Freedom Failed: Urban Terrorists in Philadelphia Free to Assault Whites

Odds on the first big riot of 2012 being in Philly? High.

That crack in the Liberty Bell just got a whole lot wider. Fittingly, Philadelphia, a city where the Mayor Nutter has gone full-blown Bill Cosby on a Black population terrorizing the city’s residents and driving away investments and businesses, is the birthplace of the venerated US Constitution. Now whites flee the carnage of a city that in 1787 hosted a gaggle of Dead White Males who crafted our venerated United States Constitution, Dead White Males who — asserts Juan Williams, only racists will cite nowadays.

Freedom Failed. We know this. Symbolically, the collapse of liberty and freedom into the doldrums of a never-ending sea of Black crime in Philadelphia is a story for future historians to flesh out.
On the heels of yet another racial assault in Philadelphia – the dynamics for Urban Terrorism is always the same; Black people attacking law-abiding citizens representing all races or overwhelmingly businesses and engaging in thievery – the District’s Attorney Office has declined to press hate crime charges:

THREE JUVENILES accused of assaulting a cabdriver and his passenger in Center City Saturday night while shouting racial slurs will not be charged with a hate crime, the District Attorney’s Office said yesterday.

The teens, who are black, were not charged with hate crimes because there was no evidence that the assault had been motivated by the race of the victims, who are white, said Tasha Jamerson, D.A. spokeswoman. Just shouting racial epithets during the commission of a crime doesn’t rise to the level of ethnic intimidation, she said.

“They just didn’t have that in this case,” she said. “If they had somebody who, two blocks before, heard them say, ‘We’re going to beat somebody up because they’re white, brown or purple,’ it might be different.”

However, the three teens – two of whom are 17 and one who is 15 – have all been hit with additional counts of aggravated assault, since the passenger in the cab, Brian Goldman, came forward Monday.

About 8:30 p.m. Saturday, Goldman was in a cab that was stopped at a red light at 15th and Chestnut streets when he and his 53-year-old cabdriver were assaulted at random.
Goldman escaped. The cabbie, whom police have not identified, was able to flag down officers who nabbed the attackers. Goldman said that he hadn’t heard any of the attackers make racial comments, but police said that the cabbie heard them.

Hate crime charges are primarily used against white people, in that rare instance when a white person engages in criminality against a non-white person (90 percent of interracial crime is Black-on-white). Were hate crime legislation used in the instances where non-whites attack white people, well, the reality of interracial crime would become apparent for all to see.
If whites don’t have this protection what good are the laws? What good are the courts? What good came from the Constitutional Convention so long ago as we witness Freedom Fail?
This is why the continued reliance on the James Byrd story is of such a nuisance to those pushing the paradigm that has been encapsulated poignantly in the UnFair Campaign. The summer of 2011 illustrated – across the entire nation – that Black-on-white violence is not aberration, but a trend on the verge of going viral in need of suffocating.
Brian Goldman is a Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL), the type of white person who finds solace in the dying inner-cities across America. He refuses to acknowledge that freedom has failed, because it would interrupt his entire worldview, shattering it into a tiny million pieces. The same goes for Emily Guendelsberger, who had her leg broken in a Flash Mob Mahogany Mob attack by Black people last summer:

A WOMAN’S leg was broken and several other people were injured Saturday night when a large group of teens accosted pedestrians in Spring Garden, police and witnesses said.

Philadelphia police responded to two reports of pedestrians being assaulted by a large group of young people along Broad Street about 9:30 p.m.

One of those reports came from Emily Guendelsberger, 27, city editor for local arts and entertainment content for the Onion, the satirical newspaper and website. She was walking with seven friends on Green Street near Broad when they were accosted, she said. Guendelsberger, who remained hospitalized with a broken leg yesterday, declined to comment further.

She’s a hopelessly DWL- individual, a denizen of a delusion mini-Sweden (a gentrified area of a city surrounded by a hostile and dangerous world of Black people) who refuses to acknowledge that these are Black people engaging in terroristic activities that threaten the economic lifeblood and vitality of Philadelphia.

