It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn

PK Note: Head over to Vdare to see the ultimate look at the Nike Air Jordan Riots from just before Christmas. Learn how in 1990, inner-cities across the nation where awash in the blood of those desirous of a pair of Nike’s or any apparel with a “Swoosh” on it. Some things never change. Head over to Alternative Right to see the kind of preview for tonight’s BCS Championship Game between Alabama and LSU that only SBPDL could provide. 

Also, we got lax on the no usage of “the-word-that-must-not-be-named.” Your comment will not approved if you use it moving forward.  I wanted to write about both the University of Alabama and discuss the Visible Black Hand governing economics (by focusing on the Climate Change in Spanish Lake) in two separate posts, but we’ll save those until tomorrow. 

Just in time for Black History Month

SBPDL was never meant to be anything more than a joke. Inadvertently, we started a fire. Now, it’s time that fire rises.

You judge an organization by the type of people it attracts; by the type of individual who wants to work within the existing structure and who strives to enhance and expand it at every turn. That’s where Mencken came into the picture, offering timely editing at a moment when SBPDL experienced huge growth back in 2010.

He took a break; but he’s back. 

Other individuals have donated time and effort into building the brand that is SBPDL. We don’t try to Imagine 2050 or think about what color of change means at SBPDL; we look to the collapse of Detroit, and realize that in the ruins of The Motor City rests the shattered dreams of equality that both Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) and I Have A Dream (I HAD) people everywhere shared.

The Color of Change in Detroit was Black.

New people have joined the SBPDL team. If we were to do a quick SWOT Analysis of what this “started-as an-inside-joke-turned-into-something-else” has the potential of becoming, we’d easily state that the main strength of SBPDL is the ability to utilize the talents of the growing ranks of Those Who Can See. More importantly, the opportunity of SBPDL is to continue to capture the attention of Those Who Can See and offer an alternative vision to that of Black-Run America (BRA), and the continued strategy of abandoning city-after-city or county-after-county to the encroaching Black Undertow.

It is for this reason we offer a glimpse of book number four from Paul Kersey, Stuff Black People Don’t Like: 365Black Days of Judging by Content of Character. Collecting published material from Year Two at, this is the book to understand the current country you live in and to understand that you are not alone in wanting to know the truth of BRA.

We’ll be back tomorrow with a couple of new posts (including the official post detailing the Visible Black Hand governing economics), but wanted to take this opportunity to debut the cover to book four. Remember, SBPDL’s growth can only occur with your donations. Plus, you get signed of copies of the books with your donation.

There are a lot of people out there Who Believe in Paul Kersey; who value the work done here and desire offering (or in the case of Mencken, volunteering) their unique talents and skill sets to help take SBPDL to the next level.

And we thank you. 

For those who write to us, ask yourself this question; “what could I do to help grow SBPDL?” Once you have that answer, contact me.

Perhaps “hope” is that one quintessential human delusion. Nevertheless, we have it. It’s about time you have it too.



Stuff Black People Don't Like (formerly has moved to!
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