair of the latest Air Jordan sneakers early Friday morning.

A crowd, estimated to be more than 1,000 people strong, was camped outside the Southcenter Shopping Mall ahead of the release of the retro Air Jordan XI Concords when the frenzy began.

A Q13 FOX News photographer on the scene said people were shoving each other and shouting at police before the mall opened. Four stores in the mall were selling the shoes. The crowd had started gathering around 2:00 a.m. and one store — Foot Locker — opened about 3:30 a.m.

It happened in Charlotte too:

Dozens of police officers had to break up fights and restore order at a local mall while shoppers were waiting for an overnight sale of a popular tennis shoe.

The disturbance started inside Carolina Place Mall just after 5am. Witnesses said as mall officials opened the mall doors, crowds of people pushed their way in. 

“They almost took the door off the hinges,” one shopper who didn’t want to be identified said, “there were women with babies in their hands and they on their backs.”

Shoppers were in line waiting for the re-release of the Air Jordan XI Concord tennis shoe at Foot Locker, Finish Line and Downtown Locker Room.

And Louisville:

Witnesses say Louisville Metro Police had to break up a fight early today at Jefferson Mall over the release of a new style of sneakers, but sources with the mall tell a very different story.

Metrosafe dispatchers told WDRB News they received a report of 75-100 people in a fight over pairs of the new Air Jordan Eleven Retro Concords.

One witness who was in the store told WDRB that a security guard was trampled by the crowd waiting for several shoe stores to open early. That claim could not be independently verified, as WDRB News was not allowed inside the mall.

Sources with the mall say they’ve talked to all of their security guards and no one was trampled.
At least eight police cars were on scene when WDRB arrived. Sources with the mall claim officers were already there to provide security. Dispatchers told WDRB News overnight that some units were dispatched to the mall after they received reports of unrest.

The new Air Jordans retail for $180 dollars and are very popular with so-called “sneaker-heads,” who collect them.  One man tells WDRB he bought two pair of the shoes.  He sold one pair to another person in line for $260. Witnesses say Louisville Metro Police had to break up a fight early today at Jefferson Mall over the release of a new style of sneakers, but sources with the mall tell a very different story.

Every time I hear the song Christmas Shoes, I have to turn it off. It’s a reminder that there are many people in poverty across this country that genuinely have good hearts, but have fallen on hard times. Many people whose parents would otherwise find gainful employment if Black-Run America (BRA) didn’t exist.

Our wealth in America is redistributed to people — yes, Black people — who engage in this type of behavior on a daily basis, making malls no-go areas that inevitably close. I’d love to know the costs associated with policing these Black people across the nation on The Night the Air Jordan’s Get Released. It’s a yearly ritual by this point, and Foot Locker executives secretly love this stuff; after all, without Black people, who would even shop at the store?

The Air Jordan is named after them most odious athlete of all-time, Michael Jordan. Here’s a good article that describes how the Nigga Rich Jordan acts now:

Michael Jordan has a reputation for being kind of a party animal. He likes to gamble, smoke cigars, and play golf. His Airness marches to the beat of his own drum, and doesn’t exactly give off the impression that he cares what people think about it.  According to Gossip Extra, those are the characteristics that have his future neighbors at Jack Nicklaus’ The Bear Club already annoyed.

“I don’t know which is worse,” a source inside the community said. “The half-smoked cigars in the grass or that fact that he rarely plays without a posse. I’ve seen him out there with 10 people and they’re hooting and hollering. The point of living in this place is that it’s quiet. The residents are seething but there isn’t much they can do about it.”

That certainly sounds like Mike.  Jordan hasn’t moved in yet, as his modest 37,000 square-foot home is still under construction.  His spokeswoman, Estee Portnoy, said that the above opinion is just that of one person and called Michael a “true gentleman.”  I wouldn’t go that far.  If the other residents are concerned about half-smoked cigars on the grass, they should make M.J. a bet that he can’t smoke his entire cigar and then throw the end of it in the rubbish. Or play him for it. We know he likes to golf and talk a little trash – even if it’s with a former President. One thing he’ll never do is turn down a wager.

There are two songs around Christmas that I don’t like hearing. One is Same Auld Lang Syne; the other is Christmas Shoes.

The song Christmas Shoes is one every one should listen to after watching the videos below of Black people rioting over Air Jordan’s. It’s a reminder that Freedom Failed.

Oh, there was a stampede in Indianapolis over the shoes. Thanks Black people, for once again showing us your “content of character” when it comes to Air Jordan’s, and that it isn’t isolated to Atlanta, Charlotte, Austin, or Indy, but a universally-shared trait among Black people nationwide. Oh, it happened in Detroit too. And there was gunfire, courtesy of Black people.

Why in the world do white people not engage in similar actions – fights, shootings, stabbings, riots with police – when they line up to purchase Apple’s newest products, such as the iPad, iPhone or iPod?

Say it with me folks: It was Black People at Foot Locker’s across the country that rioted over Air Jordan’s. It is Black People that lacked civility and the ability to purchase these items in an orderly fashion. It is the Black Undertow that is responsible for making malls unsafe for people to shop.



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