Newt Gingrich and Richard Lapchick: Both Working for White Dispossession

It is my belief that Richard Lapchick is one of the most evil people on the planet. Newt Gingrich isn’t that far behind. They both represent the establishment in Black-Run America (BRA). Here’s the latest PK at Vdare:

Back in November, a couple of Gingrich resurrections ago, my colleague Peter Bradley pointed out in Newt Gingrich—GOP’s Anti-White Quota King that the former House Speaker had used his time in office (1995-1998) to sabotage any chance that the Affirmative Action revolution could be reversed. I think it’s worth reviewing that revolution, and one of its characteristic apparatchiks, Richard E. (“social conscience of sport”) Lapchick. I don’t suppose Lapchick [Email him] will support Gingrich, but he should.

 Read the full article there, comment on it here. Sports may seem innocuous, but they are not. It’s why I write about The Opiate of America so much, as it provides insights into the collapse of both South Africa and the United States of America (particularly in Dixie). Newt and Richard have a lot in common: they both represent the establishment, and they both actively work to promote the end goals of BRA.

This past Saturday, South Carolina voters would have been better off casting a vote for Alvin Greene then Newt.



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