The continued Black attacks on individuals and robberies of businesses in Philadelphia will drive out commerce and investments at the same time bleeding away tax revenue) decimate homeowners’ property values, and ensure the exodus of white people to the Whitopia’s surrounding the city.
In essence, these Black attacks are engaging in a form of terrorism, Urban Terrorism. Lawrence Auster calls those DWL whites who refuse to recognize this threat “Eloi” after the fictional characters from H.G. Wells book “The Time Machine.”
Urban Terrorism has destroyed city after city in America. And by Urban Terrorism, I mean Black crime. Famed conservative pundit Michael Barone wrote an article for the American Enterprise Institute on what he witnessed as a naïve liberal during the Black Riots of 1967 in Detroit (now, he’s just an I Have a Dream – I HAD – person):

In the small hours of Sunday, July 23, Detroit police raided a “blind pig” (an after-hours bar) at 12th and Clairmount—about a mile from where my mother grew up. There were protests as police made arrests, but then people in the crowds started breaking windows, looting stores, and set­ting fires. The police, heavily outnumbered, made no efforts to stop them; Commissioner Ray Girardin felt that would only invite more violence. 

White mayor Jerome Cavanagh was elected in 1961 at age 33 with near-unanimous support from the city’s black voters. He started ambitious poverty programs and brought in $360 million in federal money.

“A spirit of carefree nihilism was taking hold,” said the Kerner Commission Report, which was supposed to be the definitive statement on America’s urban unrest. It was an odd descrip­tion of what was going on. Firemen, unprotected by police, abandoned 100 city blocks. The loot­ing and arson continued during the day even as Representative John Conyers, then serving his sec­ond term in the House and now chairman of the Judiciary Committee, called on rioters to stop and as Cavanagh met with black leaders at police head­quarters at 1300 Beaubien (a building site familiar to readers of the crime novels of Elmore Leonard). I arrived at the City-County Building around noon and found my way into meetings. At one point Mayor Cavanagh asked me, fresh from my first year of law school, whether he had the power to declare a curfew. He ordered one at 7:45 p.m., and by 9:00 p.m. Governor George Romney had declared a state of public emergency. 

The riot set in motion decisions and actions that physically and spiritually destroyed much of the city over the next four decades. It sped the exodus of whites from the city to the suburbs north of Eight Mile Road; it staunched the flow of investment into the city; it led to a vast increase in crime. Coleman Young, Detroit’s mayor from 1973 to 1993, was blatantly hostile to whites and seemed entirely unperturbed by the city’s crime. Today when I drive in Detroit I see neighborhoods with burned-out, abandoned houses and empty lots once inhab­ited by middle-income homeowners. Detroit had 1,600,000 residents at the time of the riot. The lat­est Census estimate is about 919,000. 

My political views have changed over those years, more because of what has happened to Detroit than anything else. In retrospect, it is plain that Detroit was as likely to have a riot as any other major city and that the programs I hoped would produce a kind of heaven in our central cities ended up producing something much more like hell. A more forceful response to the crowd outside the blind pig might have prevented the riot (as it prob­ably did, without much notice, in other cities), and a more rapid deployment of federal troops could have stopped it earlier (as happened in Los Angeles in 1992). But it’s not clear to me that we could have avoided the disastrous policy responses that were already in train in 1967: taking a more lenient view of urban crime and promoting greater wel­fare dependency among blacks. That was a wrong turn, but white America did have sins to answer for, and what seems to me now the more productive response—nurturing middle-class habits and edu­cational achievement among blacks—was a course white Americans felt too guilty to pursue. The peo­ple left in Detroit are still paying the price. 

Urban terrorism has transformed America. Urban terrorists have the law on their side (well, at least the Department of Justice and the Mainstream Media which refuses to divulge or report the race of crimes) when it comes to deciding what a “hate crime” is or isn’t.

It started in Detroit with the Black Riot of 1967, and has continued to plague city after city that experiences true Climate Change in its wake. Philadelphia is the next Detroit, though Mayor Nutter seems more inclined to address rising levels of Black crime threaten the city’s economic vitality then did Mayor Coleman Young.

But it is on this day that we begin to understand the reality that freedom failed in the city where the concept was enshrined into law (Well, land-owning, productive white males) Like the flame from a torch,the irony

burns so hot that itcould cut the Liberty Bell in two.


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