The Fire Rises: Predictions for 2012

PK NOTE: will be running a big article by me on Tim Tebow. Stay tuned for it. Keep your eye on a certain white doe site too. Also, stay tuned to a certain “Renaissance” site for an article on Detroit’s impending collapse. Sorry Rush Limbaugh, liberal policies have nothing on the collapse of Detroit; it’s 100 percent racial. The one constant in the past 50 years there hasn’t been liberalism; it’s been white abandonment of the city because Black people aren’t safe to live near. They [Black people] and they alone are responsible for the collapse of Detroit.

With the impending failure of Detroit, SBPDL is proud to announce that we will be publishing a book honoring Black people’s contributions to the collapse of the “Arsenal of Democracy.” We will honor the collapse of Black-Run Detroit, the city once known as “The Paris of the West,” with a retrospective look at how we arrived at the point where the state of Michigan would be needed to take over the Motor City from… Black people. 

Tomorrow, we’ll run the article by Zenster. It’s the beginning of a multiple part series. You won’t want to miss it. # posts will be making a comeback as well. 

One other thing: FaceBook has blocked people from posting links to SBPDL on your wall. Facebook no longer wants people to share links to this site. No other site is banned from having this done on Facebook. Why is that?

What comes in 2012?

Have we started a fire? 

No. We have not.

According to Quanell X, the Air Jordan Black riots of 2011 was the complete fault of Nike. We disagree. It was the fault of Black people. No questions asked.

Reading this article in The Washington Times made us laugh, because the conditions described in this Black Undertow area would accurately describe the conditions of any majority Black city or county in America:

 Imagine living in a demilitarized war zone, an environment where helicopters circle your neighborhood for hours every night. Imagine a place that has regular car chases, a neighborhood where football stadiums leave their lights on all night for safety. City leaders and the police tell you that—because of the crime in that part of the city—the lights must be left on. Imagine feeling powerless, with little hope for any sense of normalcy. Imagine how demoralizing and depressing your life would be, parents simply wanting to get their children “the hell out” to raise them in a normal life.

It’s not imaginary. It’s real. Welcome to District 35 in inner city Los Angeles, California—also known as Area 51.

 Only in times of war are “curfews” needed. Well, that and in Black Undertow areas. Only in times of war are private security/paramilitary personnel necessary to maintain the peace. Well, that and in Black Undertow areas. In times of war, “blackouts” are necessary for fear of air raids from the enemy; in your typical Black Undertow community, lights must be kept on for fear of Black raids engaging in salvaging missions.

How widespread is this knowledge? Does SBPDL represent the fringe view, a small outpost for Those Who Can See to vent, connect and escape from a world that hates them (it’s well known in Black-Run America that anyone who questions the sainthood of Black people will immediately be deemed worse than a child rapist).

Or does SBPDL – a site that started as a joke – represent something else? Does it represent the direction that many people are headed because Mein Obama’s War on White America (OWWA) becomes more pronounced daily, courtesy of Eric “My People” Holder.

The first two weeks of 2012 will see the SBPDL look at Hunger Games and why the world of BRA is far worse than the one in Suzanne Collins dystopian future; you’ll see the Atlanta/Walking Dead article, illustrating why The City too Busy to Hate nears a Birmingham/Detroit style collapse; and you’ll get a return to # posts. Plus, we declare war on the Tuskegee Airmen Myth.

So now, we offer you a quick look at some predictions for 2012.

1. The Dark Knight Rises will become the biggest film of all-time. Conversely, Red Tails is a flop.
2. Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee for president; Ron Paul will run as a third party candidate after a contentious primary battle.
3. The state of Michigan takes over Detroit in early February. Organized Blackness nationwide protests this form of neo-colonialism/ audits of the city’s books show a far worse financial situation then originally believed.
4. Philadelphia is the first city to introduce emergency “curfew” rules in 2012 as Flash Mob violence begins to overwhelm city leaders and scare away investors.
5. High levels of violence in New Orleans forces XE (the former Blackwater) to be contracted to patrol the city.
6. The US Post Office will cut 40 percent of its work force; Organized Blackness protests.
7. The Debt Limit debate heats up; Mein Obama’s hopes for more borrowing will be stymied by Congress.
8. Mein Obama, told by Chris Rock and Don Cheadle to go “full-gangsta” will become increasingly identified with Black America as white voters – even Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) – support for him wanes.
9. Violence in the summer of 2012 mirrors that of 2011; Black Flash Mobs Mahogany Mobs begin targeting white people (and Asians) in major cities throughout the nation. A business owner, defending his property, will fire upon a Mahogany Rob triggering the first full-scale riot of 2012 as Organized Blackness descends on this town with MSNBC and CNN leading the calls for a lynching.
10. Michael Savage, the number two radio talk show host in America, is the first public leader to advocate on behalf of white people. FOX News invites Jared Taylor onto The O’Reilly Factor after Black riots breakout in numerous American cities. Millions of viewers wonder why he was never invited on before.
11. In what constitutes the last stand of white America, Mitt Romney is elected president of the United States, after the most racially-tinged election of all-time. Immediately after, MSNBC and CNN claim white people repudiated all the racial gains made by the “color-blind” election of Mein Obama: Organized Blackness warns Jim Crow is coming back.
12. Riots break out in Black Undertow cities after the election results are announced.
13. The economy continues to tank, with property values dropping in major metropolitan areas. Buckhead tries to secede from Atlanta, triggering similar efforts by Whitopia cities in other majority-Black Undertow urban areas.
14. Eric “My People” Holder, the attorney general of the United States, gives a major speech denouncing white people for their cowardice… again.
15. With the dollar fading fast – and Conspiracy Theorists fuming that “Globalists” are trying to destroy America – emergency moves to cut spending force the firing of 30 percent of the Federal workforce. The patriot movement grows in America, with distrust of the government growing to all-time highs.
16. Nelson Mandela dies of natural causes; Black-on-white violence rises in South Africa triggering a low-level war. Mein Obama intervenes on behalf of the ANC-controlled government.
17. Dec. 21 rolls around and… nothing happens.
18. The Far-Right in Europe starts to take power; Black violence in England, Sweden, and riots in France become too large to coverup. 
19. The Supreme Court rules in favor of Arizona. Other states pass similar bills to Alabama, Arizona, and Georgia’s immigration acts.

Again, these are just predictions. What happens in 2012 in your life is up to you. All we can do is react to events that unfold in 2012. Don’t blame others for your condition in life. Go out and make this year yours.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like was started as a joke; 2012 will be the year of SBPDL because that is my goal.

What is your goal?

Regardless of the predictions above, the fire rises in 2012.



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